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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kucing Tidur

Recently I bought a whole durian from the asian supermarket. Its definitely not cheap. For a 3.3lb, I had to fork out about USD17. I didn realise it was that pricey until I was at the check out counter. But I told myself, "takpelah. bukan selalu dapat makan durian". Hehe.. And I also chose it myself, doing all the things that ur supposed to do in choosing a good durian e.g. smelling them.

Anyways, in my family, 'kucing tidur' is the term that we use to describe when there's only seulas durian in each of the pangsa.


Ms J said...

darn!!!! wayyy too much for a sleeping cat i tell ya!

elviza said...

Damn, mahalnya.... hope you enjoy the durian though

Anonymous said...

I tak pernah dengar 'kucing tidur' and the word 'pangsa' until I read this entry. I am wrecking my brain to think, apa namanya.... I ingat ulas tapi pangsa???hmmm

So, tell me. Did you eat the whole durian to yourself? I had one ulas the other day and got quite ill from it. I masak lemak tempoyak cili pai dengan udang galah.

The other 2 ulas (I bought the vacuum packed one lah) are sitting in the freezer. Don't know what to do with them.

Becareful jangan makan terlalu banyak. manalah tahu kalau perut u to berisi, orang kata durian tu kan panas? (the melayu in me dah banyak berceloteh dah :-))

Bye. kiss. Nina

p.s I looked at Michael's bday party pictures. tak tahu yang dia tu sama umur dengan I...

Kak Teh said...

salam, thanks for the visit to my blog!
recently, after my visit home to Malaysia, where i ate lots of durian, i came back to london hankering for more. So i was at a Chinese supermarket- couldnt help myself and bought three ulas in a pack. That cost £3.30!!! and finished all of them outside the supermarket. Taking it home would have caused a riot and probably bloodshed.
ps i have heard of kucing tidur. there's another term too - Aceh melengung. It seems that the taste is so delicious that the acehnese, after eating one slice , terus melengung!

PrincessJournals said...

Msj & Elviza, memang mahal but apa nak buat. teringin punya pasal, telan ajelah. nasib baik sedap.

Nina, pangsa is where the ulas lays. i makan sorang aje sbb michael memang tak makan. bau too strong for him but at least dia tak marah i makan dlm rumah and leave the smell. dont worry, i belum berisi. but hey, mana recipe masak tempoyak? come to think of it, kat sini i tak pernah nampak udang galah. gotta ask my frens yg selalu gi shopping if theyv seen them. anyways, michael is 1yr younger than u. born in 1973. ;)

Kak Teh, tq for dropping by. makan durian sorang2 ye? notti notti. hehehe.. ada nama lain rupanya kucing tidur. yelah, kalau makan byk sgt mesti duduk melenggung.

Masrina Bee said...

Tidakkkkkk..beta tak cuka loolian.. hahahaha

J.T. said...

My goodness... USD17 for one durian. Never mind. How often do you get to eat it? :)

In my previous location in Germany, near Kaiserslautern, I paid 3.50 Euros for two ulas. Now, I can't find a good Asian store to get my frozen durian. Missing it.
I used to make durian santan when I had my regular supply. :)

To digress a little, once I paid USD 4.50 for 3 mangosteens. I was so craving it, I had to get it. After all, how often do I get to eat it? hehe

PrincessJournals said...

Mas, rugi tau tak makan durian. lol!

JT, this is the 3rd time i bot durian since i came here. the 1st time was a disaster. 2nd was the frozen/seedless but taste pretty good. Iv yet to venture into cooked durian myself. gotta get my gangs here to have a durian day! 4.50 for 3 mangoesteen? where got puas makan only 3? i dont think iv seen any around.

J.T. said...

Mangosteens are hard to get. I've seen it only once or twice over here.
Very true... where got puas makan only 3 mangosteens? But I bought that just for the taste - could not resist it. When I got back to Malaysia the next time and found mangosteens, I bought them with a vengeance! haha