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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Im still alive

To all my readers, I apologise for not updating my blog regularly these past few weeks. Somehow, I got hit by the lazy-bugs. Damn those buggers! Hehe..

I know its already 2008 but I still would like to wish everybody a very belated Xmas and Happy New Year. I so wanna share you what I got fr Lesley and Gert for our Xmas cookie exchange but I dont wanna tell you without the pictures. Especially from Lesley! ;) Tunggu ajelah ek? I also got a card fr a dear blogger friend in Msia who wish to be anonymous. Thank you my dear! Sempat jugak hantar card kat I yg jauh ni ye?

Anyways, how did you guys celebrate your new year countdown? We had a few friends over for a little bbq at our place. Nothing fancy. Just some chicken wings, burgers, beers from us and chicken satay, roti prata and dhal fr S&K. Around 7.30 we proceeded to BY&G's place for some crabs, wine and champagne and played some poker. We wanted to see the fireworks but unfortunately not many places here have them. Maybe because of the fires tht we had recently, few places actually decided not to have fireworks show and we dont really wanna drive too far to watch them. That 10min towards midnight, I really wish I was in KL! But im thankful that I get to welcome new year with my husband and good friends. Thankful that we still have a roof over our head and food on the table. Thankful that we'r healthy. Thankful that I dont've to wear 4 layers of clothing (though I miss the snow!). Basically Im thankful for everything that god has given me.

Of course I wish that we have more money so that I could go home (esp), buy more shoes, travel whenever we want to and etc. Who wouldnt want more money, right? But most of them are just 'things' that I want but can live without. Id be happy to have them but I wont die if I dont.

A lot of things had happened (or continue to happen) in 2007, in Msia, here and around the world and most of them are bad. We even ended the year with the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. I hope in 2008 we'll see less violence and war. I hope they'l be no more Virginia Tech incident or the OC fire. I hope we'll learn to be more tolerence of other religion, race and culture.

Lastly I hope in 2008, people in the US will start wishing everybody Merry Xmas rather than happy holidays! :P


Ms eNVy said...

You're Alive!!! :D anyways looks like tht you had a great time during New Year's Eve .. well we had a quiet one although eating like crazy was still in the agenda .. I think tht's why the lazy bug hit me hard! heheh.. well here's wishing you a Happy and glorious new year :)

drNO said...

happy new year...

Cat Cat said...

Wah Minah, parti sakan nampaknya... Wine, champagne, crab, satay... Wish I was there, babe...

Happy New Year to you and Mike.

My only wish - NO MORE WAR!!

I Cook4Fun said...

Wah PJ, you and Michael had a lot of fun for the new year :) Best wishes to you and Micheal for the year 2008.

PrincessJournals said...

Yes Ms Envy, i am very much alive! lol! lotsa food and we the girls gang-up on Michael so tht he'd eat more. ;)

DrNo, happy new year to u too. :)

thanks Kak Ram and happy new yr to u and family too. bila nak datang ke cali ni? yes, i agree. say no to war!

gert, thank u. stil waiting for u to come this way. ;)

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ, Carlos will be in CA next week. Is just a 2 days trip so no point of me going with him. Let see if we can go this year for at least a week.

PrincessJournals said...

cool! really looking forward to hang out w u both. ;)