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Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Monday

What a day to start the week! When I checked my email today, one of them came from my brother Rizal who as mentioned in my previous post, is now in Sudan. He is doing well (alhamdulillah) and already started his duty after his 2 weeks induction though it is apparently very hot there and also very dusty.

He also has a question for me which im not sure if I know how to answer so Iv decided to post it here and hopefully will get a few feedback from my readers.

He's planning of visiting Europe sometime in early August for about a week. Now, Iv only been to a few places and it was in May when the weather was nice. I know for a fact that August is the hottest month of summer. So, I really need some advice on which part of Europe should he go to. he has never been to any part of Europe before so a detailed info would be very much appreciated. Please leave a comment or email me your advice ok? You can find my email add on my profile. Thank you everybody!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

spain is a NO NO!! hihiii i once was there mid august and it was effing hottt! grrr. anyway, paris should be ok, UK or ireland i think would be just fine. err on the second tot, try to avoid paris tho, penuh dgn budak2 skolah in august.. sigh.

Cat Cat said...

One week is just nice to Paris and London... Ask your brother to stay in Paris and make a day trip (bullet train) to London...

That's what I would do lah... Hehehe!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i wish i could have said the same about my monday. bad footie result, lost my original ferrari cap, tons to settle...yesterday couldnt get even more depressing.

But hey, nice to hear our brother is doing well there in Sudan. i believe things are under control there. so not to worry too much, alright?

dont know much about Europe either. how about scotland? i thought their weather has always been cold and gloomy round the clock. but definitely not the Mediterranean countries.

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

It all depends on what he really wants to do. I mean, is he looking for excitement, urban architecture, beautiful countryside, or just plain laze about. Now, if I were him, I'd just go to the Isle of Man.

Hehe...I'm just being naughty :)

Farina said...

Lily, so whc wud be ur suggestion? ;P

Cath, wudn lodging in paris cost more than the london?

Kerp, sorry to hear abt ur monday. and yes, he's doin well in sudan. sent some pics too. scotland wud be nice i guess but for a 1st time trip to europe, well not sure pulak.

CA, dont lah suggest notti places. tak kesian ke kat triplets tu? :P i think he just wanna do some sight-seeing and shopping. he did mention tht he cud get between 7-10days off then. Need to kno more abt sale in europe!

Anonymous said...

avoid mediterranean countries (spain, portugal, italy, greece) and southern/central europe (hungary, romania) - hundreds of ppl died last summer (

england and ireland with their odd weathers shd be fine. but lodging will be expensive thro'out europe in summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Farina, I jumped from Eleen's blog.

I would recommend Vienna, because the city is beautiful, and so many things that your brother can do. I went there in April, a few years ago, and it was a beautiful Spring, I have ever experienced. The building architecture is to die for. Paris is good too, or Amsterdam !

I wont recommend England or Ireland as their summer is crap. I lived in Manchester before, and so I know how the summer is like. In short, weather is not guaranteed.

It might be called summer, but temperature is nothing like 30C or 1 day sunny, the next day would be rain, rain and more rain. Ireland is WORST !.

If temperature reaches 29C in ireland, kire pecah record lah, bleh masok news, front page and all . Kira macam terpanas lah dalam sejarah ....!

- rini -

Mat Salo said...


Read your message. Sorry am traveling now - expensive broadband connection in a 5-star hotel in Jakarta lah. Dunno what to add as the commentators here have given great tips ...

I've never been to Europe (continental I mean) myself except UK. But one thing I can tell you tho', Sudan is a bummer. When I was over there I was told that one needs to have at least a 6-month 'cooling -off' period after exiting Sudan before one can apply a visitor's visa to US. Why? Because US has designated Sudan a terrorist state. I think Europe should be okay though except it's so damned expensive. Sorry laa can't be of much help. But hey, take advantage lah those cheap fares to 'balik kampong'. I'm on a dollar salary and the way the US economy is going the dollar can only fall further. Last I checked it's RM 3.1 to the dollar. Pretty soon it'll be macam 80's dulu - 2.5. Mati laa for me.. ^sigh^

Farina said...

Adek, thank u. yup, thts wht i told him too tht aug wud be just too hot to go there.

Rini, thanks for visiting. Funny lah the way u describe the weather there. 29c pun dah happy. cant imagine wht winter is like! lol.

Mat Salo, patutlah lama tak update blog. Tengah travelling rupa2nya. Susah ye nak masuk US kalau ada chop Sudan kat passport? even w UN stamp? nak balik kampung, w USD down, lagilah susah nak balik even w chea fares but insyallah, 1 day mesti balik punya. ;)