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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chesapeake & Williamsburg, VA

Its been 2 weeks since we came here. The weather has been up and down. It was sunny the first 3-4 days and then the storm came. Pretty bad too. Lotsa trees fell and some areas were flooded. Well, VA is very 'watery'. Overall, I do like VA. Its greener, cleaner and they have nice houses in the suburb where most of them are by the water. Be it a lake, river or the sea. So you can imagine how serene the areas are. The problem is however, food. I would be so deprived if we were to live here.

There's also a lot of personalised license plate. I mean, A LOT! Through my observation, it seems like 1 in every 4-5 cars would carry a personalised plate. Lotsa doctors too. Well, when their plate says DR so and so, you can only guess that they're doctors, right? Yesterday though, when we were driving around while waiting for the japanese restaurant to open at 5pm (for my dinner), we saw 1 car with a license plate that you wouldn wanna be driving if you're a Malaysian. It says, 'KOTE & ME'! hehe. I told Michael what that word means in malay slang and he said, "Penis & Me. Yup, I wouldn wanna be using that plate!" Well, me neither. hahahhaa.

Anyways, last weekend we were at Williamsburg Plantation. We own a timeshare there that we bought in 2005 but have never used until now. His parents, aunt & bf, bro, gf & 2 kids and niece were supposed to join us so we booked 2 units of 2 bedrooms to accommodate everybody. In the end, only his parents and niece came. So it was kinda a waste. I was so geram and bengang because when we made the booking, semua orang kata nak datang. They only told my mil that they wont be joining on the day that they were coming which was friday. Sakit hati tak? Tapi in a way baguslah jugak sebab diorang kata diorang takde duit nak datang. Sbb kalau diorang datang jugak, takkanlah kitorang yang nak menanggung semua orang kan? Before anybody nak mengumpat, harap maklum yang kitorang ni walaupun bukan miskin tapi bukanlah jugak orang kaya. Kalau kaya, tidaklah sampai dekat 4 tahun tak balik Malaysia, kan? :P

So takpelah. Cukuplah parents dia and anak buah dia aje yang datang. Diorang aje yang penting. hehe. We took them to see the Ripley's Believe it or Not show and to the factory outlet that's located merely 5min drive from our apartment. Im very good in choosing even a timeshare, am i not? hahahhaha. Nobody else did any shopping but me. Not that I shopped tht much. At least not as much as I did before I got married but I got what I wanted. Perfume yang dah habis, guess sweater and a Nike tshirt that only cost 7.99. The tshirt was actually a boy's tshirt but it fits me so why not. I also managed to get something for the triplet and their baby brother because osh kosh was on sale. Cant wait to send it to them. ;)

Oh. There was also a golf tournament at Williamsburg when we were there. Too bad that neither of us are into golf. But it was the Michelob LPGA and I was told that some of the players were actually staying at Williamsburg Platation. Sigh.. if only I know how they look like I would def chase them down for an autograph or at least take a picture with them! :P

p.s Im so sorry for not being able to post any picture. I didn bring my card reader so I cant upload any picture. I wonder if I can upload picture fr my phone via bluetooth? The notebook and phone have bluetooth but I jus dont know how to do it. You dont need usb cord to do it, do you? If any of you have any idea, please let me know ok?


Anonymous said...

err u switch on both bluetooth and then connect to transfer? *matiler buta IT tapi nak try ajar org jugak nehhh!* hihii

takpela shopping sikit2 pon ok dahh, bagi lepas geramm! :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, i wonder who gets 'vag1na n me' for his/her license plate.

ok seriously, japanese food is the closest you get to a malaysian food there. i wouldnt push it, especially being so far away from home. at least they have the gyu don, or the ten don...anything dons bcos from my understanding it means rice. still, i could be wrong.

Kak Teh said...

hahaha! i love the personalised license plate AND the fact that you tukar guna bahasa melayu bila nak cakap pasal orang yang tak datang tu!
Sounds like you're having fun.

Raden Galoh said...

Hi Farina...

You sounded you have fun there...hmmm shopping retail therapy kan...

Dulu masa kat OHIO we witnessed personalized license plates ni...bebudak mesia ni kan letak DUIT lah LIPAS lah... bab DUIT tu boleh lah faham bab Lipas tu...hmmmm musykil...

take care.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Lily, i still dunno how to do it. hahah.

