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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our New Crib

The living room

Kitchen - I need the chair since I cant reach the top cabinets :P

Dining room

White leather chair

White leather sofa - both for usd150 from craigslist ;)

Enjoying the kebab or kabob as they call them here

Michael hanging out while waiting for the food to be ready

Thats our new charcoal bbq grill fr Big Lots. Guess how much it cost?

Its been a week since we moved from Orange. It was rather an easy move thanks to Kevin & Shirley who offered to come and help us. It wouldn have been easy without their help especially with the heavy stuff and the fridge that we need to go picked up, also bought thru craigslist. BeeYinn of Rasa Malaysia also came by. Again, I would like to thank all 3 of them for their help! We both really appreciate your help. *hugs*

Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, our new place is so much bigger than the old one. After 2 years of living in a shoebox, this feels like a mansion! hehe. Its also cooler here since we are so close to the Pacific Ocean. Being surrounded by other apartment blocks help since we only get direct sun around noon and sun down. The front of the house in facing east so we always hang out on our frontyard in the evening. Its cool (from the breeze) even when the sun is hot. ;)

The only thing tht I dont like (so far) is the fact that there's so many bugs and mosquitos around. I have like at least 15 mosquitos bites all over my body and theyr driving me crazy. Looks like we'r gonna have to invest on a screen door since I cant forever apply calamine lotion on my body. Its so not vogue! :P


Anonymous said...

Looks great,girl. You unpacked and arranged everything so quickly.I'd still have boxes all over the place:)). Enjoy your new place


I Cook4Fun said...

Farina, this apartment look so much bigger and spacious compare to the old one. The sofa you bought look really new too. KL_gal is right. You unpacked everything already. I still have boxes at my basement :) Can't wait to visit you again and this time remember to take some pix :)

Ms eNVy said...

Your new crib looks so much bigger than the old one .. and really love the sofa tht you bought! .. I also love the fact tht you live nr the Pacific well not tht I really love the beach/heat .. but it would be nice to usher my kids to a nearby bus as opposed to driving for an hour or so :) .. Oh now tht you've mentioned Big Lots .. I am missing tht store! .. things are so cheap there! .. can't find a store like tht in Vancouver :( .. BTW regarding bugs/mosquitos .. try getting citronella candles while waiting to invest on a screen door:)

Pi Bani said...

Calamine lotion tak vogue, sapulah mosquito repellant... hehehe...

Nice place btw, looks simple and neat and definitely bigger than your old place.

Anonymous said...

Farina, thats a decent size LR and nice patio. Shoebox living-thats me. Our 2 bedroom apt barely has enough room to move around for 4 ppl , 2 dogs and a cat.I see bbq grill is, we have to abide by certain knowlah for safety reason they say. its all good tho.


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

yeay! you're back!!!! nice crib babe.... hmmm.... bet u'll cook a storm in that new kitchen of yours huh? can't wait.....

u memang superwoman la...unpack all the stuff within a week?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Wow.. spacious! And both the white leather sofa look very new. definitely a good bargain there Farina!

And I can see now you've already got your 'red' there! Have you decided on the painting for the wall yet?

So when is the party gonna be?

Nightwing said...

Congratulations to you and ur hubby in getting ur new crib..:)

Good stuff indeed.

Hope can fix the mossy problem soon.

You have a great weekend now...:)

barbara said...

Hi Farina,
Nice to see you both settled in. Your furniture looks great ! You have great friends to help with the hard work. Do it yourself is cheaper too :)
Nice; close by the ocean; I envy you, girl !
Yes; you do need screening. God; sounds like Hawaii.

My God; my Mom put on a lot of Calmine lotion to my mosquito bites as a kid. Yes, it's not too vogue, even if it soothes a bit.

Thanks so much for the link to the airline fee comparison website. I used it in my last post; very helpful.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Gurdeep, i was surprised too tht we had almost everything unpacked by sun morning! we took even longer time when we moved here fr PA! lol.

Gert, it is big kan? its even bigger than our apt back in PA whc was also 1 br. having the frontyard and garage really helps coz we dont have to put everything inside. Yes, next time u datang, must remember to take pics. lol.

