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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pictures from VA - Part IV

... continues. Here are some of the pictures taken at Virginia Beach. Please totally ignore how fat I look. These pictures were taken after we came back from Williamsburg where Iv had the luxury of a kitchen. I didnt tell you what I did, didnt I? Actually when we were at the apartment, I made myself batches of chicken briyani and telur dadar, freeze them and enjoyed them for my lunches while he was at work. I was that sick of the restaurant food.


Cat Cat said...

I like your picture... Cun apa... Cath lagi teruk... Dah jadi cam tong... Haha.

Pi Bani said...

The more you ask me to ignore, the more I look. But then I look look... taklah sebanyak mana fat nya. Unless dulu you kurus kering macam cicak kobeng? ;)

een said...

hehe...fat? xdela..sket je tu..tol tu kekdg kalu slalu mkn kt luar, bleh loya tekak dibuatnye..i experienced the same too..

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Far baby, u look absolutely great! Tak gemuklah, cantik your figure. Compared to me, u r a coconut tree, kurus! I got big tummy, thunderous thighs and to add to all that extra meat, i am short! hahahahah itulah baru gemuk babe, u r far from fat....Hugs for a great weekend, think B will love this historical place.

Nightwing said...

Thanks for sharing this....this will be one of the places i would like to visit if i ever go States...:)

Like military stuffs...:)

barbara said...

Hi Farina,

Continuing on with your interesting trip. Yes, the Navy is very present here. My Grandad was stationed at one time in Norfolk beach.But, he did not stay there to live.
You found some interesting History :)

Have a nice Monday.

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
I have a good look at you I see no fat are such a sexy babe .

woooo holiday still think of cooking ? that say it all I guess , I am the same with I am in Rome after a few meal at the restrant I only fancy to eat something spicy our own home cooking ehhehehehh.

You look great from my heart to you dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Cantik apa... you look fit and healthy. Wish I could look like! When you're at my age, then only you'll know there are countless names to describe 'fat'..he..he..

Yatie_T said...

you look good and if that what you call fat than mine is like a spare tyre going to explode.... hehehe
Nice picture and I love your 2nd pix. Perfect couple.

Rita Ho said...

Did you guys go fishing at the pier? Red sofa dah sampai?
-- I am in obedience, ignoring the absent look. Haha!

Salt & Turmeric said...

Cath, where got macam tong?

Pi, tidaklah kurus kering but was less than 100lb. huhu.

Een, itulahnya. i pun tak faham org kat sini yg boleh makan luar all the time. yikes!

Mush, usually i ni pandai cover part2 yg kena cover. time tu aje yg silap. lol. i ambik gambar tu bcoz i tot my bro yg pilot tu wud like to see them. the place by the beach was pretty neat.

NW, yes, if u come here, VA is a good place to visit. so bila mau datang? :P

Barbara, ur g'dad was in the navy before? does any of ur uncles/brothers follow suit?

Pearly, thank u for ur kind word. sad huh? holiday pun stil think abt cooking.

dlm dakapan ibu, (panjangnya) terima kasih for the visit and the kind word. i peeped at ur home and ur a mom of 6! wow! datang2lah selalu ye.

Yatie, itu yg berangan nak cycle bila dah pindah nanti. u like the pic ye? thank u. ;)

Rita, good for u! ignore , ignore! lol.

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

Nice pics... including your non-fat one. Seriously, you are not fat.
Of course, if we want to compare with our pre-wedding days, then we can be sad a little. hahaha
(psst.. I was a size 4, now 8)

By the way, I like to visit military museums/monuments. There is so much history and emotions behind them.

Salt & Turmeric said...

JT, thanks. well, i cant help but compare with pre-wedding weight. sad!

Sri said...

Hi Farina

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your name sounds familiar and I saw rantauan on the blog. Ahh.... No wonder. I used to check out that site too.

Anyway, we almost moved to Virginia this summer but didnt. The military let us stay here in Florida for another year. And yeah, we did went through and other sites scoping for apartments.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Hi Sri, welcome and thanks for returning the visit. I read abt u not moving to va. cross state move really sucks so thank god u didn have to do it.