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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions that were posted in my previous posting. Sorry it took me a long time before I give any update.

After writing that post, I searched and searched for any information and then I found a forum where in 1 of their topics is about people with Kaiser. From there I met a coupe of ladies who helped me and gave me more information that I have ever had from Kaiser itself. That is how sucky Kaiser's system is. 1 of the ladies through her contacts, hooked me up with another hospital instead of Anaheim branch that I have been using (trying to use!) all these while.

I called the number and was rather frustrated that it went to voicemail. Iv been through that before and I said to myself, not again. Then a call came in and it was a nurse from that branch that I just called. She said they have actually been trying to return my call but somehow they encountered some problem which I dont remember what it was anymore. I was given another set of number and a couple of names that I should speak to when I call. So I called the number and spoke to another nurse who did not even ask for a referral nor if either one of us smoke. She just scheduled us for an infertility class which may sound weird to you (and me!) but it is part of Kaiser's weird regulation that you have to go through if you're trying to get pregnant. So, we now have an appointment for early next month. I can't thank the ladies enough for their help.

Thank you again to everybody for being there for me. I hope that would be my last heartache and headache with Kaiser. To all who is trying to get pregnant, if you're with Kaiser California, DO NOT go to Anaheim branch. Their people suck! And as for my doctor, Im disappointed that instead of being on my side and help me, all that she said to me was, "Im sorry for the misunderstanding and good luck". Misunderstanding? Are you on drugs doctor?


Pi Bani said...

Betui la misunderstanding. THEY misunderstood their duties and responsibilities...

Desert Rose said...

Good luck darling,

Misunderstanding palatok dia la....

Dura said...

Oh my my my ...if I were you I am gonna put the doctor's ass on fire too. They just wanted your $$$$. There's no such thing of misunderstanding. They're just the BIG O Ass h*** peoples.

ICook4Fun said...

Hope everything will work out well for you and Michale. As for the doctor all she want is your money. I find the doctor here are pretty COLD.

deejay said...

Being a doctor myself, i feel that the healthcare system in US is going to blow up sooner than later as they are more profit oriented rather being patient oriented..

Salt N Turmeric said...

Pi, memang betul apa yg you cakap tu. :(

DR, terima kasih. Hopefully lepas ni takde la episode yg menyakitkan hati lagi.

Dura, sakit jiwa kan bila rasa helpless cam tu? Ada doctor tapi taknak buat apa2 baik takde doctor.

Gert, memang pun. Kalau tak terpaksa, memang i tak pergi jumpa doctor. Nasib baik co pay most of the insurance premium.

Deejay, I hope Obama managed to change this whole expensive-not-working system.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dear farina
i am so happy to pop by and read this!! this is definitely progress! good luck with the rest of the journey ahead! will keep our fingers and toes crossed for both of you! big warm hugs xxx

Nightwing said...

All the best on the journey ahead to both of you.

Ya...spread the word around on the 'old branch'. Teach them a lesson.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Farina,

All the best to u and Micheal, ya..I doakan semua berjalan lancar as planned..:)

pixen said...

I was trying to get pregnant for 5 years after married. we're non-smoker and healthy but we discovered it could be genetic problem as hubby's side ha little family branch as both his parents sides are either single child or less than 5 kids over the 400 yrs of family tree. In my case was interupted menstrual cycle due to hormone (the more medicrine they gave me the worst I became until i missed my cycle for 1 year!) In the end we gave up trying & just enjoyed each other's company (hubby rejected adoption idea).

Then out of the blue, I discovered ESUI a feminine wash made in M'sia with traditional herbs because i read so much bad advertisement and report about feminie wash from imported brands. Frankly, it's one of the most expensive feminine wash in the market. Btw, the HQ is in Penang. I love the fragrance & how clean it feels after usage. After I used more than 4 bottles, I was pregnant without me knowing it due to my hormone problem (which is still the same today LOL) Then I introduced the product to my youngest sister who have discomfort problem with douching feminine wash (it's been in news that internal douching is bad for our feminine reproduction system) she used but with the warning of my pregnancy could be due to the product. Well... after 2nd bottle she called me & cursed me (with good will of course)...she was pregnant :-P she suspect it's the product as well. For both of us, the product really 'cuci' with our traditional herbs.

To some people, it may not work that quickly due to resistance of the years of accumulation of body toxic during 'cleansing by herbs. Some of my friends gave up eventually.

Anyway, just to tell my weird story of pregnancy :-)
This info is not been told in the product's site. Who will believe it? I was brought up to eat ulam and I believe the goodness of our herbs & spices. EVen though can't get pregnant with it but you can be assured that the product made your health better and safer too.

Still I wished both of all the best with hugs & prayer