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Monday, April 2, 2007

Poker fever

Im not a gambler and i didnt even know about poker until i came here, thanks to my hubby who loves the game. I started with watching him playing online poker for a few months until i understand what beats what. Then i would play online poker using his account (though until now i refuse to play online cash game) when he's at work. The first game ever that i played with other real players was at a bar back in PA. They had a league where you play at your fav bar (if theyr registered with the league) and from there you would accumulate points. The winner of each game would win something from free drinks to a gift voucher. Every end of seasons, theyl be a tavern championship and followed by regionals championship. Its really is a cool concept for those who like to play poker everynight without having to fork out any money but a chance to win some money and to make new friends.

Unfortunately for us, most of the bars that join the league are those in the east coast. With WSOP held in Las Vegas every year, you would have thought that everybody or at least most people in California know how to play poker, right? That's what we thought but boy were we wrong! Unless you see/meet them at a casino, most likely they dont know how to play poker.

So, a shout out to worldtavernpoker, please send your representative here to SoCal so that we can go back to playing poker at least 3nites/week!


Rasa Malaysia said...

Oooh, new to the gang. I will pimp u. :)

Ms J said...

hey at least you KNOW poker! i am clueless with cardgames, i am so lame!

Farah said...

wah..wah...wah.....dh ada blog....caya laa abg nie....;)

PrincessJournals said...

rm, tq but i dun wanna be restricted to just writing abt food.
msj, dont fret. before i came here most of the times id play "asshole" lol
farah, yelah boring giler kekadang duk rumah.