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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend and Cloverfield

Winter in SoCal is not really winter. I kid you not. 2 weeks ago we were having spring-like season and then wham! it gets really cold. Not that kind of cold where you'l get snow though. Its the other kind that comes with the rain. The temp now is around 58F or 13 C and it will go down much lower later at night.

Anyways, we decided to watch the Cloverfield last sunday. Personally, I found it excrutiatingly painful to watch. Yup. I didn like it at all. Now, before anybody starts jumping the gun on me, let me remind you again that this is MY own personal opinion. Other people might find it interesting and im not 1 of them. Im sure most of you remember the movie The Blair Witch Project? Remember that the whole movie was taken using the camcorder? Well, the same goes to Cloverfield. The first 25min of the movie was nothing else but the characters filming their morning and day out and continued with the planning of the farewell party.

Im not going to tell you the whole story but here are among the things that just dont make sense to me even for a hollywood movie standard:

1) if you were being chased/attacked/mauled by aliens/animal/something, would you still be carrying ur camera?

2) after no.1 above, can you still climb up and down 59floors (!) to help a girl tht your friend likes/loves even after she came to the party with another guy and you didn even know if shes alive?

3) hell after no. 1 would you still wanna do no. 2 rather than straight to the evacuation place??

4) the said girl was found with a re-bar sticking out of her chess and after much difficulty in freeing her fr it and getting her out of the building (bleeding and all), she could suddenly run like she was not even hurt.

5) the heli that they were in crashed. the pilot who was wearing the helmet died but ALL 3 of them miraculously survived.

So there you go, thats my take on the movie. If you like the movie, do share why ok?

On another note, both dvds that arrived in the mail from turned out to be un-playable. We thought our player was bad but luckily we still have another movie with us so we know for sure that it was those dvds rather than the player. ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Missing Child

I copied this from Tembam's blog word-by-word.

Sharlinie Mohd Nasyar or Nini, 5, went missing Wednesday morning after going to the playground at PJS 2 in Taman Medan, Kuala Lumpur at about 11am. New Straits Times writes that a police report was lodged the same day by father Mohd Nasyar Mat Hussain.
Utusan Malaysia reports that Sharlinie was last seen wearing a light blue tee-shirt and pink slippers. She is about one meter in height, weighs 20 kilogrammes, and has short hair with a round face.

District police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed also released the photofit of a suspect who had on Monday abducted a 6-year-old girl in the neighbourhood. Those with information on Sharlinie’s whereabouts, or on the suspect, to contact RakanCop at 03-21159999.

Bernama request that anyone with information on Nini’s disappearance to contact the nearest police station, or call her mother Suraya Ahmad at 016-2709096 or Mohd Nashar at 016-2583450.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Of School and Colour

Last Friday night, we went to the auto shop to send in the car. We sat down at the sitting area while the owner called for the cab. There were lotsa magazines to read so I grabbed the Reader's Digest. 1 article caught my eyes and made me sick in my stomach. I decided to google about it to see if i could find more details. Below are excerpts from dated April 10, 2007;

ASHBURN, Ga. - Breaking from tradition, high school students in this small town are getting together for this year’s prom. Prom night at Turner County High has long been an evening of de facto segregation: white students organized their own unofficial prom, while black students did the same.

Can you believe this shit?50+ years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white woman in a bus, who would have thought that such racial segregration still exist? Here in the United States of America.

This year’s group of seniors didn’t want that legacy. When the four senior class officers — two whites and two blacks — met with Principal Chad Stone at the start of the school year, they had more on their minds than changes to the school’s dress code. They wanted an all-school prom. They wanted everyone invited. On April 21, they’ll have their wish. The town’s auditorium will be transformed into a tropical scene, and for the first time, every junior and senior, regardless of race, will be invited. The prom’s theme: Breakaway.

“Everybody says that’s just how it’s always been. It’s just the way of this very small town,” said James Hall, a 17-year-old black student who is the senior class president. “But it’s time for a change.” There are excited announcements of the upcoming dance plastered all over the school, where about 55 percent of students are black and most of the rest are white.

Im so proud of those students who fought for and attented the school prom!

