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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


3 more days before Virginia. Not for a holiday but for work. He's got to attend a course there and Im just tagging along. It sucks though coz we'l be flying separately since his tickets are bought by his employer and they can only buy the ticket through their system and for me to take the same flight, would cost us a bomb. So I would have to fly an hr earlier and arrived about an hr later than his flight. Sigh..

The total flying hours would be about 7hrs with 1 flight change (45min window, pls pray tht il make it!). There would be (supposedly) snack served during the first leg of the flight (going only, none on the returning flight). Now, this would only be my 2nd time flying domestic in the US. The first time was fr PA to FL and no meal was served. I think they only served orange juice. So im not really sure what to expect for this 'snack'. Im a Malaysian. Snack to me can be anything from ro ti canai to kuih to nasi lemak! lol. Rita however advised me to pack my own lunch which im sooooo gonna do since I cant be hungry for a longtime. Il get very cranky and flying alone would definitely not help. I really dont plan of getting myself into the breaking news as, "the Malaysian lady who went amok for being hungry during a flight". :P But I do wonder what kinda utensil should I bring? Is plastic fork or wooden chopstick ok to be brought into the flight? I cant imagine eating with my hand on the plane and dont worry, I dont plan of doing it either.

Now, 7hrs of flying time is not considered short by any standard. It is like flying from KL to Perth or HK (I think). Before coming here, never could I imagine flying that long without being served a full meal AND a snack. There would even be free flow of drink if you're into drinking while flying. But that's asian airlines. We are guaranteed food if the flight is more than 2hrs. Even then some ppl would complaint non-stop about the quality of the food. Those ppl should come here and fly domestically! Cakap banyak. :P

I have to say that we, Malaysian, are so spoilt that sometimes we dont know or refused to appreciate what we have. The mentality that anything Malaysian must be off lesser quality and that the grass is always greaner on the other side makes me sick to the stomach. Please forgive me for my rantings but this trip somehow makes me sad. I really wanna go home but belum ada rezeki. I hope we'll have a good and safe trip and I will try to blog from there to keep you guys updated.

Now iv gotta go and check what's the weather is going to be like overthere.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Moonlight & Something to Ponder About

Its Friday and after waiting for god knows how long, 1 of my favourite show is coming back tonight. Moonlight. As always, I tend to like investigative type shows and Moonlight is one with a twist. Yes, of course he has to be good looking. (heheh) All of the shows has good looking guys except for Monk, that is. lol.

Anyways, Moonlight is about Mick St. John, an immortal vampire and private investigator. (So you can guess what kind of an investigator he is. ;) ) Throughout the show, you'l be going back and forth between the past and present.

Just click on the link and you'll be able to watch the series. And please dont hate me because I like watching vampires series. :P

On another note, here's what I found on the internet today. 2 families in Hawaii are going to court to settle their son's fight over David Becham's jersey! Can you believe this sh*t? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Both parents are stupids! Please read abt Stupid Parents. I wonder if they do go to court and incur thousand of dollars of bills, would they somehow try and sue Beckham for that money too? Im not surprised if that happens. This is a country where suing is like a full-time job for some people or a hobby.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(Used-to-be) Planet Pluto

Dont ask me why but last night I suddenly remembered reading somewhere about Pluto not being a planet anymore or is gone. So I told Michael about it. He apparently didnt know about it either and since I cant really remember what actually happen, the conversation were pretty funny. There was, "is it gone from the solar system?", "shouldnt it be big news if Pluto suddenly disappear?", "did it explode?" and so on. I then told him that I would google 'what happen to Pluto?' tomorrow (that's today lah).

So, google it I did today. And I was right. Well, partly at least. Pluto is still there. 2 years ago on Aug 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded Pluto from a full-fledged planet to a dwarf planet. Why they call it dwarf planet, I have no idea. But I think its absurd since we have dwarf human and if we take into account the IAU's definition, then its like saying the dwarf are not full-fledged human being. Ridiculous no?