Kerp, aiyoh. i doubt the dmv here will allow such word for the license plate. :P yup, the japanese food was the closest and i finished the whole thing. fr rice to soup to salad to teh unagi. yummy!

Kak Teh, issue sensitive camtu kenalah tukar ke bahasa melayu. hahaha. Its kinda fun here except for the food. Cant wait to go home tho. ;)

RG, agaknya lipas tu for lipas kudung kot? taulah msian/asian bila dah kat US ni since cars are cheaper, kalau boleh memanjang nak guna sports car kan?

natrah said...


hah lama nyer tak nmpk you...takde internet eh..sian.takpe nnti balik umah u can upload all the photos ek..yg I tau kalau nk transfer apa2 from phone to pc guna bluetooth cuma on both bluetooth then bila phone you dah detact ur laptop then click je kat transfer tu...but i pun buta IT..hehehhe selalu hubby buat :p

pssst:syok nyerr boleh personalised plate tu...errr i nk letak DR apa ek?hihihii berangan sat lah...
ok u hv a great day there ok...err bila nk balik?

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
You missing Calif already? Before you rush back, let me tell you that yesterday, today and tommorrow have been /will be 100 + degrees in Burbank. You guys pun sama in O.C.:((
Glad to know that you're having some fun in Virginia.

Cat Cat said...

Too bad we can't make it to VA Beach this weekend... Hubby still not in the best of mood.. Papa's health is still uncertain - kejap ok, kejap x ok... Leceh betul.

Glad you had fun in "Virginia For Lovers." It's indeed a very nice state to live in - especially VA Beach area.

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

Enjoy your break and I think it was a blessing when 'diorang tak datang'. :)

Wow.. you are near a factory outlet. When I was driving from San Antonio to Austin, I saw a huge outlet mall on the way. Gosh! the brand names were just splattered all over. Wished I could have stopped there but it was getting dark and I needed to get Patricia and myself to our destination. Good thing too or I would have an unnecessary bill on my hands now. haha

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Dear Farina
I am fascinated at your description of the place, B & I hv never step foot in that continent, thus everything we read is helpful to us when we actually get to visit it someday. Glad u are having a ball there with the family. Thought it was wise of you to get a time share. Thanks for sharing with us your stories, very interesting lah. Look forward to pictures when u can upload them ; )

I Cook4Fun said...

Glad you are having a good time in VA :) So are you going to drive up to Washington DC. Is not too far from VA. I think the person who drive the car with that license plate have to be a Japanese :)

barbara said...

Hi Farina,
Hows life ? It sounds like you are having some good times in Williamsburg.I'am glad that you could find a Japanese retaurant for you.I know how important food can be.

Sorry that you did'nt get more family out to see you guys.That is a shame, since you live faraway, and it a chance to visit.Ohh; I don't sound Malay but everytime someone is mad/upset, the mother language feels better !! he he :)

OK; at least you get to spoil yourself with shopping! Factory outlets are cheaper.I agree; take advantage.

You can just share photos when you return home. No problem.

Have fun and take care.

een said...

really funny the plate..hahah..byk la tu shopinnye..nak2 rege murah lak kan..mesti mabuks nyela..

Yatie_T said...

that was pretty funny... I wouldn't drive a car with that license plate :)

Hehehe.... a good thing about not teaching hubby to speak your language.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Nat, i dah cuba on kan both of them tapi stil my notebook tak dpt detect. gave up oredi. lol. For ur plate, letak DR Glamer ajelah Nat. ;)

kl_gal, its tht hot in socal? aiyoh, memang sah all my plants mati like this. :(

Cath, yelah too bad the timing was not right for us to meet up. We went to VA Beach on sat. it was hot but the wind was cool.

JT, memang baguspun diorang tak datang. hehe. too bad u & patricia didn get to stop at the outlet. but there's always next time. ;)

Mush, thank u. I do like VA because of their greenery. Its the food yg buat i tak sabar nak balik. lol. I thinks its not bad if theres a kitchen. The time share was quite tricky. he actually wanted to sell it before since we dont really kno how it works. i buat dunno aje n keep paying the maint fee & mship. nasib baik i did tht. ;)

Gert, takdemasa nak drive up to anywhere. we'r leaving on thu and he stil has classes mon-thu. Why did u say it must be japanese? wht does it mean?

