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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can't Believe It's 2011 Already!

2010 came and went. Time sure fly faster nowadays. Or maybe because I turned 40 last year so time seemed to go faster for me. But a lot of things happened in 2010. For one, I finally get to go back home to Malaysia after 6 years living in the US. Yup, ever since we got married, we never had the chance to go back so I was really looking forward to seeing my family and celebrating Ramadhan and Eidul Fitr with my family. But things didn't turn out quite the way that I was expecting it. Just because I was excited in seeing my sibling and their families to celebrate Eid together, does not mean the excitement would be mutual. That I will never forget. But I am glad I get to spend time with my mom and seeing my nieces and nephews. It is sad that I don't get to see them grow up except through skype. Unless I get to persuade my little brother Rizal and his wife Fara to come visit with the kids. Hah!
250x250 Guoman Spring SaleAnyways, now we are already in 2011. A new year and hopefully a better year too. God's willing, we don't have to wait another 6years before we go back to Malaysia again.