Its not that im losing sleep over it but when you grew up knowing there are 9 planets and suddenly there are 8, you'd think about it every now and then.

Anyways, they (IAU) came up with a new definition and 3 criteria before its worthy to be called a planet. Those 3 criterias are:

1. It must orbit the Sun,
2. It must be large enough, and therefore have enough gravity to assume a round shape,
3. It must be the dominant force in its “neighborhood,” with no other objects nearby

Poor Pluto. It is not large enough to join the other siblings in the solar system thus getting itself outcasted, downgraded and kicked out of the (big-boys) planet club. Sounds familiar?

Friday, April 18, 2008

How Picky is your Spouse with Food? and gas price update

Have I ever mentioned how picky Michael is with food? As a general rule of thumb, he practically eats any ground meat base food. Burger, hotdogs, spaghetti, meatloaf etc. He doesnt really like asian food since they dont really satisfy his hunger. Just like most of us asian/Malaysian who sometimes would look for an asian food even after eating a huge western meal.

But as much as he likes hotdog, he only eats the regular size hotdog from Oscar Mayer. They have bun-sized and bigger size hot-dogs which is a big no-no for him. When it comes to beef stew, it has to be from Dinty Moore. Once (before I knew how picky an eater he is) I made beef stew but he wont even eat it! Yup. He likes the taste of processed and msg-ed food. Now. Before any of you start saying, "processed food is not good" to me, let me clarify here that I tried changing the food to a healthier version but he is the type who would just not eat it if he doesnt like it. He's not like you and me who would just eat whatever is available. No maam! He told me that when he was a young boy, he slept in the kitchen on his kitchen chair by the kitchen table because his mom told him that, "you're not going anywhere until you finish your food"! Now, you dont expect ME to do that to him, do you? :P

He also doesn like seafood. But sometimes I do add some in something that he likes. Usually it will be my cekodok. He loves cekodok. If there's 1 Msian food that he asked me to make, cekodok is the 1. So a couple of times I added some anchovies (the small ones) or chopped prawns and he just ate them. He even said they were good. I of course didnt tell him abt the anchovies or the prawns. hehe. Well, they'r good for him and he's not allergy to them. He just doesnt like them for the sake of not liking them. Boleh? lol.

Last but not least, (you guys are so gonna love this!) he would not eat a 'deformed' food. You know sometimes when you bought the frozen chicken nuggets from the store and some of them are bound to be broken or chipped or something? He will not eat them! If im not around, he'd just throw them away. The same thing goes with hotdogs. They tend to break if you overcook or over heated them and for that, they're deemed 'deformed' and therefore not to be eaten by him.

This entry is not in any way a complain entry. I just thought that his eating habit is hilarious and worth sharing with my friends. How can I be angry when I asked him, " Did you finish all 4 of the hotdogs, Honey?" and his reply is something like this, "I ate 3. 1 was deformed so I threw it away"! Aaahhh.. I so love my husband.


This week gas price is at 3.78/gallon. :(((

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring & A Taste of Summer

Can you see the bird?

He hates shaving and this is 1 of those days :P

Yes, im fat now. :P

Its only the beginning of spring but we'v had a taste of wht summer is going to be like over the weekend. The temperatures was as high as 102F. Our apartment's a/c is still not working even after 2 yrs of complaining to the office. So what did we do? We decided to hang out at the pool and have some bbq! ;)

I woke up early so I can marinate the chicken for at least 4hrs before grilling them. Did 2 loads of laundry. Pack some hotdogs, burgers, buns and all the utensils needed for grilling. As some of you already know, I do not swim. But I still like to 'dress' for the occasion. Yes, for someone who cant swim, I still buy a new swimsuit every year. hahaha. So there I was in my swimsuit, sarung, sandal, big hat and big sunglasses ala-jlo bbq-ing by the pool under the hot sun. The bbq pits were/are always dirty. They dont provide you with the metal brush to clean them so we always make sure we bring the aluminium foil to cover the grill before we even use them.

