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Friday, April 18, 2008

How Picky is your Spouse with Food? and gas price update

Have I ever mentioned how picky Michael is with food? As a general rule of thumb, he practically eats any ground meat base food. Burger, hotdogs, spaghetti, meatloaf etc. He doesnt really like asian food since they dont really satisfy his hunger. Just like most of us asian/Malaysian who sometimes would look for an asian food even after eating a huge western meal.

But as much as he likes hotdog, he only eats the regular size hotdog from Oscar Mayer. They have bun-sized and bigger size hot-dogs which is a big no-no for him. When it comes to beef stew, it has to be from Dinty Moore. Once (before I knew how picky an eater he is) I made beef stew but he wont even eat it! Yup. He likes the taste of processed and msg-ed food. Now. Before any of you start saying, "processed food is not good" to me, let me clarify here that I tried changing the food to a healthier version but he is the type who would just not eat it if he doesnt like it. He's not like you and me who would just eat whatever is available. No maam! He told me that when he was a young boy, he slept in the kitchen on his kitchen chair by the kitchen table because his mom told him that, "you're not going anywhere until you finish your food"! Now, you dont expect ME to do that to him, do you? :P

He also doesn like seafood. But sometimes I do add some in something that he likes. Usually it will be my cekodok. He loves cekodok. If there's 1 Msian food that he asked me to make, cekodok is the 1. So a couple of times I added some anchovies (the small ones) or chopped prawns and he just ate them. He even said they were good. I of course didnt tell him abt the anchovies or the prawns. hehe. Well, they'r good for him and he's not allergy to them. He just doesnt like them for the sake of not liking them. Boleh? lol.

Last but not least, (you guys are so gonna love this!) he would not eat a 'deformed' food. You know sometimes when you bought the frozen chicken nuggets from the store and some of them are bound to be broken or chipped or something? He will not eat them! If im not around, he'd just throw them away. The same thing goes with hotdogs. They tend to break if you overcook or over heated them and for that, they're deemed 'deformed' and therefore not to be eaten by him.

This entry is not in any way a complain entry. I just thought that his eating habit is hilarious and worth sharing with my friends. How can I be angry when I asked him, " Did you finish all 4 of the hotdogs, Honey?" and his reply is something like this, "I ate 3. 1 was deformed so I threw it away"! Aaahhh.. I so love my husband.


This week gas price is at 3.78/gallon. :(((


Munira said...

One word: cerewet! Hahahaha!

Faiz pun cerewet.

Akmal said...

Kak Farina,
Well, that's better than people who can't stop eating ;)
Me is kinda cerewet as well LOL

Cat Cat said...

I agree with Akmal. You will be surprise to see some people - apa pun masuk mulut, babe... Terkejut badak Cath dibuatnya..

My hubby pun golongan cerewet juga... But he likes Satay, Pandan Chicken and Wonton Mee.

natrah said...

man can be so weird when it comes to food kan...funny lah ur hub tp that makes him different from others kan :)

een said...

salam kenal k.farina,

lama dah kt us? best x dok sana

greeting from perth

barbara said...

Hi Farina,
You both look like a younger couple, so you have been learing all of this ! Hands on experience !
But, I do agree that each hubby brings his family" food history".

I have been marrried since many moons to mu hubby and I see a evolution. Appetite has become smaller, more picky. Part of it may be because of his medication, But also, your food habits change as you get up there in age.

Only one thing stays the same; we try to please our hubbys the best we can.
That's love :)

Have a great weekend.

Pi Bani said...

That's how the wives/mothers end up putting on weight. When the hubby or child (or hubby acting like a child) becomes so picky with food, the wife or mother usually feel so sayang to throw all the food away and they end up as the Dewan Bandaraya... clearing everything on the table into their own tummy... BURP!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Princess,

I'm just using anon, but you should know me :) Anyway, I can only comment on myself since I don't a partner yet: I eat anything under the sun so long as they are halal! My favs are meat, vegies, fish,, that's almost everything already! :)

Anyway, do watch the video of GM food with the link at my Good Info/Read/Video panel.

PEARLY said...

my hubby is as pain on the bottom too sometime so bad I told him to DIY himself I give up so I will cook my nasi or meee he eat whatever la .I don't care heheh too busy with 3 kids around ehheheh kids wil eat wat I cook :P

I Cook4Fun said...

I thought my husband is fussy over his food but look like Michael lagi terror. Carlos don't really like our Malaysian food or seafood tapi makan sushi. Go figure!! You should see us at our dinner table. There I am with my Asian food and he with his salad and steak. Sometime I do wonder how come we eat their food but they don't eat ours :(

Yatie_T said...

