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Monday, April 2, 2007

I know its not just me

This would be my first ever post in my very own blog. Few of my friends who has been bloggers for a while has been asking me when am i gonna join the rest of the world bloggers. So here i am.
What should i write first. The title says, "i know its not just me". Im actually talking about getting a job here in sunny Southern California. Hah! If u think its easy, please do think again .. and again. Work experience is not as useful (or is not as powerful?) as contact. Of course luck has got its hand in it too but when you already have more than 10 years of working experience with big companies and have worked with the who's who in the industry, wont it get to you if you cant even get that damn admin position????? maybe it means that im over qualified. (if there is such a thing!). bruised ego? You damn right my ego is bruised!! its so bruised i think my skin is now the colour of purple. sometimes i wonder if i should just say that iv never worked before? but then again, they might tell me that they want somebody with some sort of working experience. sigh.


Minami said...

just wanted to say hi!

Ms J said...

hey babe! welcome to blogsphere, am glad oyu are blogging - pls put up some photos!
i totally understand oyur predicament re jobs overseas - i have that problem in the UK, and i think will have the same when i return to work here in the US.
good luck on the job front and happy blogging (its bloody addictive, i tell ya)

PrincessJournals said...

thanks for dropping by at my blog msJ. r u thinking of goin back to work urself?

Peb said...

Hi! I was just browsing on yr blog and decided to read the first posting. OMG... I can't tell you how much it speaks to me. I am feeling exactly like how you felt. Been working over 10 yrs in a multinational in Msia and I have been searching for a job in Dallas for 1 mth now and I really feel shitty. Any advice? Do write to me at