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Monday, April 9, 2007

The Reaping

I have to admit that im not the bravest person but somehow would be drawn to horror stories, be it books or movies or from somebody. its also pretty "normal" to see me watching horror movies and holding a pillow for the just-in-case too-gory/scary parts.

Yesterday, we went to watch the new Hillary Swank movie, The Reaping. Only few minutes into the movie iv already gotten my first jump. Let me warn you that though the story is not gory, it will stil make you jump a few times. Haha. The movie is basically about the "plague" thats mentioned in the bible and the different kind of people (believers, non-believers and those who used to believe) Not that i know about it but its pretty similar to Islam. We, too have the signs of the end of the world.

Anyways, the movie (which is only abt 1.5hr) was nicely made and Hillary Swank(HS) is really a good actor. The story is about this 12yr old little girl who is accused of killing her older brother and how eversince that day, the river has turned into red (whc is later proven to be human blood). Then came the dead frogs falling fr the sky followed by the worm and flies in the food, crazy stock disease and so on. The whole village wants to kill the little girl. The professor (HS) was asked to come to prove tht happenings in a scientific way (being someone who stopped believing after she lost both her husband and daughter for a sacrificial ritual when they were in Sudan). A few days in the village, she herself started to believe that the little girl is indeed evil and she was supposed to kill her, herself. Then came the twist. She saw a vision that the villagers have been sacrifising (that means theyv been murdering!) their very own 2nd child for a very long time and only the 1st child will survive. She then turned her back on the villagers and saved the little girl instead. yay! right? It would be a perfect movie in my dictionary if only it has stopped there. But no! They just have to have a twisting twist. Why? Why? Why? Maybe you'd have a different opinion but to Me, the end spoiled the whole movie. tsk tsk And if your wondering how the end goes, you've got to watch the movie yourself. ;)


Minami said...

Sounds cool..I will probably watch this weekend! haha

Viv said...

Hi babe! Definitely was planning to check out this movie but now, for sure I won't give it a miss :) Just got back from BKK, guess what - I ate some grasshoppers and half a maggot (they tasted like fried ikan bilis anyway...)

Ms J said...

oh sounds like a good chill thrill - gotta find a babysitter before i get to go to the flicks. or wait till the baby turn 18 and old enough to look after himself.
geez..parenthood sucks sometimes.

PrincessJournals said...

minami, u shud. hope ul like it.
viv, since when do u start eating weird stuff????
ms_j, haha. get ur mil to babysit. u need sometime to be w mr_j too. or u can always send lil_j here. ;)