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Friday, June 8, 2007


Before I came to the US, I was pretty active. There would be almost daily visits to the gym, early Sunday morning run with the gymrats (after a night of drinking at HRC) and hiking. I wasnt keen on running until I climbed Mt Kinabalu in 2003 (pics are at my fotopages). Somehow after that, my friends managed to persuade me to enter the 10km run during the KL marathon and that was the beginning of my love for running.

Then I moved to the US and things changed. Nowadays I hardly do any walking wht more running. So a few weeks ago we decided to do some hiking. Since we are fairly new to CA, we dont really know any good nearby place to hike. After doing some online research online, we decided to check out this park in Anaheim Hill. I dont remember the name but here are some of the pics tht we took.

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