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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gas Price - Update

Sigh.. after almost 2 months at 3.45/gallon, the price is now cost more than 3.60/gallon. As of yesterday, it costs 3.63/gallon. Mind you, this is the cheapest kind at the cheapest gas station. Thank god our car does not require the expensive type of gasoline. :P

Looks like we might not have to wait for summer before we have to start forking out a lot more moolah to fill up the tank. Hybrid car or diesel sounds soooo good right now but getting yourself a hybrid is not cheap.

How much does it cost in your area? Share with me ok?



Yatie_T said...

Tell me about it, sometimes I think maybe I should just ride my bicycle to work :(. I said maybe ..... :).
Near my house it cost $3.41/gallon and $3.34/gallon near my office.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pricess,

Hmm...cannot tell lah - I don't know how to convert liters to gallons! :)

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ, over here is $3.30 per gallon for the regular. Lucky my honda tak makan minyak kuat :)

Cat Cat said...

Ah, it's $3.27 here... Mahal nak MAMPUS!!!! Naik basikal lagi elok, babe..

Nightwing said...

Helo Princess,

I am new here...hope you don;t mind. U have a lovely blog here.

I came by way from Kak Tembam's crib.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Yatie, so u fill up kat ur office lah ye? i cannot imagine naik basikal gi kerja wearing high heels and all! lol.

CA, me neither! haha.

Gert, i tot the price here and in PA was abt the same. Guess i was wrong. Ur lucky ur car tak makan byk minyak. Our old jeep, now cost abt 70 to fill up. :(

Cath, susahlah pulak nak naik basikal. Kena try car-pooling.

hi Nightwing. Welcome and thank u. I kno who u r. ;) iv seen ur comments at tembam's, cath's and a few others. iv been to ur blog a few times too but never left a comment.

zewt said...

i am sure u know how 'cheap' it is in malaysia... but then... our income isnt that high...

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
sorry I have got a tag for u if u got 5 min to pop over to me thank so much xxxx

PEARLY said...

hi dear
In UK is cost £1.05 per liter the last time I fill up, my car will cost £30 for a full tank and my car is a small car every week in UK petrol price goes up 2p each week I guess and I full with tesco petrol if I fill up with BP or Shell I guess I die lor .
have a nice day xxxx

Salt & Turmeric said...

Zewt, neither is our income. so how?

Pearly, thts RM6.67/liter! ouch, tht hurts. same here. it looks like every time it goes up, it'l be twice a week and totalling up to 8-10c.

Br. David said...

My car takes diesel, just filled up at $4.79/gallon, though I get 40MPG