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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok I guess by now everybody knows tht the hilton heiress is back in "jail" or correctional treatment centre. While some people are cheering, the others esp lawyers (who were interviewed during the news) are saying its a very unfair treatment to the vip. They accused the judge of sentencing the heiress for who she is rather than wht she had done. I doubt there's anybody who doesn know wht she had done tht brings her to the mess tht she's in now but il amused you anyways. She was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) for which she was fined (1500), attended DUI classes and 36mths probation. A few mths later, she was stopped twice while driving on a suspended license. So weird since she's sooo rich and obviously can afford to hire a driver.

Im not going to comment on tht since i dont know how many days would u have to spend in jail for dui nor do i want to experience it myself. God forbids! What I dont understand is, why does it cost 1k/day for her treatment when the same treatment for other female inmates would only cost 99/day? Whos carrying the cost? I doubt they can charge her insurance for the "medical treatment" tht shes getting in jail so obviously it's coming from the tax-paying-middle-income ppl like us.


elviza said...

Dearest Princess,

Ah, the Hilton girl and the infamous jail sentence. If you ask me my dear, law is above everyone else. Ms. Hilton included.

Thanks for dropping by at Write Away. Will visit you soon.

p/s: love the picture of you and your hubby at the end of the blog. Lovely lovely shot.

Daphne Ling said...

Amen to Elviza!

PrincessJournals said...

Elviza & Daphne, they say nobody is above the law but if uv to be in jail, money does make it more "live-able". wink wink. and thank u for the compliment. :)