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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring & A Taste of Summer

Can you see the bird?

He hates shaving and this is 1 of those days :P

Yes, im fat now. :P

Its only the beginning of spring but we'v had a taste of wht summer is going to be like over the weekend. The temperatures was as high as 102F. Our apartment's a/c is still not working even after 2 yrs of complaining to the office. So what did we do? We decided to hang out at the pool and have some bbq! ;)

I woke up early so I can marinate the chicken for at least 4hrs before grilling them. Did 2 loads of laundry. Pack some hotdogs, burgers, buns and all the utensils needed for grilling. As some of you already know, I do not swim. But I still like to 'dress' for the occasion. Yes, for someone who cant swim, I still buy a new swimsuit every year. hahaha. So there I was in my swimsuit, sarung, sandal, big hat and big sunglasses ala-jlo bbq-ing by the pool under the hot sun. The bbq pits were/are always dirty. They dont provide you with the metal brush to clean them so we always make sure we bring the aluminium foil to cover the grill before we even use them.

Being a Sunday and a hot day, the pool was packed with other ppl from the apartments especially with kids. One of the rare occassions where you realise how many ppl actually live in this apartment. lol. We didnt stay tht long since there were more and more ppl coming to the pool. Michael only had a dip while me, I didn even touch the water. hehe.

Anyways, from today until at least the weekend, the weather is supposedly going back to around mid 60s. Yup, weather in SoCal can be pretty crazy. A 30 degree drop within 3 days.

P.s. Those pics were actually taken 2 weeks ago on a weekday thus the pool looked empty. I forgot to bring the camera on Sunday.


Akmal said...

Salt & turmeric,
BBQ? Waah, that must be fun.
I don't swim much because I am not good at it, but I still enjoy being in the water.
Enjoy your summer :)

Zue Murphy said...

102? Wow! That is very hot. I am glad the temp in your place is going back to 60's. My place still 32 in the am and about 50 during the day. Tonight, they are calling for freezing night.

Cat Cat said...

Ingatkan kat Richmond, 80F dah warm enough.. Mak aaiiii.. 102F?
Ini dah cam dalam oven, babe... Hehe.

Nightwing said...

That is indeed hot.

If i were staying there, a lot of sleveless shirt already...cause can't stand the heat...:)

Rita Ho said...

Lovely swimming outfit! Is the water in the pool cooling if you were to take a dip? The weather here is on the other extreme of crazy. Snow is in the forecast from Sat-Tues!!

Pi Bani said...

What? You're fat now? Still got room for more flesh lah... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

fat kat mana tu akak oiii

belajar la berenang sis, tu cikgu michael kan adaaa hihi

natrah said...


ya lah where's your fat?hehehhehe slim la tu..

may I tak swim coz tak nak ke tak tau swim...I mmg mcm batu kalau jatuh dalam air...tenggelam!

Salt & Turmeric said...

Akmal, bbq is fun but since its hard to control the fire adalah yg burnt. lol.

Zue, weekend memang panas giler. Nasib baik we'r not in burbank or lake elsinore. lagilah panas!

Cath, weather memang giler sikit kat sini. panas giler on weekend and now dah ok balik.

Nightwing, yes thts why a lot of ppl lepaking at the pool or went for a run. those crazy ppl! lol!

Rita, thanks.;) Well, according to Michael, the water was cold so lagilah i taknak masuk pool. U guys are STILL getting snow? ouch!

Pi, yes im fat now and i think getting fatter too.

Lily, tak bolehlah belajar fr him. He doesn kno how to teach. Nnati i sakit hati. lol.

nat, i tak swim bcoz i cant. I can float on my back but cant swim. pelik kan?

Yatie_T said...

Wow 102F, that's really hot. Kat Florida sekarang ni in the 50'sF, yesterday morning in the 60'sF. Sejuk babe.

Farina, if you think you're fat.... think again because I am fatter than you. I am like the size of a house! lol

PEARLY said...

you look great .
lucky you so hot now wish I were there UK still very cold . miss the sun .
BBQ love it .... is so nice to chili out and have bbq on a hot summer day .

