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Friday, April 4, 2008

Hollywood, LA

So after almost 2 years living in SoCal, Michael finally get to see the Walk of Fame and the famous Kodak Theater. Our friend Leland, who works in LA decided to take us there Saturday before Easter. It was a rather hot day so we didn really walk that much. Not that Michael likes to walk anyway. Kutuk hubby sendiri, boleh kan? hahahha. (ish kena mintak ampun dari hubby ni. nanti tak masuk syurga pulak)

Anyways, of all the stars, I picked MJ's for us to have this shot. Michael, who was not a fan of him kept thinking (he told me abt it) why MJ??? heheh yes I am so bad. I 'heart' MJ despite all the bad news. I think he's still 1 of the best performers around.

Do you think you can guess which one shoes/feet are mine? Sorry, no gift on who can guess it right though. ;)

For the rest of the pictures, you can go to my fotopages. hehehe. I cant stop laughing while writing this post. Somehow rasa macam evil pulak.


Cat Cat said...

I know I know.. I teka yang kasut hitam (6 o'clock) tu kasut Minah ya... and 3 o'clock to kasut Micheal.. I remember he likes to wear sneaker and of course the lady stand beside him is the lovely wife lah...

Yatie_T said...

My guess is sama dengan Cath lah, I swear I am not trying to copy her.
Now that you've been to Kodak Theater, next you can go to American Jealous lah nie pulak :P

Anonymous said...

err i pick kasut itam jugak kot. :P

p/s thx for adding me dalam facebook. =)


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

there you go. i always get that whenever i said i love britney. i still believe she's one hot momma and God willing, Britney will bounce back!

Pi Bani said...

Let's just put it this way... you berdiri kat situ because you nak bergambar at MJ's walk of fame while your Michael berdiri kat situ because he wanted to step on Michael Jackson. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Dont feel bad. The last time I pergi kat the Walk of Fame is at least 15 years ago. My office is only 4-5 subway stops away but I've not gone since.:)) So, 2 years is good

cakapaje said...

Hola! Oops, is Cali still dual language? :)

I'd say you are the whitish-greenish 9 o'clock almost stepping on mikey's name!

Salam Princess :)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Cath, pandai u teka yg mana 1 i but for Michael salah. Memang dulu dia suka paka sneakers but eversince we moved here, dia prefer the shoes. ;)

Yatie, yes im sure u tak copycat. lol. speaking of AI, Michael asked if we'r goin to the final since i love wathing the show but i malas nak drive mlm ke LA.

Bailey, betul lah tu. eh apa jadi w ur blog ah?

Kerp, ur into britney (BS)? i tot ud like cristina aguilera better. :P

Pi, haha. agaknya thts wht he was thinking!

kl_gal, wow 15 yrs is long! i wish we cud see the newer names but malas nak jln jauh2 to find them.

CA, of course Cali is dual-language. didn u kno tht cali is not part of USA? haha. on the shoes part, sorry lah. uv got it wrong. im more of boots kinda girl. ;)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

Wah, main teka-teki on shoes ah? I was thinking anyone of those could be yours except the sneakers? Heh...

By the way, can lar kutuk Michael in jest...He paham BM anot? =)

By the way, I can't log on, so here I am, without a proper ID...Still me, ok?

Salt & Turmeric said...

Hi Daph, stil having problem ya? aiya dia mana faham BM. a few words only.