My husband is very picky but not as bad as Micheal. He won't/refused to eat seafood, Durian and weird Malaysian food. He usually asked me the ingredients in every Malaysian food I cook.

"Sigh" so tired of explaining to him and has to argue with him how to cook it. I am the one who has to cook it because he doesn't know how to cook :).

Gert, I wonder the same thing. lol

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, so Faiz pun cerewet ya? hehe.

Akmal, ur right! now pun our fridge/freezer always full. kalau both of us eat non-stop gamaknya kena beli floor freezer. lol.

Cath, dia makan satay but kalau i buat i taknak makan. boleh? geram i dibuatnya.

Nat, i guess memang most men cerewet w food kot?

Een, salam n selamat datang! i baru abt 4 yrs kat US ni. macamana best pun duduk sini, tak sama macam kat msia. :(

Barbara, do we look like a young couple? hehe. thank u. ;) ur right, as a wife, we wud always try to please our hubby as best as we cud.

CA, is tht u? why lah using anon? nanti i go check ur post ok?

Pearly, i guess w 3 kids ard, the husband has to be less picky ya? ur lucky all ur kids eat asian food!

Gert, dia lupa ke sushi tu seafood? memang diorang ni sometimes dont make any sense. thts why sometimes i add aje anchovies /prawn in the food. lol.

Yatie, memang durian dia takkan makan but he allows me to eat them tho. ;) i just promise him tht i wont cook/eat petai at home. lol. wrt to them not eating our food, wht to do? we were brought up w food varieties while them only eat american food.

Ms eNVy said...

Hmmm .. my hubby is sure an exception to this rule :) He eats anything tht's being served on the table .. be it Asian or Western food .. but now I cook less meat because he & my daughter are vegetarians .. But hubby still wouldn't touch any durian :P ..

Nightwing said...

Hehe...thanks for sharing this post...:)

I am not sure whether i am cerewet or not...have to ask my GF..;)

Good on u in loving him no matter what...:)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Envy, he sure is a exception! yup, durian wud be very tricky. lol.

NW, u cannot answer for urself lah. so go ask ur gf and then report back ok? hehe.

Munira said...

OOh ya. Faiz doesn't eat durian either... at all! Hahahah so weird! My dad pernah perli him, saying that only real men eat durian. Merah muka dia, hahahaha!

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Farina,

"He told me that when he was a young boy, he slept in the kitchen on his kitchen chair by the kitchen table because his mom told him that, "you're not going anywhere until you finish your food"! Now, you dont expect ME to do that to him, do you? :P"


Maybe you should lar...;)

Anyway, you can just keep feeding him hamburgers, hotdog rolls and peanut butter sandwiches all year long! Might be fussy about the brand, size of bun etc, but hey, you don't need much imagination to make PB sandwiches, eh? ;)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, so Faiz is one of 'those' ppl yg tak makan durian ya? so where does he go when ur having ur fix of durian?

Daphne, cannot lah like tht. Kejam tau. :P PB sandwich he can have everyday but burger n hotdog, now dah agak jemu. i told him not too eat them too often coz memang jelak but degil. now i dah pening kepala apa nak buat for his lunch.

zafiraliza said...

I salute you! Sabar tahap ultraman!..If my hubby's that picky, alamatnya I suruh dia masak sendiri je..kah..kah..kah..

Salt & Turmeric said...

Ollie, who wud have tot tht i wud be THIS patient ya? lol. so dah berapa kali ur hubby kena masak sendiri? ;)

Sexy.Chewbacca said...

LOL I just think it's cute! Well of course it's cute, because it's not happening to me. LOL

But I'm afraid my bf is going to develop the same habit once we're married too :(

Salt & Turmeric said...

Hi Alia. welcome and tq for visiting. cute ye, pheningkan kepala pun ye jugak. lol. maybe u shud start asking ur bf his eating habits. ;)

Br. David said...

So sorry you all picked the wrong kwailo... I love Malaysian food. :)

Of course my wife will say I'm still a picky eater because I don't like the same thing 2 meals in a row, or 2 days in a row. So left-overs have to wait a day before I'll touch them (unless they end up in Nasi Goreng)...

Salt & Turmeric said...

hahaha. he may be a picky eater but im a smart woman u see. sometimes i 'tricked' him into eating food tht he says he doesnt eat. Go to my foodblog to read the story under flour fritter @ cekodok. ;)