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Saturday, April 18, 2009

High Speed Rail System

I dont know about you but to me it seems like the biggest news now (besides Susan Boyle) is the high speed train eversince President Obama mentioned it on Thursday. Finally something to be excited about. There's enough bad/sad news already nowadays and everybody is dying for some positive news. Any positive news.

I totally agree that US needs a good train system especially the high speed train to connect from 1 state to another state. I have always been baffled as to why didn't US already have bullet train. The country is huge. People are so used to driving cross country or just driving that it is very common for people to have 100k+ miles on their odometer within 5 years of owning the car. Something that I am not used to until I moved here and it is crazy.

High speed train would help ease the traffic and air traffic congestion. Not to mention reducing the time taken to get from 1 point to another. Imagine if you can travel comfortably from California to New York without having to go to the airport 2hrs prior to your flying scheduled time or queueing for check in or going through the security and not able to bring anything liquid more than 100ml. You would even have a bigger seat than the economy class. Ain't that sweet? It is if only California-New York is in the plan which is not as you can see here. Oh well! Maybe next time somewhere in the future there would be a bullet train connecting California with New York.

But for a start, I seriously think they should at least add LA - Vegas into their plan. No more traveling on the always-crazily-congested-I 15 freeway for 7hrs to go to Vegas since once you're in Vegas, you don't really need a car. Public transportation in Vegas is good and efficient. They even have monorail which is cool. So I am rather disappointed that LA - Vegas too was not in the plan. Please Mr President, could you please add that to your plan?


Pi Bani said...

Oh, so you nak naik keretaPi? :)

I agree with you, the US should have already been using the bullet train dari dulu lagi. Wonder why they haven't. Tak cukup duit kot... banyak sangat kena keluar belanja hantar troops to invade other countries... (oops!)

Btw, dengar cerita Air Asia may fly to US by year-end. Possibly LA. Amacam?

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

Hmm...while what you mentioned does have its merit, I, for one, would still prefer the drive; that country has much to offer in terms of scenery and photographic value. Besides, I love driving long distance though the longest I experienced was from Chico to San Diego. But then, Cali is a long state, with Santa Barbara Highway my favourite route. And I have been dreaming of driving from SF to NY, passing through as many states as possible. Then again, as a tourist, I can say this :)

Desert Rose said...


Hopefully ya, u buat la petition ha ha ha.

I tried the Maglev Train in Shanghaui, 424 KM Per Hour perghhhh, syiok tu.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Pi, sempat jugak cynical tu. lol. Yes i heard abt Air Asia but I thought theyr doin NY route first? Best jugak kalau diorang doing LA route.

Salam CA, i love cross country but i dont like driving too long and neither does Michael. So thts a bit tricky. lol.

Eja, nak suruh i buat petition ya. Siapalah I ni. Not even a citizen. 424km/hr? So fast!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I have never been on a fast train before. When I was in Japan, I missed the chance to ride on the shinkanshen, Japanese Bullet Train. I understand the tickects are costly..anyway, apa yang tak mahal kat Jepun tu.

Nanti ada train ni senag la u trevel from coast to coast ye..lagi panjang la langkah u, ye..have fun travelling, dear.

mamasita said...

Hai Farina! Thank you so much for dropping by at my 'baru bukak kedai' blog!Did you know that I thought I boleh puasa from blogging at least a few months or maybe a year! Tapi bila mulut dah jenis macam murai, sebulan lebih pun dah tak tahan.hahaha
Nice to have blogger friends like you all who make the world a much more cheerful place to live in!So lively and kind-hearted and always leaving the loads of smiles.
O oh! Tak payahlah bullet train dearie.Molek dah you and your darling travel slowly and lovingly..hehehe

Salt N Turmeric said...

Ida, yelah kat Jepun tu semua mahal so takleh nak cakaplah. lol. I pun tak pernah naik bullet train that's why im so excited abt the news.

Mamasita, tak tahan mulut tu nak bercerita ye? hahaah. Apa yg travel slowly nye Mamasita? Dia kalau drive tu nak cepat sampai aje. Nasib baik now dia faham tht i have to have toilet break at least once every 2hrs and if im hungry, it means i have to be fed NOW! lol.

munchy's said...

uish,amik gmbr train nie,wat panning sedap nie,hahaha