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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a Day, what a day

Yesterday, MW & K took me to Bolsa Chica/Westminster area. They are looking for the best deal to go back to Malaysia so off we went to the travel agent that is supposed to offer the cheapest yet best deal. We got there only to be told that the offer is before the taxes which can easily be around USD250/pp. Yes I know that its a norm but usually they'll mention in the site that the rate does not include the taxes but its not on this case. After a few minutes talking to the agent, I realise that she doesnt really know anything (she doesn kno abt code-sharing!) and that just pissed me off (whc is not difficult for me to be). She's just another sales person :P And I found myself missing my travel agent friends back in Kl who knows what they're doing. sigh..

After the failed attempt at securing the "best deal" off we go to the Asian Mall to get something to drink and eat. Iv never been there before so the moment I stepped into the mall, I was taken back to KL. Sg Wang Plaza to be exact! Well, almost. The kind of shops and food court reminds me of sg wang plaza except that everything is in viatnamese rather than cantonese/english/malay and the fact that the food vendors were surprisingly rude. Yes, you read me correctly. They were not at all friendly unlike the viatnamese in Vietnam. When I visited Vietnam in 2003, the people were very friendly and polite. I was taken aback alright! What happen to them? Does living in the US make them lose all that that good quality? Im not saying all of them are rude but Iv never been treated that way before. How can you be rude to your customers? Maybe they just dont care if we dont come back since there's a huge viatnamese community esp in OC?

Anyways, overall it was a nice day. I got to hang out with my friends and not to mention having had a dose of sugar cane juice and some durian. ;)


j0s1e267 said...

Hi there! I am a Singaporean living in the Bay Area and I came across your blog via some other food blogs.

What you said about your encounter with Vietnamnese folks here in the US really rang a bell. A friend of mine who has travelled to Vietnam quite abit laments about how different they are here in the US and back in Vietnam. Is it a language barrier? Is it cos they have been "harden" from living here? Who knows?

I do know that I was mad enough to leave the grocery store while standing in line to pay! There was an utterly RUDE & impossibly slow cashier who was taking his own sweet time to ring up and pack the items! He even answered personal cell phone calls and chatted with other cashiers during the entire process! How maddening!

Off topic ... the picture of your sweet & spicy chicken has been stuck in my mind for weeks but I am pretty lazy in the kitchen sometimes so maybe one day I will try your recipe! Keep smiling!

PrincessJournals said...

thank u for visiting my blog.:) i dunno wht made them changed or why but they do. answering personal call while ringing ur purchases,thts so unacceptable but wht to do right?
u shud try the spicy honey chicken. if u dont feel like using dried chili, just use the ready made sambal oelek.