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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures from VA - Part II

We went to Williamsburg for the 1st weekend we were in VA. Didn really stay that long eventhough we rented the apartment for the whole week since he has to go back to work. I will post the pictures of the aprtment in my next posting ok?

Gorilla made with nails

Not sure if its true but thts what it says

The 'spinning' tunnel

You know he's feeling dizzy thus this picture! lol.

Skinny door

The King sitting on his throne. :P

I asked him to pose with the hat

So he made me wear this hat.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures from VA - Part I

Hanging out

Our little room

Different angle of the room

The game at Cracker Barrel

Michael checking out the menu

For him - Meatloaf

For me - Grilled catfish with deepfried lady finger

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day in VA

Im ready. Everything are packed and as Im writing thing, Im just waiting for him to come back from his class so we can check-out and get ready to go to the airport. I just cant wait to go home.

On Tue while we were out having late lunch, the weather changed again. The day actually started pretty well. It was sunny as at 7am. When I went to have my breakfast, I realised that the road was wet but the sun came out again. While we were at the restaurant though, it started to rain on and off again. But it seems like when it started to rain again, it got heavier and finally we had something like a stormy weather with lightning and some thunder. It was just amazing how the weather changed so quickly. Later on the news, we found out that it was pertty bad in some areas that trees were uprooted and quite a number of houses lose their roof. I hope they'l get their roof fixed before the next storm comes since I doubt its the end of the stormy season. And Im praying tht we'd have a nice weather today since we'l be flying back and I hate flying in bad weather!

Im signing off now. The next post will be from SoCal. We'r gonna have a long weekend for Memorial Day so have a great weekend everybody! I will see you next week.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chesapeake & Williamsburg, VA

Its been 2 weeks since we came here. The weather has been up and down. It was sunny the first 3-4 days and then the storm came. Pretty bad too. Lotsa trees fell and some areas were flooded. Well, VA is very 'watery'. Overall, I do like VA. Its greener, cleaner and they have nice houses in the suburb where most of them are by the water. Be it a lake, river or the sea. So you can imagine how serene the areas are. The problem is however, food. I would be so deprived if we were to live here.

There's also a lot of personalised license plate. I mean, A LOT! Through my observation, it seems like 1 in every 4-5 cars would carry a personalised plate. Lotsa doctors too. Well, when their plate says DR so and so, you can only guess that they're doctors, right? Yesterday though, when we were driving around while waiting for the japanese restaurant to open at 5pm (for my dinner), we saw 1 car with a license plate that you wouldn wanna be driving if you're a Malaysian. It says, 'KOTE & ME'! hehe. I told Michael what that word means in malay slang and he said, "Penis & Me. Yup, I wouldn wanna be using that plate!" Well, me neither. hahahhaa.

Anyways, last weekend we were at Williamsburg Plantation. We own a timeshare there that we bought in 2005 but have never used until now. His parents, aunt & bf, bro, gf & 2 kids and niece were supposed to join us so we booked 2 units of 2 bedrooms to accommodate everybody. In the end, only his parents and niece came. So it was kinda a waste. I was so geram and bengang because when we made the booking, semua orang kata nak datang. They only told my mil that they wont be joining on the day that they were coming which was friday. Sakit hati tak? Tapi in a way baguslah jugak sebab diorang kata diorang takde duit nak datang. Sbb kalau diorang datang jugak, takkanlah kitorang yang nak menanggung semua orang kan? Before anybody nak mengumpat, harap maklum yang kitorang ni walaupun bukan miskin tapi bukanlah jugak orang kaya. Kalau kaya, tidaklah sampai dekat 4 tahun tak balik Malaysia, kan? :P

So takpelah. Cukuplah parents dia and anak buah dia aje yang datang. Diorang aje yang penting. hehe. We took them to see the Ripley's Believe it or Not show and to the factory outlet that's located merely 5min drive from our apartment. Im very good in choosing even a timeshare, am i not? hahahhaha. Nobody else did any shopping but me. Not that I shopped tht much. At least not as much as I did before I got married but I got what I wanted. Perfume yang dah habis, guess sweater and a Nike tshirt that only cost 7.99. The tshirt was actually a boy's tshirt but it fits me so why not. I also managed to get something for the triplet and their baby brother because osh kosh was on sale. Cant wait to send it to them. ;)

Oh. There was also a golf tournament at Williamsburg when we were there. Too bad that neither of us are into golf. But it was the Michelob LPGA and I was told that some of the players were actually staying at Williamsburg Platation. Sigh.. if only I know how they look like I would def chase them down for an autograph or at least take a picture with them! :P

p.s Im so sorry for not being able to post any picture. I didn bring my card reader so I cant upload any picture. I wonder if I can upload picture fr my phone via bluetooth? The notebook and phone have bluetooth but I jus dont know how to do it. You dont need usb cord to do it, do you? If any of you have any idea, please let me know ok?

Monday, May 12, 2008

No Connection

Hi All

Sorry for havent been replying your comments or visiting your blogs. We were in Williamsburg over the weekend and as nice as our apartment is, it didnt come with wifi.

But we're back in Cheasepeake now and i will either write more tomorrow or start visiting your blogs or both.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying Continental CO1403 & 3224

Hello everybody. Just wanna let you guys know that we have arrived in VA. Safe and sound. My flight was surprisingly good. Yup, you heard me right. The truth is, it was amazing. I really feel like I was flying on MAS. Well, not tht I was served nasi lemak or anything like that but my snacks turned out to be cheese omelette, cut fruits, muffin and yogurt. Not too bad huh? I have to say that the air-hostesses did a very good job. They're all smiling and happy to serve. I was a happy camper and on the way out, I even told them that they were amazing. ;)

Anyways, here's the chronology of yesterday's event.

2a.m. - woke up
3a.m - left the apt
4a.m - reached car rent place, returned the car
4.20a.m - checking-in at Continental (very smooth and quick)
4.45a.m - walked to American Airline counter for Michael's flight (self check -in, check-in luggage, dropped luggage - all in different lines)
5.30a.m - entered the gate for my flight and Michael went to his
5.45a.m - bought latte and croissant from Starbuck and waited to be boarded
7a.m - departed fr LAX, took a short nap
8.30a.m - served snacks
9-11a.m (2pm eastern time) - drinks was offered
11.30a.m (2.30p.m est) - landed at EWR

The flight arrived 1 hr earlier than the 3.30 it was scheduled to arrive so I had enough time to walk around the Newark airport to find some cheesesteak for Michael before I had to board my next flight.

My flight to Norfolk on the other hand was rather difficult. Not that the service was bad or anything like that but because of the plane. Its the Q-400 and its rather small so you or in this case, I, felt each and every bumps, turns, drops and what-nots. It feels like going on a roller coaster at 10,000 feet. And you know how much love I have for height, right? I even shed a few tears a couple of times! How embarassing is that? I felt funny thinking about it now but yesterday, it was NOT funny at all. I was really terrified. :P Even when it landed it didnt land smoothly. It felt like the plane just dropped itself onto the tarmac. Geez! Thank god it was just an hour flight. I really dont think I can last too long being up that high on such a small plane. But I thank God that I survived the flight and arrived safely without throwing up!

To staff of CO1403 & 3224, once again, Thank You! You guys really made my day. ;)