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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Destination Truth - Haunted Mosque in Malaysia

Friendship and ghosts goes hand-in-hand. Im kidding. Of course I made that up. I am talking about the series Destination Truth which made their way back to Malaysia again this season. Last season they went in search for of all the things .... bigfoot! It was a rather boring show. This time however they went to this haunted old abandoned mosque in Tanjung Karang. I wasnt sure where it was since I could not understand when he said Tanjung Karang and I didnt have my contacts on so I couldn see the writing on the television. That is until today when they finally put out the full episode on their website where you go and watch it with minimum commercial break. And so I went, oooohhh Tanjung Karang. But didnt they say it was like somewhere up north? To us Malaysian, Tanjung Karang is nowhere near north. North is like Penang and Kedah.
Anyways, besides the part where she didnt like the abc or shaved ice with brown sugar, cremed corn and etc, it was pretty good. They set up a camp just outside the mosque and graveyard area and took turn sitting in the mosque. Alone. One by one. The first one was the girl Ryder which of course didnt experience anything. Oh, I forgot to mention that the ghost in this show is pontianak or vampire (?). The 'translator' when trying to translate the word pontianak to English said it's bitches. (He had banshee in mind though. :P ) Josh had fun at that and I really cant blame him. Can you? Hahaha.

So, the second person was a guy Casey. Poor guy, you can see that he was clearly scared shitless. 18 min into his time, he started to look disturbed and scared. He lasted 23min out of the 30min time. The next one is Josh who also encountered some weird stuff like a creaking sound of a door being opened and someone tapping the tin roof. The 4th and last one was Jarod who started rather funny with something flying around his face. Mosquito or something. He also didnt last the whole 30min due to the commotion outside the mosque. You have to go and watch it yourself here on Destination Truth to find out the rest.


Jun said...

Farina, Tanjung Karang in selangor? hehe...never heard bout this show b4 but m sure they will never catch a single ghost to show us..hehe

Julie Lim said...

Hahaha ... If pontianak were bitches, I personally know many.

I also know of a haunted house in Malacca where someone was mysteriously slapped out of thin air. But I'm not sure if the house has been demolished.

Ms eNVy said...

"We're sorry but the clip you selected isn't available from your location." Argggg!!!! .. sedih I tak dapat tengok bitches hehehe .. actually I'm a sucker for anything supernatural .. oh well I'll just wait till they show the series here ..

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Farina,

"The first one was the girl Ryder which of course didnt experience anything."

What do you mean by "of course"? *Blur*

Anyway, translation can get pretty bad in good ol' Malaysia.

Like when I was watching Friends.

The show was where Monica was getting married and there was a scene with her in her dress and her 'train' behind her, and Rachel (I think) was asked to hold up her 'train', and it was translated as, get this, "KERETA API Monica"

Oh gosh!

Come to think of it, I might have told you this story before! I told it somewhere anyway...;)

Cat Cat said...

Pontianak ni yang buat Cath suspen... Jangan tak caya... Cath dah dengar semua cerita pasal pontianak.. Seram...

p/s Hope you dah tak kecik hati dah.. Nanti Cath call you next week & kita kepoh2 cikit ya.. Hehe. Or, minah kecik hati sama Cath ke...??? Aduh, suspen-nya...

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Farina, i tried watching the clip but they site said the video is not available in my area (Europe). But i am sure its a good series, i love this kind of series...thx for recommending it though, i shall try other sites and see if i get to see something.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Jun, yes tg karang sgor. Eh i tot they showed this show in Msia too?

Julie, haha. hilaruous aint it?

Envy, go to and choose full episode. Its under yowie/haunted mosque. Hope you'l be able to watch it.

Daphne, 'of course' sbb they were told tht the pontianak would only kacau the men. She pilih bulu one. lol.

Minah Cath, u ada byk cerita ke? share2 lah story tu. Pasal the other post tu, ler bukan Cath lah. :P

Mush, you pun tak dpt opent he link ke? So weird. Try going to website like i mentioned in my reply to Envy above ok? ;)

een said...

havent watch it yet..but have seen one similar in astro but quite sometime ago called the scariest place (something like that) but all the place shown were abroad. yg tg. karang ni x dengarla pulak...ish, omputih ni mcm2 la..sume nak dicubenye..kene cekik dek antu baru ye!hohoho..

Salt N Turmeric said...

een, kat sini byk series abt finding ghosts and what-not. We tot we are superstitious. How wrong we are!

Anonymous said...

Tak boleh tengok. Only for Americans, I think :(

Salt N Turmeric said...

Munira, try going to and look for the link there. ;)

pugly said...

So I guess that makes me a pontianak. A major one ;-D

ijnek said...

a fan of tis series...

here's the url for tis esp on youtube

the mosque part starts somewhere in the mid of part 3...

yowie/haunted mosque
btw,casey also saw a fugure on the road outside the mosque and when josh ran there,nothing...

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5