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Monday, June 30, 2008

In (desperade)Need of A Red Hue

Just 5 more days before we move to the new apartment. The last 2 weekends have been busy with visiting the garage and/or moving sales in OC for sofa, fridge and etc. We figured since we are renting, there's really no point in getting brand new stuff that we would have to leave/sell the next time we move. So far, we'v been rather lucky and I would say that the best 'catch' would be the off-white leather sofa and chair for just 150. Me very happy. hehe. I will post the pictures once we'v settled in at the new place ok?

Eventhough I have always wanted a red sofa, im happy with the off-white since the design is very contemporary and at such a bargained price. But I still need something red and we'v decided to paint 1 of the walls red. The problem now is, what shade of red? If its totally up to me, I want the brightest shiny red colour there is but Michael is not too keen with it. Dunno what his problem is with red. Do you? :P

So as of right now, im looking for the right shade of red for the wall that would satisfy my need for something red but without giving him a headache. Im no interior designer so I really need help from my friends and readers to give me a few suggestion. Pretty please. *batting eyelashes*.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movie Review : The Happening

I finally got my wish granted that is watching The Happening at the movie theater rather than waiting for it to come out on dvd which would be another 4-5 months. I could not wait that long. Sometimes I just dont have the patient. Only sometimes ok?

Anyway, last Saturday we decided to go watch it. We both are an early riser (which may surprise my x-colleagues since I was always late for work. ooppss!) so I took the opportunity to shower, wash my hair and get my hair done. After having my coffee of course. We were supposed to watch the 10.25am show but I was hardly half-way done with my hair so it was pushed forward to the 11am show. But by then he was too engrossed on the computer that we didnt leave the house until 11.10. In the end we went for the 11.30am show. Which was ok too. And! This time we didnt drive. We walked to the cinema. It doesnt matter that the cinema is only 10min walk (my walking), its walking nevertheless. With my red sundress (with smocking), white hand bag and white 3in sandal. ;) Sorry, Iv got to mention about my new red sundress that I bought. I love, love, love my new dress. hehehe.

Back to the movie review (which is the reason for this post). I have mixed feeling about this movie. I love M.N. Shyamalan but maybe I shouldnt have hoped too much. But then again, this is the guy behind the Sixth Sense! And unfortunately also the guy behind Lady in The Water! The Happening sounds like it has a good storyline. It gets scarier and scarier that one time I had to cover my eyes because I knew what was happening and I couldnt watch it. There were also a few scenes that was so unexpected that they just scared the shit out of me. Im not kidding. I thought his movies has always been child-friendly. This one is definitely not. At all! So please DO NOT watch this with your kids. Unfortunately the suspense ended too abruptly and all seems to be back to normal. Just like that. No explanation, no solution, no nothing. Until it happens again in France and then THE END.

Watching this movie is so frustrating. Its short, I tell you that. In all I think its no more than 90min. It feels like he was in a hurry to finish the movie that everything was cut short. Im not sure whats wrong with him but he seems to be losing his touch. It could have been a very good movie but somewhere, somehow, someone, just blew it. Big time. I wouldnt really recommend anybody to watch this movie at the theater unless they're a die-hard fan of M.N.Shyamalan. Like me. Wait for it to come out on dvd.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Weather, Terrace Apt & Gas Price

Since last Friday, it has been very hot especially yesterday and today. This hot weather is going to continue for at least until next weekend. If you still remember, the a/c unit in our apartment still not functioning and as usual the damn management people keep coming up with new and different excuses everytime we ask them for an update. They are cunning, liars and conmen/women.

Anyways, back to the a/c unit that is not functioning, I managed to secure/borrow a portable a/c unit from them. That's what they keep telling us, "We will lend you the portable a/c unit until the spare part comes in should the weather gets hot". I am so gonna write to the new renter after we left and let them know that the a/c does work but needs to be repaired so that they dont get duped like we did the first year we moved here. It does get hot here even at night just like Malaysia. :P

On the gas front, we have yet to fill up the tank since last week. He did fill like 15 the other day since it was expensive and well, you know it yourself, 15 doesnt really fill anything these days. He was hoping that the gas price would come down but he forgets that summer is just a few days away and its already school holiday so that means the gas price will not going to go down but most likely will go up.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pictures from VA - Part IV

... continues. Here are some of the pictures taken at Virginia Beach. Please totally ignore how fat I look. These pictures were taken after we came back from Williamsburg where Iv had the luxury of a kitchen. I didnt tell you what I did, didnt I? Actually when we were at the apartment, I made myself batches of chicken briyani and telur dadar, freeze them and enjoyed them for my lunches while he was at work. I was that sick of the restaurant food.

Monday, June 9, 2008

We are Upgrading Ourselves

Last year before we renewed our lease to this apartment, we went through somewhat the same process. Checking out, and other websites for apartment is no easy task and is very very stressful. Let me tell you that it is as stressful as finding a good pair of jeans that would fit your butt! Staring into the computer screen is also not good for the eyesight. I dont know about you but everytime we did it (going online looking for an apartment, that is! :P), Id get a massive headache and get very moody. And then after all that, guess what we did? We decided to just renew our lease for this shoe-box apartment for another year. Yup, it was just too stressful and we gave up.

This year after we came back from VA, we decided to give it another shot. On top of looking online, we also checked out The Sun from Seal Beach since we are looking for something thats 5min or less travelling time from his work place. That means it has to be either in Seal Beach, Westminster, Long Beach, Los Alamitos or Huntington Beach. It also has to have at least 1 bedroom, bigger (than current 450sqft) and comes with a garage for storage of (his)junks. On top of that, it has to be reasonably priced. Something that is not easy to find in those areas. :P

But alas, we did it. After looking at just 4 apartment, we decided on 1 that's 5min drive from his work, near the supermarket, bank and blockbuster. It comes with all the basic necessity to be eligible to be called an up-grade from a studio apartment. Yeah it sucks that now we have to buy a fridge (among other things) but at least it has gas stove instead of electric! Yeehaa! Im so happy. IKEA, HERE I COME!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures from VA - Part III

Sunday June 01, was Michael's birthday. Happy Birthday Baby! We didnt really go anywhere or do anything since we were busy hunting for apartment. We found a couple and applied for both. As of right now, we are still waiting to hear from them if our apllication is accepted. I feel bad that I didnt do anything for his birthday. After going back and forth looking at those apartments, he just wanted to stay home. So I made him steak and mashed potatoes with gravy. He was a happy camper! ;)


Williamsburg Plantation. We bought the timeshare back in 2005 but have never even used it until now. We even thought of selling it once but thank god we didnt. For both units (2 b/2b each) we only paid around USD450 for a week stay. We didnt stay the whole week though but oh well, you all know the story.

Each door has 2 units, ground floor and first floor. Instead of being given 2 units (up and down), we were given 2 units next to each other. Kinda weird but luckily both the upstair units are empty.

These pictures were taken just before we checked out. Since its a timeshare, you must make sure the place is as clean as possible. Rubbish take out the the rubbish bin. All plates and pots in the dishwasher and etc.