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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vista Oh Vista

Just visit your local bestbuy store on the computer sections and you'll find all the notebooks with the new vista. The question is, is it really that good? Are we ready for vista? We got our new toy last month with vista-ready. I like the look of the new notebook though the vista is killing me. My first problem is that I can no longer open both my sbcglobal and yahoo email accounts at the same time. Then I found out that I cannot open my yahoo email with just 1 click. I now have to do it the loooonnnggg way whc is to open a new windown and sign up again. If thats not enuf in torturing me, my digital camera is now not compatible with vista. I mean, hello!! Shouldn the techy geek do something about it before marketing vista? Oh and before i forget, if you have been using the older version of microsoft word, dont be surprised if you send something to your friends and theyr not able to open the documents. The maharajah vista version of microsoft office does not talk to the other pariah versions eventhough theyr from the same company.

So which version are you using? The maharajah or the pariah?


Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, that's bad...yeah, I heard a lot of bad things about Vista. I am still Pariah, but G is going to get me a Vista so I could upgrade my home PC...must think twice. Plus I think XP has been around for too long everyone is soooo used to it so it must be a pain to learn a new OS all over again!

PrincessJournals said...

It is a pain indeed. sigh... hopefully they'l do something abt it quickly so i can stop using 2 pc at one time. lol!