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Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Flying Domestic, Make Sure You Have Deep(er) Pocket

Flying domestic in the US is going to burn your pocket and I bet it will only get worse. It seems like the airlines are in a race of who-can-charge-the most fees or something. First it was the food and drinks which is not too bad as long as they still allow passengers to bring their own food and drinks. I mean, if you are a family of 4-5 and have to pay $3 for each soda/water you have during the flight you would have to fork out at least $100 for the drinks alone! Yikes!

And now American Airlines, United and US Airways are charging even your 1st check-in luggage! That is just so unacceptable and it sucks! We all know that everything is about weight so why is it that airlines are not charging according to the TOTAL weight of the passengers AND their luggage(s)? Isnt that like simple math? If they think that it's a discrimination to overweight (OW) people, what about the not OW people? They are the ones who should be shouting discrimination since logically, they are subsidising the fees of the OW people. Now, is that fair? No, right? I really would like to see the airlines to start implementing total weight fees rather than charging for all check-in luggages. If your total weight is 250lb or less, than no luggage fee should be applied. Fair is fair. Enough said!

Since I dont really see the airlines implementing such rules, maybe we should try finding other ways to minimise being charged for every penny and dime. Through my own experiences and suggestions from friends, here are a few ways that you could do to minimise the burn-in-the-pocket feelings when flying domestic:

1. Bring you own drinks. Buy them after you check-in.

2. Pack home-cooked meal.

3. If you think that your luggage is too heavy, try to fit some items in the carry-on or maybe send some items via usps to your destination. (This I know since we were charged $50 for a mere 6lb in excess weight!) Its all about weight, remember?

4. Check out Rick Seaney's airlines fee chart before you buy your tickets.

5. Pray that they're not going to charge toilet fees, ever!


een said...

if not mistaken air asia kt mesia r doing the same recently..for check in luggage..they cut the cost on the air ticket but charge on the other..mmg cruel..tu la afraid gak..sooner or later nak masuk toilet pon kena charge..naya so far,i x penah pi toilet on the air ni..tah rasa cam sempit jer..haha..

The Blueberry said...

Kat AirAsia lagi le, they charge RM3 for every checked in luggage (RM5 if you bayar kat check in counter), then for anything more than 15kg, they'll charge you about RM15 for every extra kilo. If you are travelling with a companion, and one of you happen to have excess luggage weight, hmmm habesla you kene bayar... It doesn't matter that your companion punya barang tu very very the underweight. Dia tak kira... I pernah bayar RM400+ worth of excess wight haha percayer atau tidak... At the end RM yang I bayar tu lebih kurang sama je dengan tambang non low-fare airline...

BTW, one trick we've discovered - if you're flying AirAsia and you're gonna have excess luggage weight, get yourself a golf bag and then stuff everything inside there! Golf bags are charged RM35 flat rate as "sports equipment" regardless of the weight difference hehe so boleh taruk barang dalam tu. That's what my colleagues did. Rasanya tak lama lagi Air Asia akan revise this rule kot hehehee...

Salt & Turmeric said...

Een, kalau dah fly berjam2 tak gi toilet, mau biru muka tu. hahaha.

Berry, 15 for every kilo ok lagi. ini kitorang kena 50 for 6 lb. tension giler i. amboi sampai 400 for excess! ini mesti shopping sakan. :P kitorang dont play golf so tht doesn apply to us lah gamaknya. takut lah pulak berapa byk excess kena bila kitorang balik msia nanti. :(