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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Health Tourism and Cheap Flight to Kuala Lumpur

Did you know that Malaysia, besides the majestic twin tower, is also famous for being the go-to place for makeover vacation? Makeover as in you can do anything from general surgery to eye corrective surgery to dental treatment to fertility treatment and the list goes on. They will also arrange your accommodation throughout the treatment and recuperation period to fit your budget.

I first heard about this just before I came to the US but I thought it was just for plastic surgery (like changing from b-cup to dd-cup, :P) and only in Penang. Now you can do everything in Kuala Lumpur and stay at 5 star hotels like the Ritz-Carlton and Sunway Lagoon Resort. So if you're planning of vacationing in Malaysia, you can kill 2 birds with one stone. ;)

And guess whatelse I found out on the net today? The flight from LAX-KUL on MAS is going for USD 768 for the months of Mar-May, USD 938 for Jun, Jul and Dec and USD 843 for Aug-Nov. All with taxes included. Go to for these prices.
No. this is not a paid post. Just doing my bit in promoting Malaysia. :P


zewt said...

is this a sponsored post? :P

Farina said...

hahaha. no lah zewt tho i shud get paid huh? just wanna help those planning to go back or thinking abt having surgery/ies done in Msia.

J.T. said...

OMG! It is so much cheaper to fly from LAX. When you live deeper in (like me), the expenses add up because of all the airports we have to go through.

Currently through Cheaptickets, the average price to fly out from my place is USD1,400. Crazy! Even if I do fly out from LAX, I will still have to pay my way to LAX from here (AEX - Alexandria, Louisiana)- that will add up to about USD1000 or more. The most direct I can find is from AEX-Dallas (DFW) - Seoul (ICN) - KUL.

Thanks for the info. If my schedule is flexible the next time I fly out (and I have a carry-on only, which is really impossible! haha), I may do that. My only concern is my luggage because when I arrange for a package flight, they check my baggage right through to KL.

Have a good week.

bini mokhtar said...

aaaaaa murahnya!! that's a 1 way ticket to paris! tsk tskkk

Cat Cat said...

Oit Oit Minah... Time Chinese New Year fare takde ke...??? Bila mau balik kampung makan durian kat Dusun Pak Ali? Jom kita buat rombongan....

natrah said...


Wah a good Malaysian la you..:)keep it up.

psssst: If it's OK..err just want to know where are you from actually?

Pi Bani said...

So, when's YOUR flight to KL? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess,

Nak balik KL ke? Bila balik jgn lupa calling calling ye.


Farina said...

JT, i kno wht u mean. domestic flights here cost a bomb. so far iv been lucky in a way tht we'r always near the 2 airports tht have direct flight to msia. why wudn u like ur baggage to be checked-in direct to kl?

Elene, fr lax memang cheaper kalau nak balik msia. kul to paris takyah citer lah. :P

Cath, i think for jan 09 its the 938. yelah, jom kita serbu dusun pak ali. lol!

nat, er thank u. ;) my parents live in cheras/ampang area. dad ori fr jb and mom fr kch.

Pi, another soalan cepumas. i oso wud like to kno when I am taking tht flight home. :(

Norleen, wil def let u kno bila i nak balik. eh, email me can ah? i dont kno whts ue email add or tel no anymore.

TV de LCD said...
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J.T. said...

Hi Farina

Alamak.. I did not put that sentence right. What I meant to say was if I pay for flights all the way from inland (complete with all the right connections), most of the time, my baggage is checked right through to KL.
I think if I opt to fly to LAX and then get one of the cheap deals from there to KL, I will have to claim baggage in LAX and then check in again.
LAX is always so busy. It is all about conveniences. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Farina ... April is around the corner. Your trip up north, jadi??

My heart just sank on reading your inflation post. We are going on a road trip this weekend, some 1100+ miles and diesel is $4.18/gal!! Furthermore, the truck mileage is 18+/-! I suspect my SAH days are numbered. :(

Take care of your eyes, dear.

Rita Ho said...

Psst-psst at Jacqui ... I am with you on the luggage hassle at LAX. I went through it some years ago and it was a nightmare. I had to lug the bags from international to domestic terminals, a route that involved two flight of steps but no porters, lifts or escalators. Facilities may have improved since.

J.T. said...

Hi Farina,

Tumpang lalu ye...


So you know what I am talking about. :)
I love the deals that LAX gets for flights back home but if I have to go through the hassle of lugging bags from domestic to international, I rather check my baggage right through. (I usually end up with broken nails at airports especially when I have to lug bags around ... I wonder why). :)

Thanks Farina.

bailey said...


any plan to balik kl? ;)

Ms eNVy said...

thanks for the info dear :) but sadly am flying from Vancouver :( ..anyways have no plans of going home yet .. wish I was tho' .. but we are planning on making a road trip to Cali this summer ... my brother in law is getting married.. hopefully px of gas would go down then .. maybe we could visit ? :)

Farina said...

J.T, yes chasing the luggages can be very stressful. better to stay overnight and then catch the next flight to kl. ;)

Rita, alamak. now dah cancel the trip up north. the person forgot to register his name so now kena pergi virginia for 3weeks. ur truck only has 18m/gallon? alamak girl, il be praying for u. :P

JT & Rita, lalulah. takpe nyer. ;)

Bailey, i sentiasa plan nak balik. cuma belum kesampaian aje lagi. :(

Envy, yes pls do come visit me here. Kita party makan besar2an ok?