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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Saturday with fellow Malaysian

2 weeks into blogging and most of the things i talk about is about Malaysia, Malaysian food and anything that has to do abt Malaysia. Im sure some ppl would think that iv been away for like 10 years. Well, it does feel like that long ago although the last time I went back was Dec 04. But it was for our wedding reception which means that I didn have enough time to be w my family and friends nor did i have enough time to partay! (Yes, i miss partying/clubbing in KL but thats another story, *wink*).

In spite of me ranting about missing home, Im actually pretty lucky compared to others. I may not get to go home as often as I would like to but there's quite a number of Malaysian living in SoCal (actually within 30min radius) and we hang out pretty often too. I would say that at least once a week, id be hanging out w one of my fellow Malaysian.

Yesterday was 1 of those occassions, in a slightly bigger scale (8 pax). This time the venue was Burbank at G&J's place. Hubby cudn make it since he had to work the whole day (bummer!) so does RM's hubby so she drove over to my place and MW&K pick both of us up. I5 really sucks even on saturday. The supposedly 45min journey turned into almost 1hr 45min. MW suddenly said,"PJ is quiet. Give her something to eat before she gets the headache from the gastric" so 15min before we reached destination, we raided RM's yummylicious Yong Tow Foo in the car. Thank u girls, esp MW for detecting my hunger. heheh. Nevertheless, it was a feel good gathering with sinful-licious food and great company.

Thank u G&J for hosting the gathering. :) Now its time to plan for the next gathering. Who's hosting?


Ms J said...

damn! i wish i live in SoCal now..sounds like great fun!

PrincessJournals said...

ms_j, move here lah!