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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fruit of my Labor

I definitely dont have a "greenthumb". Back in PA, all the plants that I try to grow dies on me. maybe because we didn have a yard or a balcony back then. That did not stop me from keep on trying though. A few months after we moved to CA, I told dh that i want a flower bed so off we went to home depot and got some wood, seeds and what not and I finally got my 8' flower bed with 5 partitions on our balcony. It was end of falls then. Day-after-day I would water them and hoping (praying too!) that I would see something growing. Days changed to weeks changed to months and I almost gave up. I told dh that I will definitely succeed in growing anything then 1 day when I look out, I saw tiny little things on my flower bed. The curse is broken! Now I have roses, thai chili, tomato and something. lol! Yeah, im not sure yet wht the other plant is. If you know, do leave me a msg ok?

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