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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al-Fatehah to Nurin Jaslin

Malaysian are outrage when the news came out yesterday and today when it was confirmed that the lifeless body found in the gym bag was in fact one of Nurin Jaslin, the whole nation seem to cry.

My first thought when i read about her disappearance was, "why wait before reporting it to the police?". Now it just doesnt matter anymore because the damage is done. An innocent child is gone and Nurin Jaslin is no longer with us and nothing is going to bring her back.

BUT, maybe if there's anything that we can learn from this sad, horrific incident is that we can be more careful when it comes to our little ones. Dont let them out of our sight. Letting an 8 yr old out to the night market alone is 1. not the smartest thing to do (if im being nice with my choice of word), 2. the dumbest thing to do. (now im being straight forward). Why would any parent let their 8yr old walk alone at night rather than take him/her with them? Why? Why? I cant help but blame the parents on this one. They waited for 3 days before reporting it to the authorities. Which parent in their right mind would wait that long? Would you? When a child goes missing, the first 48hrs are critical. In most cases after 48hrs, the chances are that they're dead.

Im stopping now because this news just break my heart especially the condition that she was found. My prayer for her soul and may the beast get arrested soon and punished severely! Al-Fatehah Nurin Jaslin.

Read when it all started here.
Read how she was found here.


Ms eNVy said...

I've read about it too, and it is really heartbreaking .. anyways I'll keep my comments re: her parents to myself .. but it does make you think. Well I pray for her soul. Al-Fatehah
BTW: there's a blog set up by her uncle

J.T. said...

Sad... so sad. May that little girl rest in peace.

I cannot understand why would the parents allow their young girl to walk to the night market alone. Even being accompanied by the older sister, who is 9, during other times is still a risky chance. sigh..

I read that the father refuses to accept the fact that the little girl is Nurin. Whether the DNA testing is accurate or not, whoever that girl belongs to, I hope her parents find strength to get through this horrible ordeal.

Cat Cat said...

Babe, I cried when I read the news this morning. I'm a mother of 2 little girls and my heart broke when the little girl's body was found in a bag.

How can this brensek be so cruel to this helpless little girl? I want to see JUSTICE and I will patiently wait for the answer.

May this little girl's soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

yes, its heartbreaking and whoever did that is a monster. hopefully ppl will be more careful with their little ones after tis. alfatihah.

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ, it is hearbreaking and no matter what parents should not let the children out of their sight. There are so many cruel animal (humans) out there. The person who did this to her will get his punishment be it from the law or God. May she rest in peace in the arms of God.

PrincessJournals said...

thank u all for commenting. like u all, i too was really sad and angry yesterday. her death didn come easy. :( its too heartbreaking. i hope they'l find the culprit soon.

Ms J said...

i am sick to my stomach reading the news of you, i have written a posting in my blog about it but it is no consolation and thoughts of what the poor little girl underwent kept playing in my mind. it matters not whether the child is nurin or another poor girl, the crime is hineous beyond words


I read your take on the Amber Alert in Nuraina's blog. Thank you for bringing that up. We hope we can do something more productive here following this national tragedy. Yep, that's what it is -- a Malaysian tragedy. And it will become a bigger catastrophe if we don't help the politicians and the police to think.

Selamat berpuasa.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to blame the parents when things go wrong. Although, I bet we have all done it, go to pasar malam when we were young, without our parents. It could be when we were a bit older but accidents/bad luck can also happen to older people ... Anyways, as a parent, I feel rotten to read about what happen to Nurin. If that happens to me/Milla, I wouldn't know how to forgive nor do I know how to fil the emptiness.

My prayers go out to late Nurin Jazlin and also her parents. The pain is unimaginable and I wish the parents strength to go on.

Nina xxx
p.s How are you?



We can learn from this. Nurin's parents have been dealt the cruelest blow due to their negligence...they are paying for it.

yes, it was so easy for me to turn around and blame Nurin's parents when I first read about it.

But i think that was unfair.
i imagine that it is a neighbourhood pasar malam... a place nurin was used to because all this while, it seemed to be a pretty safe place.
People get complacent..

bila dah terjadi baru kita sedar. in many cases.
but, well..we can go on talking about "what if"...
Nurin is gone. Her parents can never forgive themselves...

By the way, I did a posting and raised AMBER Alert which you mentioned in my blog. I have linked your blog.
Thanks for bringing it up.

Take care. i mean it.... orang dewasa pun boleh kena culik.

Cat Cat said...

Sorry but have to put a little comment here. You are the WINNER. Check it out in my blog.
Send me an email ya...

May Nurin's soul rest in peace.

elviza said...


The repercussions would be on the malaysian parents.

They ll be paranoid and children will be subjected to close scrutiny and over protective family.

read about your suggestion (amber alert) on Nuraina's blog. I think its a good idea

drNO said...

It's horrible...being abducted is one thing...being tortured to death...sexually to an 8 years old girl...beyond imagination...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

tuan puteri,

yea i was pissed too when the news of missing arwah nurin frist came out and blamed her mom. BUT, after her uncle came out and explained abt what exactly transpired that fateful night, it was more of a misunderstanding/miscommunication than anything else. lets give her parents some break.

now tho, by hooks or by crooks
the culprit must be captured and punished.

its just not safe out there, simple as that.

Sergio said...

is cruel and inhuman behavior, lets pray for justice an peace for the parents and peace for us too.