Daphne Ling said...

You call that fat, Kak Farina?!?!?!?

zewt said...

takde gemuk la...

Salt & Turmeric said...

Yatie, memang panas over the weekend. now dah ok sikit. eh u baru dpt baby so oklah tu. ;)

Pearly, uk also still cold is it? yes, love bbq tho i wish i cud have lamb chop or something. hehe.

Daphne, yes i call this FAT. :P

Zewt, betul. memang gemuk. :P

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Farina, thanks for dropping by my blog. No you're not fat, wait till you see me!

Munira said...

That is so not fat, ok!

Haha I know what you mean about collecting bathing suits. I have a collection of swimsuits and bikini lying around, tak pakai-pakai lagi.

Scotland is still cold with its frosty wind this time of the year. Bah!

I Cook4Fun said...

Wah, 102F is really hot. Kalau I even tak tahu swim I will still dip in the pool :) By the way what do you think the weather will be like in June. Carlos and I plan to go there :)

barbara said...

Hi Farina,
Thank you for stopping over my blog.
Wow!! You guys are sizzling in South Cali!
I have family in San Diego, and I
imagine that they are going through too.
Over here,can't wear tank tops yet... it's still chilly near Paris.

Salt & Turmeric said...

hi Emila, ur welcome. i visited ur other blog too tho i dont really understand it. lol.

Munira, when i have to look for size m instead of xs, wht else cud tht mean if not tht im fat now? huhu. u pun buat collection jugak ye. hehe. eh does it get hot at all in scotland?

gert, memang panas but now dah back to normal. iv answered ur q in ur blog. ;)

hi Barbara. SD is usually colder than us so i think they didn get the high temp like we did. so europe in general is still cold ya?

Munira said...

Hahah they may call this the sunniest city in Scotland, but what they didn't tell you is that it's bloody cold no matter what! Sunny yalah sunny, but the chilly wind... brrrr! Well it does get warm, but still too cold to swim (there's a beach nearby). My friend told me that last summer was really crappy - they only had a maximum of three sunny days... the most of them time it was wet and miserable.

Salt & Turmeric said...

ahh.. so, sunny yet cold?is it possible to get sunburnt? sorrylah ye if the q sounds stupid. lol. but it sounds like Seattle to me where its alwayyyyss rain and cold.

Munira said...

I think yes, it's quite possible to get sunburnt, cold or not, as long as the sun is bright. :) The weather condition was not very kind to my skin when I first got here. Broke out habis-habisan. Sigh.

Emila Yusof said...

Lol Farina! Which part you don't understand? My grammar? Haha...mind me, I only got C3 in English. Or was it the content? Basically, the other side of emila ( is a place where I jot my angers down. While the official one, is all about art.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, skin breakout? yikes. luckily i dont really have ay problem except tht my skin will get very very itchy when the weather is dry/cold.

Emila, haha. i tak faham the content. maklumlah i ni bukan faham bab2 arts ni. neither do i understand the IT stuff. lol.

Ms eNVy said...

looking good dear! .. I'll take the heat any time over the cold and wet weather we are having here! ..

Mat Salo said...

Hmm... not fat, dear. Voluptuous is more like it. Looks like you're all set to assault the Californian summer. Wear plenty of sunscreen and grab your bike (you do ride, don't you?) Now with gas hitting $4-a-gal it's a great excuse not to turn that ignition on - unless you're going to the supermarket for more weiners...heh.

JT's here.. so when are YOU letting us roll out the carpet, eh?

P.S. Too bad it'll be a long time before moonlight hits our shores! :((

Salt & Turmeric said...

MS, tembam is more like it. lol. no i dont ride. His bike now bersidai kat balcony for 2 yrs already. U guys gotta keep tht pink carpet in the storage for the time being. hehe.

why wait for it when u can watch all the shows on the internet. now very easy coz they let u watch the whole thing online whc i sometimes do if i missed any show. ;)