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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


3 more days before Virginia. Not for a holiday but for work. He's got to attend a course there and Im just tagging along. It sucks though coz we'l be flying separately since his tickets are bought by his employer and they can only buy the ticket through their system and for me to take the same flight, would cost us a bomb. So I would have to fly an hr earlier and arrived about an hr later than his flight. Sigh..

The total flying hours would be about 7hrs with 1 flight change (45min window, pls pray tht il make it!). There would be (supposedly) snack served during the first leg of the flight (going only, none on the returning flight). Now, this would only be my 2nd time flying domestic in the US. The first time was fr PA to FL and no meal was served. I think they only served orange juice. So im not really sure what to expect for this 'snack'. Im a Malaysian. Snack to me can be anything from ro ti canai to kuih to nasi lemak! lol. Rita however advised me to pack my own lunch which im sooooo gonna do since I cant be hungry for a longtime. Il get very cranky and flying alone would definitely not help. I really dont plan of getting myself into the breaking news as, "the Malaysian lady who went amok for being hungry during a flight". :P But I do wonder what kinda utensil should I bring? Is plastic fork or wooden chopstick ok to be brought into the flight? I cant imagine eating with my hand on the plane and dont worry, I dont plan of doing it either.

Now, 7hrs of flying time is not considered short by any standard. It is like flying from KL to Perth or HK (I think). Before coming here, never could I imagine flying that long without being served a full meal AND a snack. There would even be free flow of drink if you're into drinking while flying. But that's asian airlines. We are guaranteed food if the flight is more than 2hrs. Even then some ppl would complaint non-stop about the quality of the food. Those ppl should come here and fly domestically! Cakap banyak. :P

I have to say that we, Malaysian, are so spoilt that sometimes we dont know or refused to appreciate what we have. The mentality that anything Malaysian must be off lesser quality and that the grass is always greaner on the other side makes me sick to the stomach. Please forgive me for my rantings but this trip somehow makes me sad. I really wanna go home but belum ada rezeki. I hope we'll have a good and safe trip and I will try to blog from there to keep you guys updated.

Now iv gotta go and check what's the weather is going to be like overthere.


PEARLY said...

don't worry please you will be fine , if worst u bring maggi cup mee along and ask for some boil water :P

or get some snack la you be fine once u arrive you will enjoy it , may be you can eve visit Cath she in Virginia Richmond I wish I were there :)
we will be here waiting for all you post and picture .

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I'm not really looking forward to my 11-hrs long bust trip that'll take me from Scotland to London for me to catch my flight home for the summer break end of May nanti. I'll be traveling alone, not that it's anything new... I'm used to it... so it's 11 hrs on the bus and another 12 hrs on the flight.

C'est la vie.

Cat Cat said...

Wah, can't wait for you to arrive in Virginia for Lovers.

From KUL to HKG only takes 3 1/2 hours - you boleh pergi balik - almost the same number of hours.

Looking forward to talk to you... Have a safe trip.

een said...

it's damn true dats when u r abroad,u appreciate home the most..
btw k.farina,kl-perth only took 5 hours,tu pon dah x tentu arah dlm flight..if +2 or more hours..cant imagine..@#$**
y not make a sandwich for alas perut?
have a safe journey & have fun on board if can la..hihi :)

Anonymous said...

wahai kandaaa
ya bagos tu amik angin luar sekali sekala heheheee

talk abt spoilt msian, im the kind yg spoilt ber-kereta ke sana ke mari.. still tak bole terima hakikat in paris people walkkkkkkkkkkk to everywhere (kurus la gua nantikkk hihi)

have a safe journey!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, cik puan..i dont mean to freak you out but it was only yesterday i read about virginia being hit by some tornadoes, which has destroyed some of the town there. but the worst could be over by now, hopefully.

so anyway, enjoy your assorted nuts on board...hehehe...i know i am so mean.

Pi Bani said...

Oh, cranky kalau tak cukup makan eh? Wow... good luck to all the steward/stewardess!!!

barbara said...

Hey Farina,
You have a happy & safe trip. Yeh, I know that's not fun to be separated for the flights...But, you will be soon be together to enjoy the trip.
I have never been to VA, or to DC.

Good idea; pack your own munchies to tide you over.

