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Friday, September 14, 2007


Yesterday, Thursday Sept 13, is the first day of Ramadhan where most Muslim around the world started observing the fasting month. Back in Malaysia, the whole month of Ramadhan is like a festival. Almost all restaurants would have the buffet and ppl from all walk of life would join in. There would be dept buka puasa (breaking of fast), company's buka puasa, buka puasa with brokers, buka puasa with friends and etc. Almost everyday ppl will have the reason/excuse to eat out and trust me, there's enough restaurants/hotels in KL to do that and then some.

Some of my non-muslim friends would even fast on the day that we'r breaking fast together or at least wait until its time to break the fast rather than start eating before everyone else as a sign of respect to those who fast the whole day. Though you are bound to see ppl who are not fasting and started filling up their plates and gorging down the food when the rest of the ppl around them are still fasting. sheesh! insensitive like tht. :P

Anyways, besides the rm30-100 (usd8-28) buffet, there's also the ramadhan bazaar where you'll find hundreds of stalls selling all the goodies for breaking of fast. Most of them started selling the food as early as 2-3pm until the food are gone or until the time to break fast, whcever comes first. THIS kind of bazaar is my fav. here are the list of my fav for buka puasa:

1. Murtabak
2. Ayam percik
3. Popiah basah
4. Nasi kerabu
5. Kuey teow goreng
6. Nasi tomato
7. Lala goreng
8. Tepung pelita (a must to have everyday!)
9. Sugar cane juice

What are your fav Ramadhan goodies?



hi Farina,

selamat berpuasa.

i never miss buying ayam percik and otak-otak!

as for the kuih-muih, must-haves are lopis, ondeh-ondeh (buah melaka) and/or lompat-tikam (pelita).

and for added yums, I also get caramel pudding.

the ramadan bazaar are so diversified now. people seel pasta too!

take care!

kl_gal said...

I tak puasa but love the buka puasa kuih2 and food .Kuih kochi,gadoh2,any kuih with kelapa..actually anything and everything:))
What is your # 8, farina? Tak pernah dengar of this one

Selamat berpuasa

Ms J said...

any malay food will make me smile!

Cat Cat said...

I love nasi goreng pattaya. For kuih-muih, I like ondeh-ondeh & kuih koci. Drinks, I would go for Bandung cincau.. YUM!!

Pi Bani said...

Alahai kesiannya dia... ada orang rindu Malaysian food, eh?

Zue Murphy said...

PJ, I must look for murtabak, nasi ayam, air tebu, kuih bom, kuih lapis, and roti jala from bazaar ramadhan. Emmm sedapnya!

Ms eNVy said...

I suka sangat Ayam Percik ! masa I tinggal kat KL .. always go to the Ramadhan bazaar in Ampang *reminiscing mode*

I Cook4Fun said...

Pj, Selamat berpuasa. I tak puasa but join in the berbuka puasa :) I like walking around the Ramadhan stall kat section 14. Macam macam ada but my all time fav. is the ikan bakar and lontong.

kat said...

for the past 2-3 years the price for buffet at the hotels are veryyyyy expensive ler...easily rm60++...
my fav -ayam percik and roti john..only got the chance to eat these during weekend..

selamat berposa...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


eh, add a couple more to the list; spaghetti meatballs and baked pasta with cheese and beef...NOT!

hihi...salam ramadhan anyway!

PrincessJournals said...

Pn Nuraina, otak2 i must have johor mari one!

Gurdeep, tak reti pulak i nak explain camne. nanti i google for u ok?

ms_j, ;)

Kak Ram, suka makan kuih koci ye? bandung cincau boleh buat sendiri.

Pi, bukan rindu lagi, kempunan sebenarnya.

Zue, kita lebih kurang aje ye?

Envy, i so miss ayam percik too!

Gert, thank u. sometimes i pun beli ikan pari bakar kat bazaar ramadhan.

Kat, memang mahal pun. sbb tulah takleh gi setiap hari. bocor pocket!

tsk tsk tsk. Adik ku Kerp, tak kosa lah nak bukak posa makan spaghetti etc. :P

J.T. said...

That list of food you have certainly made me crave for something local.

Last year, I was back in Malaysia during Ramadhan and I could not wait to get to the pasar malam to buy my favourites.

1. Ayam percik - could not get enough of that!
2. Nasi Kerabu - double yumm...
3. Jellies - mouth-watering coolness. :)

elviza said...


Sorry this is a tad late.

But my fave goodies for buka puasa are almost the same like yours (not necessarily in this order):-

1)Tepung Pelita
2)Nekbat Sira
3)Kuew teow goreng
4)Tepung Pelita
5)Popia basah/kering

45 minutes more to buka puasa! Yeay!

PrincessJournals said...

JT, ur so lucky tht u went back during the makan time of the yr! lol! seems like ayam percik is a must during tht mth kan?

Elviza, sama taste kita ye? eh apa tu nekbat sira?

Shaz & Aidil said...

HI there!

we were googling 'ramadan bazaars in jb" when we chanced upon your blog last night! thank you for taking the time to visit us. so many things we'd like to say!

(1)hello there! you're a msian currently residing in US. how amazing for u. do you miss msia? we love your country to bits. in fact shaz's dad was born msian and we have plenty of family members in malacca and kl. half our heart's in msia.

(2)the ramadan bazaars in msia offer an experience that is beyond compare. it's fantastic. we really miss the food there. our favourites? MURTABAK, RAMLY BURGER, AYAM PERCIK and the noodle dishes. KEROPOK LEKOR and KUIH-MUIH too. ahhh... =)

(3) about your Hotel Rwanda question, we thought the movie was painful to watch. we are humanitarians at heart and we plan on travelling to rwanda next may to visit the genocide memorial centres, orphanages and aids hospital. we also want to donate to their first ever public library. we're pretty excited. can't wait!

ok this has been a very long comment. lol. sorry about that. you seem like a fantastic blogger. we'd love to keep in touch. =)

meantime, take care!

aidil and shaz

Anonymous said...

i luv nasi kerabu with ayam bakar+solok+keropok. yumm! but nowadays they sell nasi kerabu so mahal in a very little amount. so disappointing laaa. GRrrr.

p/s: bloghopping. nice blog!

PrincessJournals said...

shaz & aidil, thanks for dropping by. of course i miss msia. every day! u guys live in spore, can just cross the bridge and go to the ramadhan bazaar. ;) wah u guys are really goin to rwanda? cant wait to read/see the situation there now.

alahai bini mokhtar, is solok the kuih tht i remember? wrapped in leaves or sumthing? fr tganu? i tried going to ur blog but its personal. care to invite?

Anonymous said...

solok is the yg chili stuffed with kelapa+ikan blended together. sedapp! oh come over to c ya! =)

vagus said...

roti jala. :P

PrincessJournals said...

vagus, welcome. roti jala w kuah durian! yummilicious!