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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Destination Truth ... Malaysia

I have to admit that im a tv junkie. Even more so eversince I moved to the US. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that im no longer a working woman :P)

Let me give you a dose of my daily ritual. My fav channel in the morning would be ABC. At 8am there would be Good Morning America (GMA), followed by Regis & Kelly at 9am and then The View at 10am. I do have to say tho that I enjoyed The View better when Rosie was 1 of the hosts. After that it will depend on what sci-fi channel has to offer. Yes, I have to admit that I like watching 'weird' shows. From Twilight Zone to Outer Limits to Ghost Hunters to A Haunting and series like Medium, Eureka, The Dresden File, CSI, The 4400, Bones and lots more. Funny when it seems like everybody I know are into the likes of 24 and Grey's Anatomy, I, on the other hand, dont even like those 2.

Ok, back to the topic. On scifi channel tonight, they'r showing Destination Truth and the destination for tonight's show is where else? .... Malaysia! Before I get to it, let me tell you that I get excited at the mention of Malaysia/Malaysian. When I found out that Malaysia was 1 of the pit stops during the last Amazing Race, you bet I was glued to the tv! I get all teary eyed and nostalgic when they showed the twin tower (my fav place for shopping), Kg Baru (ah those nasi lemak a'bangsa and rice porridge) and even those, "surat khabar lama". So when I heard that tonight's episode in Destination Truth is about Bigfoot in Malaysia, I of course get excited. The Bigfoot thingy doesnt sound exciting to me. I mean, come on.... Bigfoot? Its not really a Malaysian thing, is it? Tho i have indeed read about this guy who found the foot print some time early this year or maybe it was late last year? But anywho, previous episode in Thailand was about naga and they also showed him trying to catch 'ghost'. That's wht really got me excited about tonight's episode. I think Malaysia is so rich with her ghosts stories and personally i find Malaysian (or any asian country) ghost scarier than the western ghosts. (have any of u guys watch Thai movie "Nang Nak"?) Not that iv seen any of them with my own eyes (as much as i like watching and hearing the stories, i dont think i ever want to see them) but I have heard so many stories from friends and relatives.

Im stopping now but I will definitely update after iv seen the show tonight with either a thumbs up or down.


Well, here I am for the update on last night's episode. Sadly I have to give a thumbs down ... sigh. There's nothing much to say actually besides what i wrote yesterday.. bigfoot? :P


Ms J said...

i watched NangNak awhile back and i peed in my pants (figuratively speaking!) coz i was shit scared!

i love your header photo:-)
i agree with you, TheView sucks now..but i have always been an Elizabeth Hasslebeck fan and finds Rosie too crude

PrincessJournals said...

yes NangNak scared the shit out of me too!
thank u for ur comment on the header pic dear. did u see the pic of my bro's triplet at the bottom? ;)

J.T. said...

I miss my TV in the States!!!! I want to go home. waaaa...

I was hooked on TV in the States. I tend to stay on the channels that offer comedy. I will watch news too.. when hubby is around. Then I go in search of other stuff like Home & Garden, Travel, History.

Nang Nak... yes, shitty scary but I watched it 4 times (maybe to try and get over the fear of watching horror movies). First time with hubby around (although he was not in the room with me). Other times ... all alone. Asian ghost, I agree with you, are way scarier than western ghost.

Like MsJ I love your header photo. Very pretty. Gorgeous gown. :)

Ms J said...

ohhhhh...the triplets are adorable!!! senget senget lagi duduk tu! ahahah (a bit like me when i have too much bourbon!)

PrincessJournals said...

yes i love watching hgtv and tlc as well. i watch wayyyyy to much tv. hehhe.
u watched nangnak 4 times? omg! i dont think i want to watch it again. its just too scary.

sbb duduk senget2 (w/o the bourbon lol)tulah yg i geram tu. and iv yet to see them in person!

kl_gal said...

I love your look so glam. Re the View, I sokong your opinion..its quite boring now that Rosie is gone..too much blah blah, not enough substance

PrincessJournals said...

thank u Gurdeep. those were the days of skinny/tight tops! lol!
yup, boring kan rosie dah takde on the view? macam takde umph gitu.

Anonymous said...

Nang Nak was the scariest movie I've ever seen. I will run far far away if I heard the movie being played. I gave up watching The View especially when the youngest host start to open her mouth. Her point always tick me off. Her view seems pointless and make her look stupid...and for her to win over Rosie was just unfair. I think Rosie brought better insights and truth to the table.
The triplets are adorable.

PrincessJournals said...

Zu, thanks for dropping by. u pun dah tengok nangnak ye? abt the view, i tak kisah sgt dgn elizabeth tu. biarlah she w her own 'view' but i stil like it better when rosie was around.