Envy, thts why i said when u come and visit, we can just take the kids to the beach and theyl be very happy already! lol. aint biglots the place to shop for household stuff? ;) we already bought the citronella candle and mossy spray but only after i got bitten. sigh..

Pi, dah too late for mossy repellant. shudv applied some earlier but i didn realise the problem was this big! lol.

Lee, tahnk you. ur in Ny arent you? iv heard so much abt the size of apt there. yup w 4 ppl, 2 dogs AND a cat, its gotta be tight! we'r lucky this apt allows charcoal grill. our old apt doesn. maybe because its in a complex, while this 1 is owned by an individual. can u use electric grill?

Anis, i guess it was rather easy since we dont have tht many furnitures. im stil learning how to control the fire/heat of the gas oven. i burned my fingers last night tho. ouch!

Kak Ja, thank u. memang the sofa nampak new kan? thts why we were very surprised to see them at tht price and terus ambik. takyah fikir lagi dah. ;) i dah scrapped teh idea of painting the wall. malas lah pulak. now ingat nak cari red pillows pulak. hehe. party tu kena tunggu everything siap baru boleh. nak datang ke? ;)

NW, thank you. and u have a great weekend too!

Barbara, thank u. Yup, we are indeed lucky to have them helped. If not, i think we might still be moving stuff back and forth! lol. So i guess, its the same in hawaii w mossy problem ya? and im glad tht airline fee comparison helped u. ;)

Yatie_T said...

very nice crib and I like your private patio. Busy body neighbor can't see what you're doing... hehe Ayoo... already burned your fingers ke? I pun tak tau nak guna gas oven.

Akmal said...

Kak Farina,
Congratulation for the new crib :) That was indeed a good looking space to unwind, relax.. but of course, it would be much better without the blood-sucking tiny little creature. Hope you get those mosquitoes done with later :)

Zue Murphy said...

Nice and spacious apt you have. I am glad you like it despite the mosquito bites.

Raden Galoh said...

Farina Darling...
Wahhhh!!!! You have settled down... and both of you look so cozy in the new house....

Mosquito bites? Don't they remind you of kampong-kampong here in Malaysia...err Muoorrr.... hehehehe


The Blueberry said...


I didn't see a cooking stove? Mana stove you?... (Ecewah macam panik pulak heheheee)

Salt & Turmeric said...

yatie, thank u. sbb tulah before dpt internet i selalu hang out kat luar. takde sape nampak i. ;)

akmal, thanks. inilah yg tengah sibuk cari screen door. hopefully later today dpt beli kat home depot. letih dah sapu cream. lol.

Zue, memang more than enuf space for both of us. except tht tak cukup kitchen cabinet. hehe.

Sis D! yelah dah lama tak kena hurung nyamuk macam ni. masa kat raub dulu pun tak seteruk camni. huhu. hopefully once we get the screen door, dptlah halang those mossies fr coming in.

Berry, jgn panic.:P take a deep breath. u tak nampak ke stove kat sebelah kanan on the kitchen pic tu? nampak 2 out of 4 burners.

een said...

wah..admire that leather sofa..nice la ur place here,all white..really cool indeed..

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Farina,

Sorry for taking so long to come by. Cool, you've finally moved in and set up! I really like the leather couch+chair too, and to think you got them for such a bargain!

Congratulations to you and Michael!

Dreaming of visiting you in the near future...Ha ha!


Daphne Ling said...

Oh, PS: You're hebat lar, can maintain white chair...White chair, I mesti kotor before long wan...;)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Thank u Een. ;)

Daphne, takpe. i kno ur super busy now. itulah, i pun tak sangka dpt the couches at such a bargain. its just our lucky day. dream kuat2 and lepastu simpan duit kuat2 so can come and visit me here ok?

jabishah said...

My first time jotting here but been to the site before. I just love your new place. Looks cozy. I so admire the backyard. Can smell the delicious aroma of kebab here in KL ;0
Enjoy your wkend.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Hi Jabishah, welcome to my bode. ;) thts actually our frontyard. hehe. i kno its weird since usually its backyard. not complaining tho. the kebab was good esp a week later! it makes me bloated tho.