Being a Sunday and a hot day, the pool was packed with other ppl from the apartments especially with kids. One of the rare occassions where you realise how many ppl actually live in this apartment. lol. We didnt stay tht long since there were more and more ppl coming to the pool. Michael only had a dip while me, I didn even touch the water. hehe.

Anyways, from today until at least the weekend, the weather is supposedly going back to around mid 60s. Yup, weather in SoCal can be pretty crazy. A 30 degree drop within 3 days.

P.s. Those pics were actually taken 2 weeks ago on a weekday thus the pool looked empty. I forgot to bring the camera on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gas Price - Update

Sigh.. after almost 2 months at 3.45/gallon, the price is now cost more than 3.60/gallon. As of yesterday, it costs 3.63/gallon. Mind you, this is the cheapest kind at the cheapest gas station. Thank god our car does not require the expensive type of gasoline. :P

Looks like we might not have to wait for summer before we have to start forking out a lot more moolah to fill up the tank. Hybrid car or diesel sounds soooo good right now but getting yourself a hybrid is not cheap.

How much does it cost in your area? Share with me ok?


Monday, April 7, 2008

Guarding Buckingham Palace

1 of the places that I really want to go in the UK is the Buckingham Palace. And I know Im not alone. Its not just the fact that that's where Queen E II lives but the guard changing procession itself is a show of its own that you must see. At least, that's what I keep hearing from those who have been there.

So when I read this on TheStar Online, I cant help but feel very proud. They are expected to start their duty on April 18 until June 12 this year. So if you are planning of visiting the palace during that time, you might see a Malaysian from the Royal Malay Regiment guarding it! How cool is that?

Malaysia is the fourth commonwealth nation after Canada, Australia and Jamaica to be given the honour to perform the Public Duties.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hollywood, LA

So after almost 2 years living in SoCal, Michael finally get to see the Walk of Fame and the famous Kodak Theater. Our friend Leland, who works in LA decided to take us there Saturday before Easter. It was a rather hot day so we didn really walk that much. Not that Michael likes to walk anyway. Kutuk hubby sendiri, boleh kan? hahahha. (ish kena mintak ampun dari hubby ni. nanti tak masuk syurga pulak)

Anyways, of all the stars, I picked MJ's for us to have this shot. Michael, who was not a fan of him kept thinking (he told me abt it) why MJ??? heheh yes I am so bad. I 'heart' MJ despite all the bad news. I think he's still 1 of the best performers around.

Do you think you can guess which one shoes/feet are mine? Sorry, no gift on who can guess it right though. ;)

For the rest of the pictures, you can go to my fotopages. hehehe. I cant stop laughing while writing this post. Somehow rasa macam evil pulak.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's Going On?

Can anyone think of an 8 or 9 or even 10 yr old as anything else but cute, sweet and innocent child?

When we see a group of kids that age, we'd think that they're talking about kid stuffs and whatever else but definitely not plotting a crime. Right? So when exactly does the violent trait starts? And the big Q is why? Im sorry if im making you confused but i promise you, there's a reason for it which you'll know once you've got passed the red paragraghs to the story attached.

When someone commit a crime, their childhood stories would almost always come out too. Its just human nature to try to rationalise everything. Maybe they were abused. Maybe the parents were too busy working/earning money to support the family thus didn pay enough attention to them or take them for holidays. Maybe the parents got divorced so their lives are screwed up. And so many other stories. So I really would like to know what's wrong with these kids in the story below.

An excerpt from reuters.
Nine-year-olds plotted to tie up, hurt teacher

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Nine-year-olds at a school in the U.S. state of Georgia brought a broken steak knife, handcuffs and electrical tape to school in a plot to injure their teacher, authorities said on Tuesday.

Teachers at Center Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia, uncovered the plot on Friday when a pupil reported that a child in the third grade had brought a weapon into the school.

"The plan was to handcuff the teacher, put tape over her mouth and hit her over the head with the paperweight and possibly cut her," said Lt. Duane Caswell of Waycross police, adding that some students said the knife was simply there to cut the tape.

To read the rest of the story, please go here and here or you can google for the story.