With prom night about two weeks away, only half of the 160 upper-class students have bought tickets. And there’s talk around the school that some white students might throw a competing party at a nearby lake.

Well, actually they did. Here's an excerpt from the rd;

There was a setback. A week before the prom, about 40 white students, some of whom had already graduated, held their own dance at a marina on Lake Blackshear in Cordele, 20 miles north. They claimed it was a private party, not a prom. But, as in other years, the kids hired limos and a bus, rented tuxes and had souvenir portraits taken by a professional photographer. Fewer than half of the 91 white students in the junior and senior classes attended .

Here is another fact that made me cringed also taken from the same article in RD;

Turner County High, like many schools in small Southern communities, actually stopped holding proms of any kind after desegregation; the last school-sponsored formal dance in Ashburn took place in 1969. Instead, black students and white students raised money from car washes and bake sales to underwrite separate parent-supported proms held each spring in hotels or other facilities away from school grounds. De facto segregation in the opinion of some; private parties in the view of others.

I dont know about you guys but I sure am damn thankful that we dont have such thing in Malaysia. Yes we have different type of schools i.e. Kebangsaan and jenis kebangsaan but its up to you which one you want to attend. If you want to attend chinese school, go ahead and if you wanna attend tamil school, also go ahead. Should in the future our schools have their own proms, im sure we wouldnt have malay prom, chinese prom or indian prom night separately.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Xmas - Lights, Cookies and Goodies

A few days before Xmas, we went and got another set of the stars so we could cover the whole balcony rather than leaving them half empty. As you can see, now our balcony look somewhat perfect. hehe.

I mentioned before about our Xmas cookie-exchange. These are what I got from Chef Gert herself. In those red wrapper are russian tea cookies and theyr so damn good! Thanks Gert.

And these below, my dear readers, are what I got fr Lesley. Besides the yummy cookies, she also sent me some other stuff. Though Im not sure yet how/when im going to use them. lol! Im not sure if Lesley thinks that im pregnant or have a baby or if she's praying that Il get pregnant soon so I could use those stuff. lol! Anywho, thanks Lesley. ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Im still alive

To all my readers, I apologise for not updating my blog regularly these past few weeks. Somehow, I got hit by the lazy-bugs. Damn those buggers! Hehe..

I know its already 2008 but I still would like to wish everybody a very belated Xmas and Happy New Year. I so wanna share you what I got fr Lesley and Gert for our Xmas cookie exchange but I dont wanna tell you without the pictures. Especially from Lesley! ;) Tunggu ajelah ek? I also got a card fr a dear blogger friend in Msia who wish to be anonymous. Thank you my dear! Sempat jugak hantar card kat I yg jauh ni ye?

Anyways, how did you guys celebrate your new year countdown? We had a few friends over for a little bbq at our place. Nothing fancy. Just some chicken wings, burgers, beers from us and chicken satay, roti prata and dhal fr S&K. Around 7.30 we proceeded to BY&G's place for some crabs, wine and champagne and played some poker. We wanted to see the fireworks but unfortunately not many places here have them. Maybe because of the fires tht we had recently, few places actually decided not to have fireworks show and we dont really wanna drive too far to watch them. That 10min towards midnight, I really wish I was in KL! But im thankful that I get to welcome new year with my husband and good friends. Thankful that we still have a roof over our head and food on the table. Thankful that we'r healthy. Thankful that I dont've to wear 4 layers of clothing (though I miss the snow!). Basically Im thankful for everything that god has given me.

Of course I wish that we have more money so that I could go home (esp), buy more shoes, travel whenever we want to and etc. Who wouldnt want more money, right? But most of them are just 'things' that I want but can live without. Id be happy to have them but I wont die if I dont.

A lot of things had happened (or continue to happen) in 2007, in Msia, here and around the world and most of them are bad. We even ended the year with the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. I hope in 2008 we'll see less violence and war. I hope they'l be no more Virginia Tech incident or the OC fire. I hope we'll learn to be more tolerence of other religion, race and culture.

Lastly I hope in 2008, people in the US will start wishing everybody Merry Xmas rather than happy holidays! :P