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Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying Continental CO1403 & 3224

Hello everybody. Just wanna let you guys know that we have arrived in VA. Safe and sound. My flight was surprisingly good. Yup, you heard me right. The truth is, it was amazing. I really feel like I was flying on MAS. Well, not tht I was served nasi lemak or anything like that but my snacks turned out to be cheese omelette, cut fruits, muffin and yogurt. Not too bad huh? I have to say that the air-hostesses did a very good job. They're all smiling and happy to serve. I was a happy camper and on the way out, I even told them that they were amazing. ;)

Anyways, here's the chronology of yesterday's event.

2a.m. - woke up
3a.m - left the apt
4a.m - reached car rent place, returned the car
4.20a.m - checking-in at Continental (very smooth and quick)
4.45a.m - walked to American Airline counter for Michael's flight (self check -in, check-in luggage, dropped luggage - all in different lines)
5.30a.m - entered the gate for my flight and Michael went to his
5.45a.m - bought latte and croissant from Starbuck and waited to be boarded
7a.m - departed fr LAX, took a short nap
8.30a.m - served snacks
9-11a.m (2pm eastern time) - drinks was offered
11.30a.m (2.30p.m est) - landed at EWR

The flight arrived 1 hr earlier than the 3.30 it was scheduled to arrive so I had enough time to walk around the Newark airport to find some cheesesteak for Michael before I had to board my next flight.

My flight to Norfolk on the other hand was rather difficult. Not that the service was bad or anything like that but because of the plane. Its the Q-400 and its rather small so you or in this case, I, felt each and every bumps, turns, drops and what-nots. It feels like going on a roller coaster at 10,000 feet. And you know how much love I have for height, right? I even shed a few tears a couple of times! How embarassing is that? I felt funny thinking about it now but yesterday, it was NOT funny at all. I was really terrified. :P Even when it landed it didnt land smoothly. It felt like the plane just dropped itself onto the tarmac. Geez! Thank god it was just an hour flight. I really dont think I can last too long being up that high on such a small plane. But I thank God that I survived the flight and arrived safely without throwing up!

To staff of CO1403 & 3224, once again, Thank You! You guys really made my day. ;)


Cat Cat said...

Tu jet kecik tu from EWR to Norfolk... very small jet plane... I pun gementar every time I naik jet plane..
Enjoy yourself in VA. Will let you know our plan

p.s. Suara Farina on the phone seksi... :)

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

I did not enjoy my little airplane too (from Dallas to Alexandria, Louisiana). You are right, one feels every turn, bump, drop, etc. It can be scary.

Glad you arrived safely ... stomach intact. lol

barbara said...

Hello Farina,

You guys had a long day, but I'am glad to know that you arrived safely.
That was a long day.
Yeah, I can just imagine that small plane and the bumping & movements. I don't laugh. We will be doing 2 domestic flights in Sept, so it may be our turn the next time !

Have fun :)

Yatie_T said...

Glad to hear that you had a good flight. I never fly in a small plane before but I heard stories from friends and families. I takut nak fly dengan small plane lah. Can you believe that I am actually scare of high, I get air sick, sea sick and I used to work as a stewardess. :P

Yatie_T said...

p/s: enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures.

I Cook4Fun said...

We will be flying Continental jugak when we go to CA. Hopefully it will be good. Enjoy yourself kat VA.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Cath, uv been on tht 1 too ya? gilababi kecut perut i dibuatnya. lol. wei, where got sexy? :P

JT, tht was really 1 hell of a ride. yup, thank god im safe and everything intact. lol.

Barbara, yup. it feels longer tho. Oh my, uv got 2 domestic flights coming? Just hang on tight to ur hubby. ;)

Yatie, i never knew abt tht kinda plane sbb tulah panic gila. dah lah sorang. kalau ada michael boleh lah i pegang dia. Eh camne jadi stewardess kalau air sick? did u have any accident dulu? :P

Gert, is ur flight direct fr ewr or phl? hopefully u guys pun takde masalah nanti.

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safely. :)

What's your plan in VA while hubby is busy?

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
Glad to know you both arrive safely .. Now just chill and relax the holiday OK , and snap snap more picture to post when you back can't wait to see it and hope to see u with
cath too .
have a lovely time xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

picca pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Salt & Turmeric said...

Munira, i usually hang out in the room during the day until he comes back fr his class. today is his last class for this week. heading off to williamsburg on fri. cant wait since theyv a factory outlet there. yay!

Pearly, i too hope il get to meet up w Cath.

Lily, i forgot to bring my card reader. baru hari ni teringat tht i need tht to d/load the pics. tension tension. :(

Yatie_T said...

I always muntah-muntah at the end of the flight if I eat something during the break. Normally I don't eat at all until I finish working and back at home/hotel.

Salt & Turmeric said...

oh my. u didn eat anything at all? how did u survive working w an empty stomach Yatie?

Nightwing said...

Good to hear u had a good trip....(except for the 1 hour flight).

Can;t wait for you to meet up with Cat Cat. I am sure both of you will have a great time..:)

natrah said...

Alhamdulillah you arrived there safe and sound...enjoy you day in VA
amik gambar byk2 post it here tau bg I jealous...hihihihii

Yatie_T said...

Magic stuff for asian people is drinking coke. :)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Nat, card reader tertinggal so kenalah tunggu i balik ok?

Yatie, i pun dok minum coke aje sbb perut masuk

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

Oh, you poor thing scared of height...It's ok, we all have some form of fears, which other people find weird...*Squeeze hand*

I remember flying to Sabah once...The captain's name was Captain Bum-bum or something which sounds like that...

And when he lands?

He goes...




natrah said...


how long you are going to be in VA? lama tak dgr cerita :)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Daphne, betul ke nama pilot tu bum something? lol.

Nat, we'r gonna be here until May 22nd, next thur. baru balik fr Williamsburg today, takde wifi kat sana.