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Monday, June 30, 2008

In (desperade)Need of A Red Hue

Just 5 more days before we move to the new apartment. The last 2 weekends have been busy with visiting the garage and/or moving sales in OC for sofa, fridge and etc. We figured since we are renting, there's really no point in getting brand new stuff that we would have to leave/sell the next time we move. So far, we'v been rather lucky and I would say that the best 'catch' would be the off-white leather sofa and chair for just 150. Me very happy. hehe. I will post the pictures once we'v settled in at the new place ok?

Eventhough I have always wanted a red sofa, im happy with the off-white since the design is very contemporary and at such a bargained price. But I still need something red and we'v decided to paint 1 of the walls red. The problem now is, what shade of red? If its totally up to me, I want the brightest shiny red colour there is but Michael is not too keen with it. Dunno what his problem is with red. Do you? :P

So as of right now, im looking for the right shade of red for the wall that would satisfy my need for something red but without giving him a headache. Im no interior designer so I really need help from my friends and readers to give me a few suggestion. Pretty please. *batting eyelashes*.


Anonymous said...

I'm no interior designer but how about a deep burgundy? A friend of mine painted one wall of her bedroom burgundy. Before I saw it, I teased her that her room was going to look like a bordello but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. It looked warm and cozy.
Try it on a smallish patch of wall first and see how yoiu like it

Take pictures when you have it done

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ, go to Homedepot or Lowe's and get those little patch sample and stick it to the wall and which red you like best. Good Luck!!! Glad that you are able to find some nice stuff at the garage sales.

Cat Cat said...

I'm sure you and Micheal are getting very excited to move into your new apartment... Congrats ya!
Men generally don't like red, I know my hubby is not a big fan of this color... Maybe you can try maroon type of red... Not too bright for Micheal...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Farina,
When we moved into our new house a year ago, my girls wanted different color for each bedroom. Hanna's choice was purple... and I went like "eew...purple...". Anyway, now hers is the prettiest bedroom in the house. And she'd be smiling ear to ear everytime a guest puji...

I've seen a friend's house with one red wall. Blood red! Looked warm and full of excitement...(at least that was how I felt).

My ID told me that although red is the hottest of warm colors, it could create excitement, HUNGER and ANGER. Tu la pasal I didn't put one in the house..he..he.. takut gemuk lagi...

How about rich maroon?

Raden Galoh said...

Dear sis...

It must the thrill to move into a new house that'll make you sleepless... Happy moving in and Happy decorating the new house...

Hey, take it one thing at a time okay...who knows one of these days you'll find something red to match the off-white sofa?


barbara said...

Hi Farina,
This is an exciting time for you both. Great deal on the sofa you bought !
Yes; colors are hard to choose from.I would agree with "i cook for fun"; go to the hardware store with Michael & raid the paint samples !
Take all the red hues, and why not the browns that come close to red?

Yes, take your time in deciding, and use and re-use the professional advice of the man in the store.

Good luck & see you again soon.

Aina said...

My suggestion is for you to pick out an object or picture or any thing that would give you an inspiration for the color red that both of you like. It could be a flower, a piece of jewelry, anything. We've been through that aisles of color swatches and after awhile it does not help much. It's also a good idea to get a sample of the color (Benjamin Moore sells sample sizes you can get at hardware stores) and paint a patch on the wall. You would want to check the colors in different lighting (day/night) because it will look different. Check out websites such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams etc, they might have some visual color decks you can check out if you can't get to the store. Where do you plan to paint the wall red? Preferably not in the bedroom because then, you may not be able to sleep much. Another idea to tone down the red wall is with accessories. You can have a wall art or put shelves with photos or displays. This will pull away too much focus on the red on the wall. Hope this helps.

PEARLY said...

congratulation to both of u bet u can't wait ..
read bright red will be fine with white or cream wall .
you and my hubby will be the Best he love red . I not so.
hahaha he wanted a bring red sofa too but we end up with a orange red one hehhe.
u can wall pepar with one side of the wall with flowerer red ?? cos my friend did that make the house so model and lovely may be I can snap a picture to show u this weekend if u like .
have lovely day .

Yatie_T said...

I agree with Gert and barbara. You can see a lot of different kind of red there and hopefully you will find a color you both can agree. Anyway, happy moving and I know from experience... moving is a pain in the butt. :)
p/s: good deal on your new leather sofa.

Ms eNVy said...

Congrats on the new apartment dear! .. hmmm .. colour has always been major issue with us too :D .. but we usually get samples and paint a patch on a specific wall .. and come to an agreement as to which ones we like heheh .. usually it works .. give it a try :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

tell him you're going for either red or pink, he'll sure to agree with your preference.

Zue Murphy said...

I picked deep dark red that almost look maroon for our family room. It goes with almost anything. I agree with Gert, you need to get those color swatch and sleep on it for few days. For me, I just browse through the Home and Garden magazine and found that gorgeous dark red.

een said...

maroon red+beige+white are perfect combination..i suppose.i love red..they r vibrant color kan? my accessories kt umah mesia pon got this me they r just perfect..x dpt sofa red pon try to put red cushion on it..sure gempaknye..hehe

Salt & Turmeric said...

kl_gal, burgundy sounds nice too. nanti i check it out. thanks girl. ;)

Gert, nampak gayanya dah settle down kat sana baru boleh ambil sample.

Cath, thanks. yup, i think men just dont dig red. lol.

Kak Ja, i love purple too but he def wont go w tht one! lol.

Sis Dalilah, thank u. memang tengah gemuruh jugak nak pindah esok ni.

Barbara, we'r very happy w the sofa.;) ur right, we cant rush in choosing the color for the wall. thts why we'v decided to do it after we'v settled down there.

Aina, tahnks for the suggestion abt day/night. DIdn even think abt tht. ;)

Pearly, ur hubby must be 1 of a kind since men generally dont like red. lol. Yes, id really appreciate if u cud take some pic of ur friends's place. thank u pearly!

Yatie, pain in a butt it is! we were late in getting the cable/tv/internet so will be w/o 1 until next friday! huhu!

Envy, thanks. We'r def gonna take color choosing very slowly. ;)

Kerp, i asked him tht q and he said def no pink! hahha.

Zue, wil def check out home mag too. Thanks for the tip!

Een, red cushion is a brilliant idea. i will try and look for them. thanks een!

munira said...

I have no suggestion since my own place is helter-skelter and I never have any idea how to spruce it up... even my bedroom in my home in Malaysia pun macam apa tah... I try so hard to tiru my friend's style, who has immaculate taste in decorating, but I gave up in the end. I'm the epitome of mad scientist - scruffy *grins*. The only place that MUST be clean, tidy and beautiful is the kitchen. Kitchen must be close to the state of Godliness. :D

Anyway, have fun moving and decorating. What an exciting venture. Put up pictures of your new place nanti once it's done.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, i ni pun memang tak tau langusng nak decorate the hse. Our new place pun, michael yg arranged the furnitures. i cuma bagitau the height of the shelves or pic frames. itu aje. lol. as for teh red wall, i think im scrapping the idea. malas nak moved the furniture and paint the wall. tak kuasa dah.