I'am getting to hate air travel, esp since 9/11... It always makes for a long day.
When we go back to Honolulu ( where my Mom lives) we go through LAX or SF( only possibilty), & change planes for HNL. There is about 24 hours of travel time with everything.

So you see, 7 hours is not that bad; there's worse ;)

Have fun ;)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Pearly, yes i do hope i cud meet up w Cath.

Munira, 11hrs on the bus? ada train fr scotland to london kan? sakitlah butt duduk dlm bus tht long. yikes!

Cath, nanti when im there, kita plan2 yek?

Een, silap. kalau kul-perth 5 hrs than it must be kul-sydney / brisbane yg 7 hrs. heheh. i nak gagahkan jugak buat mee goreng as bekal. ;)

yelah dinda, jalan tu kan boleh kuruskan badan. whc i really need but lazy to do. tq.

kerp, yup heard abt it. actually tht place not to far away fr where we'r gonna be. hopefully no more lah tornado.

Pi, memang cranky tho sebenarnya cranky i, i senyap aje unless ada benda yg menyakitkan hati.

Hi Barbara, actually like u said, i never had any problem flying alone before. but tht was before 9-11 and not via lax. iv heard so many not-so-good-stories abt lax :(
Oh well, i can only hope for the best and for comfort food! lol.

Anonymous said...

Train ada, but mahal. Seriously mahal. I'd rather be roughing it on the bus than pay between 60 - 100 quids for train. Bus will cost me at least £15... £5 if I'm lucky.

Salt & Turmeric said...

err whts the diff between quid and pound? sorry ya but iv gotta ask tht question. lol.
p.s. i just posted my nasi lemak sambal sotong. ;)

Anonymous said...

Quid and pound are one and the same thing, tee hee. Quid is just a slang for the pound sterling. You know lah the people here... always got slang or nickname for something ("bloke" for "guy" and etc). I think it was derived from quid pro quo (this for that).

Ms eNVy said...

Have a safe trip girl! .. and I am feeling your pain right now .. I don't even want to go there when it comes to traveling domestic in the US .. until today my kids are all traumatised by it!! .. anyways looking forward to pics in Virginia!

Nightwing said...

Hope u have a good trip and was not too hungry.

Domestic flight...7 hours..America is really big.

Have a great weekend now.

Anonymous said...


Bungkus nasi lemak lah, kan bagus, so the neighbors seated next to you sure keluar air liur........(lol)

btw...bolih ke bawak masuk itu semua dlm plane, TSA nanti stop u pulak, sape susah, adik beradik kita jugak yg susah nanti tau (lol)

Have a safe trip

p.s kalau talipon Kak Ram, kirim salam kat dia, dia dah lupa kiat kat Boston


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Farina, good luck with the flight! I too will get cranky kalau lapar, think a ready made sandwich will be 'safe' to take along. Take payah bawak utensils. Hv a gd time in Virginia babe, looking forward to the stories and pictures. Big hugs.

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

I hope you made it safely to Virginia and that you did not go hungry.

I agree with you that Asian airlines pamper their passengers. You don't get that kind of service in the States (domestically).

Looking forward to your updates.

natrah said...

Hi farina...wah run amok kalau lapar???Hmmmm just like me...hehhehehee btw, 7 hours of flight takde mkn??aiyakkkkk hopefully I will not experience that..I can run amok too..

Ya lah all Malaysian should read this post lah baru diorang lucky they are...kan?

hope to see pics of u in Virginia..

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, thanks for the info. i tot quid tu less than pound. hehe.

envy, surprisingly i had a rather pleasant flights yesterday. il post abt it later. uv gotta share ur story too.

Nightwing, yelah. actually it felt like i flew for 20hrs! so tired.

Razlan. baru nak tinggalkan comment ye? tima kacih sudi datagn jenguk blog i. tak kuasa lah nak bawak nasi lemak bagai. nanti bila i call kak ram, i sapaikan salam u ok?

Mush, thanks. dah selamat sampai. belum ambik gambar lag. nanti dah ambik i post kan ok?

J.T. welcome back! yes, arrived safely. not tht hungry but felt a bit bloated during the flight. rather uncomfortable lol.

Nat, i flew w continental and they served cheese omelette. michael on AA wasnt served anything. kesian dia sampai norfolk kelaparan.