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Friday, June 8, 2007


Its such a joy to eat something that you planted yourself. ;) Iv already used 4 of my Thai chili for my sambal belacan and ate 1 of the ripe tomato with sambal belacan and rice. As my friend Bert says, "its harvesting season".


J.T. said...

Hello Princess

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to hear that you are living in the States too. Which part? May I ask?
My husband is from Texas. I lived there from 1999-2001 then moved to Germany for his job. We will return to the States someday.. permanently.

I bet your Thai chili made the sambal belacan very pedas. yummm... Nothing like eating something you planted yourself. Hoping to cultivate a garden myself one day. :)

PrincessJournals said...

Hello JT, thanks for visiting my blog. Im in SoCal so when uv decided to move to the States, give CA a thought ok? ;)

Unfortunately my sambal belacan wasnt as pedas as i would like it to be since I didn use enough cili padi. lol.

anasalwa said...

what a lovely garden you have there and the tomatoes look delicous. I love raw tomatoes, and tomatoes with sambal belacan.......delicous.

PrincessJournals said...

thank u anasalwa. raw tomatoes makan w sambal belacan memang sedap! ;)