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Monday, May 12, 2008

No Connection

Hi All

Sorry for havent been replying your comments or visiting your blogs. We were in Williamsburg over the weekend and as nice as our apartment is, it didnt come with wifi.

But we're back in Cheasepeake now and i will either write more tomorrow or start visiting your blogs or both.



Munira said...

Woo hoo! She's back!

Salt & Turmeric said...

lol. yes i am. ;) how was ur exam? When r u heading back to Msia?

zewt said...

travelling is always good eh?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i swear i've never heard of this place called cheasepeake. how do you pronounce it btw? as in, cheese-peak?

Salt & Turmeric said...

Zewt, travelling is better when hubby doesn have to work. lol.

Kerp, its pronounced as 'chess-sa-peak'. lotsa weird names here in the US. ;)

Yatie_T said...

Welcome back, Farina. Can't wait to read more of your post.

Pi Bani said...

Lotsa weird names in US? Hey, in Perak alone lots of weird names oso... dinding, lumut, pusing, parit (langgar dinding banyak lumut, pusing masuk parit... hehehe...)

barbara said...

Hi Farina,
No postings on vacation means, err... that you are enjoying yourself ! Even if your hubby is busy, I think that you have had time to step out in time.
I'am looking forward to hearing your travel stories later.

Have fun :)

Mat Salo said...

Quick! Who's this by..

We met in a bar
Out on Chesapeake Bay
With her white patent boots
And her blouse red n lame
A table top dancer
She would smile on cue....
Those lips of an angel
Angel in blue...

I really dug this song by the J.Geils Band back in the early 80's.

Brought back memories.. he..

een said... enjoy ur trip huh? me too, just got back fr hols in melb..
still in hols mood..

Salt & Turmeric said...

yatie, not quite balik lagi. stil in va. hehe.

pi, got place called pusing meh? biar betul?

Barb, truth is, i didn have my card reader so thts why i havent post anything abt the trip yet. and i just stayed in the room when he's at 'work'. lol.

Mat Salo, sape pulak J.giels band tu? lol.

Een, i tau u gi holiday kat melbourne. best tak shopping?

PEARLY said...

don't worry will be still here waiting for your return and read you holiday post and picture :P

take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pi Bani said...

Sis, betui le, tak tipu punya... from Ipoh, if you go to Parit, you'll pass by a small town called Pusing. That's why we always joke... dah pusing, tu pasal masuk parit!

Anyway, mana gambar-gambar cuti you? Gambar muka kecut perut you masa naik place kecik ada? ;)

een said...

best?nak juling bijik mata dibuatnye k.farina..but then x leh nak celen ngan US..mesti lg murah regenye kan?

Salt & Turmeric said...

pearly, hopefully il be able to upload the pics next week. :)

Pi, gambar dlm small plane kecut perut takde sbb kitorang kan naik diff flights. nasib baik jugaklah sbb i dun think i wanna show tht to everybody. :P

Een, tak jugak. kat sini some american brand memang murah but some are not. and some pulak letak all the ugly stuff. so kena pandai2lah.