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Friday, March 21, 2008

Weird Incident and Stolen Bike

Yesterday around 6.30am there was a knock on the door. Luckily the apartment has a peep-hole so we dont have to open the door and there was a man in white t-shirt standing outside. I asked who he is and here's how the conversation goes;

Me : who is it?

Him : Maintenance, ma'am

Me : at 7 o clock in the morning? (it was actually 6.30)

Him : yes ma'am. The unit under you has a clogged sink. Pls do not use the vanity sink for now.

Me : err, ok.

Well, I just thought it was weird that the maintenance guy actually came tht early in the morning. And clogged sink, though sucks when happen, is not a matter of emergency. At least not tht it had to be fixed at 6.30am! You know what I mean? There is another sink in the kitchen. I would understand if the toilet is clogged. Or the bath tub coz we only have one each.

So I called Michael at work to let him know wht happened and he too finds it weird and remind me again not to open the door to strangers esp at 6.30am. He was worried but I assured him that I will call the office to check if indeed there was a work done at the unit downstairs so early in the morning.

Anyways, I called the office at 9 something and was informed that there really was 'emergency' work done and tht guy was the maintenance guy. What a relief! I did tell her about my concern when someone knocked on my door at tht hour though.

Iv been feeling a bit jumpy lately. We'v lived here for almost 2 years and like it here, despite the high rent and small sqft, it is in a safer neighbourhood. Nothing bad happened until last weekend when our motorbike which were parked on our underground lot and behind our car got stolen. It was not a brand new bike neither an expensive one but it sucks still when someone stole your stuff! We called the police to report about it so that we are not liable should anything happen involving the bike. (yes, i pray tht something would happen to the person/s who stole our bike!)

Im not sure if this incident is related to the declining of economy. Maybe it is maybe its not. But one thing for sure, for the last 3 weeks, everyday there is a report about murder fr an 11-yr old boy to older people.


Akmal said...

Sis Farina,
Suspicious indeed. Well, considering the situation your area is in right now, lost a bike some more, I guess it is quite natural to react a bit jumpy.
Whatever it is, safety first!

Anonymous said...

Better to be extra careful than taking things for granted...Stay safe dear.


natrah said...


Your mb got stolen? ish bad guy are everywhere kan? My neighbour experinced the same as yours, and to make it worst,he just bought that mb 2 months ago! and it happened a few days after a man tried to break in to my house...huh really feels unsafe lah living now.

about the murder report daily tu, so scary..

Farina said...

Akmal, yelah bila orang ketuk pintu pagi2 buta, mestilah suspicious kan?

ollie, very true. apa2 hal pun memang ak akan bukak pintu to strangers a tht hr.

nat, sigh. apa nak baut. takde rezeki. sabor ajelah. alamak, ur neighbour's mb pun kena curi. i guess after tht incident at ur house, kena be extra cautious.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

I tak paham lar...How come the unit below you got problem, you cannot use yours?

But yeah, thank God you didn't open the door...Better safe than sorry...

As for your motorbike, awww...=(

Daphne Ling said...
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Farina said...

Daphne, i guess since the water flows d/ward sbb tulah i tak boleh guna our sink. hehe. and the bike, yeah, tht really sucks. :(