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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak

To all my Muslim friends and readers,
I would like to wish everybody
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri / Eid Mubarak.

Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, harap maafkan.
Bila makan ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang dan lain lain,
makanlah untuk saya juga ye?

And please, please, please drive safely.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Ducks enter-frame our shadow pic :P

A lady and her son posing for the camera

before they were chased by the ducks and geese!

whatcha lookin at?

My Baby

in a different setting


Friday, September 19, 2008

Free Entrance to Disneyland on Your 2009 Birthday

I love Disneyland. The happpiest place on earth. I wish I could go there once a week but the entrance fee is so freaking expensive. Yes its cheaper to buy the yearly pass (when you pro-rate the cost) but it would still put a huge dent in your budget especially when you have kid(s). And that is before you add in your meal expenses or your express pass or those souvenirs or clothes. Trust me. If you have kids esp girls, you'd go crazy looking at the princess dresses, tiaras, accessories and such. I dont have kids and I still went crazy! Too bad (or is it thank god? lol) Im not working anymore.

But watching abc7 news this morning, I found out that for the whole of 2009, Disneyland is going to give you a free entrance on your birthday. Isnt that awesome?! I think the offer also includes Disney World Orlando. I think. Dont take my word for it. Just go to their respective websites to find out how to get this offer and more or just google for disney free birthday entrance. Please bear in mind that the free entrance is only on your 2009 birthday but you can make the reservation starting now. If you're planning for a visit to SoCal, maybe you can schedule it around your birthday. Children below 3 enters for free.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Foodblog

Hi all

Just want to share the good news. I just got myself my very own domain name. Yes, after contemplating for quite a while, I finally got down to doing it. No more of those long and too many dots url. It is now a very straight forward, easy-to-type (and remember!) name

If you are linked to me, please do update the url so we can still keep in touch via this world of blogosphere.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Destination Truth - Haunted Mosque in Malaysia

Friendship and ghosts goes hand-in-hand. Im kidding. Of course I made that up. I am talking about the series Destination Truth which made their way back to Malaysia again this season. Last season they went in search for of all the things .... bigfoot! It was a rather boring show. This time however they went to this haunted old abandoned mosque in Tanjung Karang. I wasnt sure where it was since I could not understand when he said Tanjung Karang and I didnt have my contacts on so I couldn see the writing on the television. That is until today when they finally put out the full episode on their website where you go and watch it with minimum commercial break. And so I went, oooohhh Tanjung Karang. But didnt they say it was like somewhere up north? To us Malaysian, Tanjung Karang is nowhere near north. North is like Penang and Kedah.
Anyways, besides the part where she didnt like the abc or shaved ice with brown sugar, cremed corn and etc, it was pretty good. They set up a camp just outside the mosque and graveyard area and took turn sitting in the mosque. Alone. One by one. The first one was the girl Ryder which of course didnt experience anything. Oh, I forgot to mention that the ghost in this show is pontianak or vampire (?). The 'translator' when trying to translate the word pontianak to English said it's bitches. (He had banshee in mind though. :P ) Josh had fun at that and I really cant blame him. Can you? Hahaha.

So, the second person was a guy Casey. Poor guy, you can see that he was clearly scared shitless. 18 min into his time, he started to look disturbed and scared. He lasted 23min out of the 30min time. The next one is Josh who also encountered some weird stuff like a creaking sound of a door being opened and someone tapping the tin roof. The 4th and last one was Jarod who started rather funny with something flying around his face. Mosquito or something. He also didnt last the whole 30min due to the commotion outside the mosque. You have to go and watch it yourself here on Destination Truth to find out the rest.

Monday, September 8, 2008


This post is not suitable for those still in school i.e. below 17years old. So if you're one of them, just click that 'x' symbol at the top right corner and close this page. Come back another day when I have other post. Ok?


I found out about something today that makes me so kecik hati. I wonder if my friendship was taken for granted or if I was just being used. Either way it sucks. I am so thinking that I should re-evaluate those people that I call friends. Some people obviously dont deserve the title.

I may be bitchy sometimes but I aint nobody's bitch. Or cook!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's for Buka Puasa / Iftar?

Today is the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Yesterday for buka puasa or iftar, I made chicken curry, serawa durian and roti jala. My choice of drink was syrup bandung. Of course those are just for me. For Michael, I made him chicken parmigiana. We usually had dinner around 7pm and since maghrib here is around 7.16, it was not that difficult. Thank god summer here does not end at 9pm or something.

We didnt however eat until almost 8pm since as you all know, I am not a fast cook. And my eyes were hungrier than my stomach thus I made so much food. I havent even had the serawa durian that I planned to eat with roti jala. You see, that was why I made roti jala instead of rice so I can eat it with both chicken curry and roti jala. I am such a smart girl. Yes I am. If only I wasnt too full last night. Lol!

Fasting here is not as fun nor easy as back home. I can only imagine the hustling and bustling of pasar ramadhan. All the delicacies that they sell which most of them can only be found during fasting month. Which makes me wonder why is that the case? Like tepung pelita for example. I dont remember seeing them sold anywhere else except during fasting month. Or maybe its because I hardly ever go to the pasar malam (night market)? But yeah, I MISS eating tepung pelita. That would be my family's favourite. I basically have to have it every day. There was this stall at the pasar ramadhan near my parents place that sells one of the best tepung pelita. When I go there, without fail I would buy between 10-15 of them depending on how many people are going to be breaking fast at home. Sometimes when we have communication breakdown between me and my brothers, we would have more. None would go to waste of course!

So, there you go. I guess by now everyody knows how much Im dying for tepung pelita. Now, why dont you share with me what is your ultimate iftar or sahur food?