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Friday, June 1, 2007

Surprise Bday for Hubby

Update: Since I finally d/loaded the pic, im moving this post to the actual date of Michael's bday.
I like organising things. Be it birthday parties or just a party. I remember back home when I was still working, my friends would ask me to organise them. I dont usually pick the place, time and what not but what i would do is send the memos/invite to all the invitees and making sure they rsvp-ed me. Trust me, id practically hunt each and everyone in the list for their answers since rsvp is really not a Malaysian thingy. :P And im very persistent!

Michael's bday is not until this fri but with the dental appointments/works, he's only free fr taking the medicine last week and can finally consume alcohol. So I decided to surprise him with an early birthday party last fri. Since it was on a friday, (working day for most) I can only invite a few friends who live in close vicinity with us. I apologise to those who werent invited. Not that I dont want to but I know its impossible for you guys to come right after work if you live more than 10miles away from us.

Anyways, I thought it was going to be easy planning the 'surprise' thing for him. I mean, its just getting a few friends to come over and make sure they dont tell him anything, right? if only it was that easy. For one, we live in the same apartment (we are afterall, married :P) Secondly, we only have 1 car so its not easy being discreet in buying stuff. Lastly, he usually leave work at 4pm and got home around 4.20pm so i told everybody to come around 4. At 2.45pm, his co-worker called to let me know that they're being released from work 1hr earlier. OMG! I started to panic since Shirley & Kevin were only coming at 3 to take me to the store to get some stuff. I called BeeYinn, and she too couldn come earlier since she was making egg tarts for the party and they're still in the oven. I called Shirley and she told me to get Michael to go to the store and get something just to buy some time. The problem was, I have to wait for him to call me since i wasnt supposed to know that he's coming home early! So, that cant work. And he didnt call since he wanted to surprise me. The call finally came at 3.20 asking me where I was since I wasnt there when he got home. lol! He didnt suspect anything until the guests started coming.

I made nasi lemak (sambal udang, fried ikan bilis, boiled eggs and cucumber) and beef satay (marinated w onion, ginger, coriander seed, salt and sugar for 36hrs and grilled on the electric grill). Kevin and Shirley brought the cheesecake from cheesecake factory (yummy yummy) and BeeYinn brought some homemade mini egg tarts ( i want more!). Unfortunately nobody remembered to take pictures of the food before we ate. Duh me! lol!

I did take some pics of that night and going to upload them on my fotopages (with the same username as my blog) when Iv sorted them out. It was a great day and Michael and I had such a great time. I hope everybody had a great time too. Thank you to all my friends who came to the party and helping me in organising the party! I love you guys/gals.


Anonymous said...

Hey babe! Already salivating (gosh, what a thing to post on your blog...) reading up about the food you guys had at Michael's birthday party (Chorus of happy B's from VJ and me here...)

I think I'll have to scoot down to get some lunch - your description is making me too hungry :)

Glad you guys had a fab time. Just popping a note to say hello and lots of love from M'sia (Viv)

Ms J said...

its such a sweet gesture to organise a surprise birthday party for your hubby!