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Monday, September 24, 2007

Arwah Nurin and Amber Alert

Lots have been said with regards to the death of Arwah Nurin and whos's responsible. Like I said in my previous post, we can all talk till the cows come home and put the blame left, right and centre but the fact remains that arwah will not come back.

I am not going to go into further detail abt 'whose fault is it?' but I feel that I have to share this one with my readers.

I mentioned about Amber Alert on Nuraina's blog without realising that i didnt even mention about it in my own post so im doing it now. I know not many people read my blog but if all bloggers put it up on their blog, im sure it will get the attention of who's who (maybe even Shahrizat) and we will finally see the same or similar alert get adopted by Malaysian authority.

Besides that, society must also be educated on making sure that safety (within means) comes first. Children and adults, both, must be taught on what and what not to do.

These are among what we and the authority should do:

1. AWARENESS on safety

2. adopt Amber Alert or Nurin Alert (or whatever they want to name it)

3. make public the list of known paedophiles and frequent checks to their home (this is done here in the US where spotchecks are done frequently in making sure tht they dont have/keep/have access to sex material or live within certain miles of schools or playgrounds)

4. make sure the children know what is wrong and not supposed to be done to their bodies (birds and bees and wht not)

5. making sure children are accompanied by at least 1 adult esp at night

6. always follow buddy system of more than 2 kids and teach them to scream and run when approach by strangers

7. always know where your children are and if suspected of missing, report it IMMEDIATELY!

8. if you see a child being dragged, approach (nicely) and ask if tht person is in fact the parent or relative (dont start assuming tht they'r kidnappers)

9. if you didnt get the chance to do no.8, take down the license no of the vehicle and call the police. Whatever it is, do something IMMEDIATELY.

Once we have done all that we could to protect our loved ones, then the only thing left to do is tawaqqal. Not the other way around.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al-Fatehah to Nurin Jaslin

Malaysian are outrage when the news came out yesterday and today when it was confirmed that the lifeless body found in the gym bag was in fact one of Nurin Jaslin, the whole nation seem to cry.

My first thought when i read about her disappearance was, "why wait before reporting it to the police?". Now it just doesnt matter anymore because the damage is done. An innocent child is gone and Nurin Jaslin is no longer with us and nothing is going to bring her back.

BUT, maybe if there's anything that we can learn from this sad, horrific incident is that we can be more careful when it comes to our little ones. Dont let them out of our sight. Letting an 8 yr old out to the night market alone is 1. not the smartest thing to do (if im being nice with my choice of word), 2. the dumbest thing to do. (now im being straight forward). Why would any parent let their 8yr old walk alone at night rather than take him/her with them? Why? Why? I cant help but blame the parents on this one. They waited for 3 days before reporting it to the authorities. Which parent in their right mind would wait that long? Would you? When a child goes missing, the first 48hrs are critical. In most cases after 48hrs, the chances are that they're dead.

Im stopping now because this news just break my heart especially the condition that she was found. My prayer for her soul and may the beast get arrested soon and punished severely! Al-Fatehah Nurin Jaslin.

Read when it all started here.
Read how she was found here.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yesterday, Thursday Sept 13, is the first day of Ramadhan where most Muslim around the world started observing the fasting month. Back in Malaysia, the whole month of Ramadhan is like a festival. Almost all restaurants would have the buffet and ppl from all walk of life would join in. There would be dept buka puasa (breaking of fast), company's buka puasa, buka puasa with brokers, buka puasa with friends and etc. Almost everyday ppl will have the reason/excuse to eat out and trust me, there's enough restaurants/hotels in KL to do that and then some.

Some of my non-muslim friends would even fast on the day that we'r breaking fast together or at least wait until its time to break the fast rather than start eating before everyone else as a sign of respect to those who fast the whole day. Though you are bound to see ppl who are not fasting and started filling up their plates and gorging down the food when the rest of the ppl around them are still fasting. sheesh! insensitive like tht. :P

Anyways, besides the rm30-100 (usd8-28) buffet, there's also the ramadhan bazaar where you'll find hundreds of stalls selling all the goodies for breaking of fast. Most of them started selling the food as early as 2-3pm until the food are gone or until the time to break fast, whcever comes first. THIS kind of bazaar is my fav. here are the list of my fav for buka puasa:

1. Murtabak
2. Ayam percik
3. Popiah basah
4. Nasi kerabu
5. Kuey teow goreng
6. Nasi tomato
7. Lala goreng
8. Tepung pelita (a must to have everyday!)
9. Sugar cane juice

What are your fav Ramadhan goodies?

Monday, September 10, 2007

10 Questions Tag

Gert tagged me about the 10Q&A's. This is my 2nd tag since im not very good in telling others abt me-self. So, here goes:

Q1. What were you doing 10 Years ago?

1. Was in HK for our company trip
2. Was in Tioman for our company's family day when we received news abt Princess D's death.
3. Partying waaaayyyy too much.
4. Trying to lose weight. (i was pretty big then)
5. Paying off my ex-fiance's debts. (grrrr)

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago?

1. Driving 4d/3n across USA fr PA to CA
2. Getting used to being a full-time hsewife yet again
3. Meeting some of MyB members for the 1st time.
4. Cramming our stuff into a smaller apt.
5. Getting used to sun-burn

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. Asam
2. Kerepek pedas
3. Mamee
4. Pisang/keledek goreng
5. Keropok lekur

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

1-5. Errr... none actually.

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionaire?

1. Buying properties for investment outside California
2. Pay-off both our parents houses
3. Give to charities in Malaysia
4. Go home for a nice long holiday
5. Visit my bestfriends in NZ

Q6. 5 Bad habits?

1. Spending too much time getting ready
2. Snacking
3. Spending too much on perfumes
4. Always persuade ppl to eat more incl hubby and guests.
5. Too trusting tht more than once ppl took advantage

Q7. 5 things you like to do?

1. Travelling w hubby
2. Be there for my mom
3. Be able to watch my nieces and nephews grow up
4. Help less fortunate kids
5. Walk into any stores in Rodeo Drive and can actually afford to buy them

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys? I dont really have any fav toys. These are more like necessity stuff. ;)

1. Notebook
2. My digital camera
3. DVD player
4. My books
5. TV

Q9. 5 things you would never wear?

1. Bikini
2. Bikini
3. Bikini
4. Bikini
5. Bikini

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?

1. House cleaning
2. Laundry
3. Lying
4. Ironing
5. Thinking of what to cook for brakfast/lunch/dinner

I wont name anybody to be tagged but anybody is welcome to continue this 10 questions tag.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Prawn Curry Kapitan

I made these a few weeks ago but only now I found the time to post the pic. Thank you Gert
for the recipe. Since I have lady finger and eggplant, I add them to my curry too. The only thing that I didn have then was the buah keras but it still turned out very good.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Heat is Back!

'Dont speak too soon'. Last week I wrote about how the weather has gotten better. And then 2 days later we got hit by yet another heat wave. This time it came with a Vengence! Yesterday (Monday) the temp went up to 41-42C or 104-105F. It was so freaking hot and its gonna continue until at least Thursday. Already a few death reported esp the elderly. Some areas are left without electricity since Friday and I cant even imagine how those ppl affected are coping with the heat.

Anyways, last Sat we went to a beach party to celebrate among other things, a belated birthday and Merdeka in Seal Beach. Though it was hot in Orange, it was surprisingly nice at the beach. We had a great time and actually spent 6hrs there. (I will post some pics later). After that, even with a full stomach, we just couldn say no to an invite to have laksa johor and assam laksa so off we went to Long Beach. Suffice to say that we came home full-bellied and also made new friends. ;)