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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Heat is Back!

'Dont speak too soon'. Last week I wrote about how the weather has gotten better. And then 2 days later we got hit by yet another heat wave. This time it came with a Vengence! Yesterday (Monday) the temp went up to 41-42C or 104-105F. It was so freaking hot and its gonna continue until at least Thursday. Already a few death reported esp the elderly. Some areas are left without electricity since Friday and I cant even imagine how those ppl affected are coping with the heat.

Anyways, last Sat we went to a beach party to celebrate among other things, a belated birthday and Merdeka in Seal Beach. Though it was hot in Orange, it was surprisingly nice at the beach. We had a great time and actually spent 6hrs there. (I will post some pics later). After that, even with a full stomach, we just couldn say no to an invite to have laksa johor and assam laksa so off we went to Long Beach. Suffice to say that we came home full-bellied and also made new friends. ;)


kl_gal said...

Tell me about it,girl. I'm just about ready to start shrieking like a crazy relief for 1 week..even malam its hovering at 93 degrees. Have to keep spraying my poor birds 3-4x a day

PrincessJournals said...

yes i heard its even hotter where ur at. kesian ur birds. hopefully they survive the heat.

Cat Cat said...

It's not too bad here in Richmond. Mid 80's during the day and 60's at night.
Seronok makan assam laksa ya.. Eh, cik abang pun suka assam laksa?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

assam laksa in long beach, california!

if laksas are available by the road-side stalls there, i imagine ppl like greenday and snoop dog helping themselves to a few bowls.

and the greenday guy will go, 'awesome, dudeee!' while snoop dog will go 'F.......f....f..f....f...!

david santos said...

Very nice posting. Thank you.

Have a good day.

I go to be with the Greek people, and you?

PrincessJournals said...

Kak Ram, i think the dry spell is gone as of fr today. phew! abang mana makan laksa. dia makan sandwich kat the earlier party aje. hehe..

kerp, kalau greenday or snoop dog makan laksa, mau tersedak and demam sebulan! lol!

david, thank u for visiting. im a Malaysian living in the California.

I Cook4Fun said...

Kesian you PJ. We are getting much cooler here but still in the 80's. Next week should be better. Can't wait for fall. Tak tahan cuaca panas. Wow, you too having lots of fun for Labour Day. Don't forget to show us some pics. Keep cool girl :)

kl_gal said...

Sigh of relief kan, Farina? Thank is beautiful.
Kerp..snoop dog only makan laksa kalau ada gin + juice in it
Post some pics of your kenduri,ok?

Rita Ho said...

psst-psst .... farina, besuk Sept 6, macam mana your plans? Michael setuju? Temperatures here are cooling down, low 70s day and high 40s night, getting lower still. My doors are open to anyone needing a break from the heat. Gurdeep, your winged ones, too. :) Only condition, must cook some delish Malaysian meals while here. LOL.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

gin + juice + otak udang sikit= recipe for endless of cussings.

Anonymous said...

hey kakak,

happy belated birthday. wishing you lots of love and happiness, many happy returns.

sounds very hot there! take care.

kisses. nina

PrincessJournals said...

Gert, the weather is back to somewht normal now. wht a relief! gambar tu tunggu ye?

kl_gal, kerp tu kelakar kan? lol!

Rita, my fren tu next week baru datang sbb takde flight. we dont kno yet if we cud make it there. will update u ok?

kerp, gin+juice+otak udang = phening lalat!

Nina, bukan my bday lah darling. it was my fren's belated bday. mine in nov. hehe.

kl_gal said...

Thanks for your kind winged ones thank you too :). Unfortunately, quite busy now but may take a raincheck. Delish Malaysian food no problem..will bring my belacan + petai and possibly evacuate the whole plane:))

Yep..all better now but hopefully this is the last of this sizzling heat for this summer.

Gin+juice+otak udang+endo=endless recipe for mind on his money and money on his mind:))

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

u guys r so craving for malaysian food i feel like i'm out of place. the thing is, i am so not into california roll, which is totally not californian. hihi..



thanks for visiting my blog.
That season the the year, huh?
I know I could never stand hot summers in the States.
Way back in 1980 when I was studying in Boston, I'd come back to Malaysia during the summer and return to Boston for the fall semester.
and then when it was so cold in the fall (Boston gets harsh cold weather), we'd pray for an Indian summer.

WEll...hope the summer gets but nice.

take care....

J.T. said...

It has been so bloody hot in Louisiana (90F- 100F). arrgghh! It is a rude shock for me. (I long for Germany's mild summer weather).

Anyway, they forecasted that next week's temperatures around this area will drop into the 80s (high). phew! I am waiting for it to be cool so I can start wearing my boots! :) (vanity calling.. haha)

PrincessJournals said...

kerp, yes we, here in the US memang sentiasa craving for some good ol delish msian food!

Pn.Nuraina, wht an honour! thanks for dopping by. u were in boston ya? yes, winter in east coast is brutal just like summer in west coast. but i think we'r over w the heat-wave. insyaallah! lol!

JT, im sure Louisiana is hot too. I pun now tunggu the time where i can put on those boots! *wink*