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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


No! no! no! Not that kind of hunting. :P Where to go hunting in the city lah wei?! lol! Last week we received a memo from the mgt of the apartment tht we'r renting now. Basically reminding us tht our lease is up and if we'r gonna continue staying here or pack up and leave. Cant believe that we'v been in CA for almost a year now. (Cant believe tht the rent is going up either! yikes! )

We're seriously thinking about moving somewhere closer to his work place in Seal Beach but since Seal Beach is so freaking expensive, we're looking for nearby places withing 5-6miles radius. So last weekend, thats what we did. Finding all the apartments within our budget and nearby his work place. We must have seen at least 10-12 apartment complex. Most of them, unfortunately, are either fully occupied or look more like a motel than an apartment. When we started the day, i was really phyched or as we Malay say it, "semangat berkobar-kobar". I tell you, I actually thought that it was going to be fun. But after 2hours, i felt anything but. I cant believe how tiring, both physically and mentally, apartment hunting can be. Not to mention how bad some apartment can be in CA. To add insult to the injury, some of the apartment managers didnt even return our calls.

Some of them told us that they'l only know if they have anything available in the first week of July and even told us to give our 30-days notice for the apartment that we're renting now and only start looking then. How lah like that? What if there's no apartment available after we give the notice? Where are we going to live while waiting for any vacancy? Not very smart are they? If we have a family here oklah but we're both "anak dagang" in CA. Mine in KL and his in PA.

So right now, I memang tengah pening kepala. Thats why instead of writing in English, im writing in Manglish (Malay/English). Kepala tengah serabut and with my tongue keep touching the chipped tooth, definitely doesn help.

On a different subject, I have lotsa pics that I took during the bday party, more durian and of my red tomatoes waiting to be d/loaded. Not to mention that I havent done the laundry yet. Or think of what im supposed to make for dinner tonight. You see now why i pening kepala?

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Anonymous said...

You poor darl! That sort of hunt can drive you mad but take a moment to breathe, and heck - at least Michael and you'll have a laugh once you look back at it in another year's time :)

Trust me - doesn't seem funny now but it will later.

And yes, laundry hanging to dry does help the kepala "fening"!

Love, Viv