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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disney's California Adventure Park

Disneyland California (Aneheim) has 2 theme parks Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure Park. These parks are huge that even 1 day each is not enough for you to cover them. Not to mention the queueing and waiting that you have to do for each ride/show. Even on school day you have to queue what more on school holidays or long weekend. When we went to Disneyland Park it was a long 3-day weekend and it was rather hot so the park was really packed. Since our tickets are the 2-day park hopper (1 park each day) which cost us around 70/pp we get to go to both parks within 30 days of first use of ticket.

When we went to Disney's California Adventure Park, it was a Saturday and we went earlier than before but still earlier than the park's opening time which is 10am (if im not mistaken). Apparently Disneyland opens earlier (8am) than Adventure Park. But good thing is we get to do the ride that I have wanted to do which is the Grizzly River Run. You can see the picture of us on the ride before we put the camera away since we do get wet! I hope you will enjoy the pictures and maybe feel that you were 'there' with us.

The 3 pictures above are of Zephyr which is the ride from which the picture from the previous post was taken. Yes I am very afraid of height. I knew I was going to be very scared once I started 'flying' but the fool that I am, I thought I would be ok and I was also feeling sorry for Michael who would not go on any ride without me. So off we went into the rocket and then it starts flying and moving away from the platform. I could see the ground and started ventilating. My muscles jammed and I gripped the security bar tightly because I was afraid of getting thrown off. Michael on the other hand was snapping away and keep asking me to open my eyes. *roll eyes*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions that were posted in my previous posting. Sorry it took me a long time before I give any update.

After writing that post, I searched and searched for any information and then I found a forum where in 1 of their topics is about people with Kaiser. From there I met a coupe of ladies who helped me and gave me more information that I have ever had from Kaiser itself. That is how sucky Kaiser's system is. 1 of the ladies through her contacts, hooked me up with another hospital instead of Anaheim branch that I have been using (trying to use!) all these while.

I called the number and was rather frustrated that it went to voicemail. Iv been through that before and I said to myself, not again. Then a call came in and it was a nurse from that branch that I just called. She said they have actually been trying to return my call but somehow they encountered some problem which I dont remember what it was anymore. I was given another set of number and a couple of names that I should speak to when I call. So I called the number and spoke to another nurse who did not even ask for a referral nor if either one of us smoke. She just scheduled us for an infertility class which may sound weird to you (and me!) but it is part of Kaiser's weird regulation that you have to go through if you're trying to get pregnant. So, we now have an appointment for early next month. I can't thank the ladies enough for their help.

Thank you again to everybody for being there for me. I hope that would be my last heartache and headache with Kaiser. To all who is trying to get pregnant, if you're with Kaiser California, DO NOT go to Anaheim branch. Their people suck! And as for my doctor, Im disappointed that instead of being on my side and help me, all that she said to me was, "Im sorry for the misunderstanding and good luck". Misunderstanding? Are you on drugs doctor?