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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(Used-to-be) Planet Pluto

Dont ask me why but last night I suddenly remembered reading somewhere about Pluto not being a planet anymore or is gone. So I told Michael about it. He apparently didnt know about it either and since I cant really remember what actually happen, the conversation were pretty funny. There was, "is it gone from the solar system?", "shouldnt it be big news if Pluto suddenly disappear?", "did it explode?" and so on. I then told him that I would google 'what happen to Pluto?' tomorrow (that's today lah).

So, google it I did today. And I was right. Well, partly at least. Pluto is still there. 2 years ago on Aug 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded Pluto from a full-fledged planet to a dwarf planet. Why they call it dwarf planet, I have no idea. But I think its absurd since we have dwarf human and if we take into account the IAU's definition, then its like saying the dwarf are not full-fledged human being. Ridiculous no?

Its not that im losing sleep over it but when you grew up knowing there are 9 planets and suddenly there are 8, you'd think about it every now and then.

Anyways, they (IAU) came up with a new definition and 3 criteria before its worthy to be called a planet. Those 3 criterias are:

1. It must orbit the Sun,
2. It must be large enough, and therefore have enough gravity to assume a round shape,
3. It must be the dominant force in its “neighborhood,” with no other objects nearby

Poor Pluto. It is not large enough to join the other siblings in the solar system thus getting itself outcasted, downgraded and kicked out of the (big-boys) planet club. Sounds familiar?


Munira said...

Pluto kena buli :P

Nightwing said...

Poor Pluto.

Not sure why they come out 'definitions' of what a planet is.

There is saying (not sure where i got it from)..."the more you know, the less you know".

Scientist will come out with answers and with the answer given, there will be another set of questions.

een said...

really? poor pluto...
r u working overthere

natrah said...

Dwarf planet??ishhh mcm2 la diorang ni kan..sian kat pluto tu dah le kecik..kena buli la pulakkk

Psssst:camana I nk send resepi cheesecake ni...senang sgt tau,I prepare 15 minit je b4 masuk oven..guna cheese yg slice tu je sbb kat tempat I ni(Baling) mana nak cari cheese yg canggih2 tu..

Akmal said...

Really, it feels weird having that planet suddenly excluded from the list, when you grew up with the fact. They actually added another 2 planets in the list if I am not mistaken, but I can't be sure.

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

Don't you worry about Pluto, Mickey and Donald will walk up the UN to demand the status back! Er...we are talking about the dog in Disney, aren't we? :)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, yup. big time! lol.

NW, or was it the more u kno, the confused ul get? hehe.

Een, u pun tak tau ye? hehe. btw, im a fulltime hsewife. ;)

Nat, biasalah. kalau dah kecik tu, mesti kena buli. lol. i dah left my email add on ur blog. u guna cheese slice to kan? i ni pun bukan pandai guna yg canggih2 tu.

Akmal, ada 2 new ones is it? tak tau pulak bab tu.

CA, haha. i knew someone wud be saying something abt pluto the dog. :P

Cat Cat said...

Cath tak peduli... Pluto still is a planet in my book. My poor PLUTO... Huhuh.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hello there, finally had time to visit your other blog (this one), i came across something about Pluto yesterday and thx for confirming my suspicions about it! Thx for sharing this info babe ; ) Hv blog rolled both your blogs add.
Keep up your witty and informative writing, i will keep coming back for more. Big hugs from belgium. Mush

Salt & Turmeric said...

Cath, same here. pluto tetap planet di hati ku. haha.

Hi Mush and welcome. u pun tiba2 teringat kat pluto ke? haha. tht so funny. tq for adding me to ur blog and selalu2 lah singgah ke rumah i yg kecik ni ok. ;)