Barbara, ur right. Some tings are better said in the mother tongue. lol. I love outlet coz i get to save. Hubby tho have diff mentality. he'd rather pay full price rather than go the distance. sigh..

Een, memang some things are so cheap while others are stil expensive. kena tau the value if not tak pasal2 bayar full price.

Yatie, ada a few words aje yg dia tau sbb dia taknak belajar our language. nasib dialah. :P

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thank u for visiting one of my blog..

Yatie_T said...

are you home yet? :P

Salt & Turmeric said...

Hi Deana, welcome to my blog. I like ur cupcakes. theyr pretty. ;)

yatie, today my flight is at 6pm. Midnite baru sampai lax.

Yaty Yasir said...

Salaam Farina! Thank you for visiting my "rumah maya" :). Senang bisa berteman dengan saudara serumpun jauh di rantau. Saya selalu senang dapat kawan baru... biarpun pernah dapat pengalaman tak enak disangka "maid" (disangkanya suamiku is "majikan" saya, hee hee) oleh satu keluarga Malaysia not so long ago di sini :).

We lived in Alexandria (VA) then moved to Maryland (first Rockville then 3 months ago we moved in Bethesda - just 10 min drive from the Washington DC border). We loved it here. I am so sorry that you didn't find any restoran Melayu when you're in "town" (consider the whole area - DC metro: northern virginia, maryland, and DC). Actually there are many stores and restaurant that will satisfy our perut Melayu (hehehe... trust me, I can't live with my Nasi and lauk pauknya!) in here. In fact, only about 5 min drive from where we live now there's Malaysian Restaurant called PENANG... which is now become one of our (I and David - my "bule" significant half) favorite dining place. Please, next time you're in town, give us a call... and let us (my husband is a food adventurer/lover! and yes, he knows every good place to eat in this area!) show you around. It'd be fun!

Glad to found you, sista! Take care and have a great weekend! Salam kenal sekali lagi dari saya sekeluarga *hugs*

Salt & Turmeric said...

Salam Yaty, terima kasih kerana mengunjungi rumah ku. ;) Im so sorry for the incident in msia. Some ppl just jump to conclusion. ignorant. :P

I had tough time in VA. I wasnt really looking for a malay restaurant since i kno there's none but the restaurant in general dont have good food. Thank god for the japanese restaurant whc was quite decent. lol. Insayallah next time we are in VA, we cud meet up.

U take care too and be safe in the kitchen. lol. jangan marah ya, gurau aje. ;)

Yaty Yasir said...

Hee hee... Farina, we got our new range yesterday. It's sitting in the living room (which is still kosong no furniture. LOL) waiting for some technician to come to hook it up tomorrow, insya Allah. Oh, I can't wait to start cooking again. It was such a pain to eat out all this time (plus it's totemo takaaai to dine out!).

Btw, in (Colonnial) Williamsburg there are two favorite restaurants that I and David love: The Trellis and Blue Talon! Blue Talon is a small but cozy bistro and their food is oh my oh my!!! sooo yummy! We highly recommend you to try their desserts too! :). Can't wait to go back there again.

Eh, today for dinner we ate at Penang Malaysian Restaurant. As usual, David got his fave roti canai and teh tarik (sudah jadi perut melayu juga dia! hahaha) and I got tofu and seafood in lobster sauce. Enaaaaaaak!!! For sure, give us a call when you're around ye... Hugs and have a great week, sista!

Br. David said...

Mmmmm my yummy Roti Canai and Teh Tarik.

FYI: Personalized plates in VA only cost $10 a year! That's why there are so many...

Salt & Turmeric said...

Yaty, congrats on the new stove! I kno wht u mean by eating out. I cant do it either unless im in msia. hehe. when we were in williamsburg, i made some chicken briyani for myself. i brought some rice and briyani mix fr CA coz i know i wont survive eating pasta/pizza/western food for 3 weeks! hehe.

David, u can also find frozen roti prata kawan brand fr the halal store. it tastes good almost like the real thing. wrt the personalised plate, no wonder theyr everywhere. 10/year is so cheap!