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Monday, April 7, 2008

Guarding Buckingham Palace

1 of the places that I really want to go in the UK is the Buckingham Palace. And I know Im not alone. Its not just the fact that that's where Queen E II lives but the guard changing procession itself is a show of its own that you must see. At least, that's what I keep hearing from those who have been there.

So when I read this on TheStar Online, I cant help but feel very proud. They are expected to start their duty on April 18 until June 12 this year. So if you are planning of visiting the palace during that time, you might see a Malaysian from the Royal Malay Regiment guarding it! How cool is that?

Malaysia is the fourth commonwealth nation after Canada, Australia and Jamaica to be given the honour to perform the Public Duties.


zewt said...

really not sure if i should be proud...

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

In jest:

Oh dear, the RMR? Do you know how the Guards stay rigid for hours on end while on duty? With the thin RMR fabric and in dead winter, I can just imagine a tourist saying "Hey! This Guard is frozen solid!"

Salt & Turmeric said...

and why is tht Zewt? if canadian, australian and jamaican can do it, why not msian? thts like saying msian accountant are not as good as others, dont u think?

CA, since theyr gonna be there fr apr-june, i think they shud be ok. if the spring weather stays spring lah. lol.

Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda interesting. I had no idea we do regiment exchange. I'll go check it out when I go down to London... most likely either end of this month or end of next month after finals.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, me neither thts why i tot it was cool. ;) eh how far away are u fr london? and if u go, hehe u knolah. take some pic ok?

Kak Teh said...

well, the rmr was invited by the General in chief Sir Richard Dannat when he went to malaysia last year.he was very impressed with their performance. It is a kind of ceremonial duties, and am proud of them. They did very well and impressed a lot of people. Yes, soldiers from canada, jamaica and australia had done it.

Anonymous said...

i was there on 18th april, the date which the army pr said that the public duties would start. takde pun, baru last week start. frust betul.

proud? i think we have every right to be proud.

your ol' dungun college mate

Salt & Turmeric said...

Kak Teh, thanks for the pics. ;)

Rusihan my fren. how r u? wht r u doin in london? working there or holiday? how did u find me ah?

Anonymous said...

I am good, alhamdulillah. and how are you? i think we last met was during noranita's wedding. I work in kl.

well, i attended a meeting in paris early of that week and hopped over to london for a quick 2 days r&r.

found you thru bloghoppin' i guess. tengok gambar kat banner, wei she looks familiar la.

no, i dont have a blog. yet.


Salt & Turmeric said...

Im doin well, thank u. noranita? sorry ye but i ni tak ingat sgt our itm frens. i do just started staying in touch w a couple of them thru blog and facebook.

i cant believe u cud stil recognise me! lol. hey, email me or if u have facebook, give me ur id ok?