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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My New Toy

So here is my new toy. It is PURPLE and I love it! I have been looking for either pink or purple bike but the pink ones are either for children or beach cruiser type which I find rather uncomfortable to ride. Of course it didn't come with the basket. That, you have to buy differently together with the bell which I don't have yet.

I got it like maybe a month ago. Guess how many times I have been on it? Twice! lol. I know. I am just so bad. It's not like I don't like riding but sometimes the weather is either too cold or too hot. Also somehow my butt hurts sitting n the damn seat. I even bought a seat cover and another seat but neither helps so I had to return the other seat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kite Flying (Attempt)

We (SoCal) are experiencing 4-days heat wave at the moment. It is like really really hot. Since Saturday we have been getting high 90F temperatures and some places even got 100F. Today is supposed to be the last day of summer-in-spring weather before it goes back to normal temperatures of low to middle 60F. Can't wait since I have been donning kain batik (batik sarong) or pareo at home. My aunt would find that very funny since I don't normally wear kain batik. Shorts would be my choice of clothing when the weather is hot but at this new apartment, we don't have any a/c and I find shorts to be not cooling enough.

Anyways, these pictures were taken 2 weekends ago when the weather was in mid 60F and rather windy. Michael decided that he wants to have a kite and bought a 3-d kite in the shape of aeroplane as you can see from the pictures. At first we just went to the park next to our apartment but after a few attempts, we realised that it is not windy enough so we decided to go down to the beach which would guarantee a continuos wind.

While he was busy trying to get the kite up and flying, I got bored and decided to just hang out near the water. It was too windy and too cold to even walk in the water. So I scrapped my plan of wetting my feet. Since I was the one holding the camera, of course I was not in any of the pictures but I was wearing a winter jacket!

Enjoy the pictures. Next time I will try to take the picture of my new bicycle when we are at the beach and I will take some pictures of the campers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

High Speed Rail System

I dont know about you but to me it seems like the biggest news now (besides Susan Boyle) is the high speed train eversince President Obama mentioned it on Thursday. Finally something to be excited about. There's enough bad/sad news already nowadays and everybody is dying for some positive news. Any positive news.

I totally agree that US needs a good train system especially the high speed train to connect from 1 state to another state. I have always been baffled as to why didn't US already have bullet train. The country is huge. People are so used to driving cross country or just driving that it is very common for people to have 100k+ miles on their odometer within 5 years of owning the car. Something that I am not used to until I moved here and it is crazy.

High speed train would help ease the traffic and air traffic congestion. Not to mention reducing the time taken to get from 1 point to another. Imagine if you can travel comfortably from California to New York without having to go to the airport 2hrs prior to your flying scheduled time or queueing for check in or going through the security and not able to bring anything liquid more than 100ml. You would even have a bigger seat than the economy class. Ain't that sweet? It is if only California-New York is in the plan which is not as you can see here. Oh well! Maybe next time somewhere in the future there would be a bullet train connecting California with New York.

But for a start, I seriously think they should at least add LA - Vegas into their plan. No more traveling on the always-crazily-congested-I 15 freeway for 7hrs to go to Vegas since once you're in Vegas, you don't really need a car. Public transportation in Vegas is good and efficient. They even have monorail which is cool. So I am rather disappointed that LA - Vegas too was not in the plan. Please Mr President, could you please add that to your plan?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Image from Behance Network

I had a weird dream a few days ago. In my dream, Russia declared war on USA and Michael was drafted.

I know it was just a dream but it makes me uncomfortable still. Sigh...