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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Letter to My Friends

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you all for the friendship, support and concern that you've shown me even when you dont really know what was going on. I really appreciate all the kind words, emails, smses and calls. *hugs* I would also like to apologise if I 'missed' some emails/calls/msgs. It was not intentionally done.

Though im back to feeling somewhat normal again, Im just not ready to post anything. My heart is not ready yet. Dont worry, im not planning to shut down this blog (yet) and I promise to come back my new posts as soon as I can. In the meantime, you'll still see me around. I may not be posting anything in mine but I do visit your blogs. ;)

I am also thinking of posting some password-protected posts but not sure how to do them. Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Love and hugs



Yatie_T said...

Hey Farina,
glad to see your new post.... I've been checking everyday :). *Hugs Hugs* Remember, whatever happens I'll always got your back. If you need to get away for a few days, you're welcome to stay with me.

I Cook4Fun said...

Farina, glad to see your post again. Hope you will be your old self again. Take care and if you need to talk to someone feel free to call. *hugs hug*

Moments In Time said...

Farina, hope everything is okay sweetie! Sending you tonnes of hugs and smiles to last you a long long time.

Munira said...

Farina, even though we never met personally, but truth be told, as gay as this sounds, I was actually thinking about you this past few days. I hope you are well.

Take care.

Farina said...

Yatie, thank u for the offer. Does the offer still stands kalau i saje nak holiday ke florida? ;)

Thank u Gert. I kno i can always call u, and i always did tho usually when i need help w cooking. lol.

Sheila, *hugs*.

Munira, thank u dear. Situation is much better now. I hope i didn cause u to lose sleep. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do what is best for you babe! Its your life, ur sanity, ur piece on the net.

Mwaa mwaaa... m going to mengundi at BSC!!


Yatie_T said...

kalau u nak datng sorang-sorang pun tak apa jugak. Rumah Yatie sentiasa terbuka untuk u. Michael malu nak datang rumah I ke? Hehehe... My hubby malu-malu kucing.:)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

farina, hey no worries. do what you've gotta do. stay gorgeous.

natrah said...

Dear Farina,
I hope whatever situation you've been through, you take it as a challenge in life..and never give up..

hv a great week ahead!

psssssst:thanks for your concern, my son was discharged from ward few days ago and he is doing well come again ya.. bye

LifeBloom said...

Hi Farina

I sometimes read your blog and can empathise with how you feel even if the cause of your heartbreak is not disclosed.

About the password protected post - dont know much but you can limit access to your blog by inviting the readers whom you trust.

Go to settings, permissions and you will see the relevant dialogue box there and the categories u choose. Hope this helps.

Time heal all wounds. InsyaAllah.

Farina said...

Shaa, nak wish selamat mengundi, dah lepas pun. so selamat new sgor gov lah ye. lol.

Yatie, insyallah one day. rasanya michael ok aje stay rumah orang lain. masa balik msia dulu duduk rumah my parents pun.

Kerp, thanks bro. il try to stay gorgeous! heheh.

Natrah, thank u for ur kind words. glad to hear tht ur son dah discharged and doin well now. ;)

Dear lifebloom, thank u for visiting and de-lurking.;) yes, im aware abt the password-protected blog but im not sure if thts wht i want considering i hardly have any sensitive posts. lol. thank u for the suggestion tho.

natrah said...

Farina..I add you in my link it OK?

Thanks for your support even though you yourself not feeling very well right?

bailey said...


r u feeling better now?


Farina said...

natrah, sure can one. u can click on the referer link so il get link to urs too. tima kacih.

bailey, im feeling much much better now. thank u. eh, blog baru nampak?