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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Eyes Need Help

Iv been wearing glasses for maybe 10 years now. I think I started with wearing contact lenses and then only with glasses. Of course during those times, the craze was all those colorful contact lenses. Yup, everybody wants to wear either hazel or blue or aquamarine. And that 'everbody' included me lah. After awhile, which basically means after my eyes started to bleed, literally, I decided that maybe its not a good idea to continue wearing contact lenses thus beginning the era of glasses. Gosh, i spent waaaayyyy too much on them. When you were single and earning your own money, there's nothing much to do than spending your hard-earned money either on yourself or on your nieces and nephews. True???? :P

Anyways, lately Iv been thinking about giving contact lenses another chance. So last weekend we went around to find a place to do an eye exam. the first place that we went to was the one near our place, which is at the mall and for the eye exam (for contact lenses) alone they wanna charge us almost 200 (without insurance) and with a year supply the total would roughly be around 400. We would have done it there but Iv already checked with a friend and other place and even without insurance it only cost around 80-90 for the eye exam. Lesson learned, do not fall into buying this optical insurance. You dont need them! Seriously.

We finally found one at Walmart and for the exam we paid 90 and it will be 25 for a 3-mths supply. So that means if i wear them everyday, the most that I would spend on contact lenses will be 100. A total of 190. Half than what we would have to fork out if we didnt know the whole truth about optical insurance. I have to thank Julita for letting me know about this since back in PA we used to have the insurance and to do my lousy no-brand glasses with no-glare coating, we have to pay 100. If i wanted no-scratch glasses, gotta pay another 50. What a rip-off huh?

Now, my problem is that I still cant get used to wearing these contact lenses. That day it took me almost 5min to take them out and I was already freaking out. I kid you not. The next day when we were about to go out, I only managed to put 1 on and not the other so I had to take it out since I cant be wearing only 1 side, right? Didnt try yesterday but today I decided I have to keep on trying. That I did, successfully. Putting them on that is but I still dont feel comfortable as in while im typing this, I feel light-hearted but when I look up to the tv, its ok. Its also clearer.

So, is it just me or is it really me?


natrah said...

Wah I'm the first to come here...hehee
talking about contact lenses..I personally don't like it because i'm a very lazy type of person to put it on and off I would rther chose glasses..but I love to see ppl wearing those coloured!So what's the colour of contact lenses are you wearing now?

Psssst:don't forget to take it off every night tau..because your cornea needs oxygen too or else it will develop a new blood vessels to get more oxygen which is not good..ok enjoy your new contact lenses!

Farina said...

hehe. mine got no color one. malaslah nak kaler2 nih. ini pun tak tentu lagi if im gonna stick to wearing them. dont worry, im not gonna wear them overnight. ngeri! lol.

Anonymous said...

ahemm, when it comes to contact lenses i mmg the worst ok! wearing them overnight tu err.. happens occasionally (read: malas nak bukak!!) hehehee. thing is i was an athelete in skool and once i was playing handball tetiba bola tu kena muka i, patah 2 cermin mata i okkkk! so the doc advised me to use contact lens.. hence the chronicles of colorful eyes begin. masa kat kolej zaman gile2 dulu, (err sometimes still is :D) i would wear lain color lain mata..sometimes ijau sebelah, grey sebelah. hiihi.
my lecturers mostly kenal i with the name 'budak mata colorful' tu.

nway, try sit in front of a mirror, left jari telunjuk push kelopak mata atas, and use ur thumb to push down yg bawah, then masuk lerrrr. hihi. good luck sis!

Cat Cat said...

Ah, Cath masih ingat lagi, masa muda-muda dulu... Pakai contact lens warna hazel and biru... Pakwe masa tu dah bising-bising... sebab dia lebih suka tengok Asian lady with brown eyes - dah jemu with blue eyes girl konon...

Take it easy, you will get used to it.

Yatie_T said...

Yes, I remember zaman pakai colour contact lens. Tak berani nak pakai warna biru contact lens, I cuma pakai yang warna hazel aje. "sigh" Terkenang masa muda-muda "sigh".

If you feels sharp pain, you probably got the contact lens terbalik. It happens to me so many times... I know right away when I start menangis tak
Kalau tak rasa sakit, you probably just not used to it yet.

I ordered mine from The local store can rip you off so good if you not careful.

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ,I pernah buat glasses kat sini tapi tak boleh pakai. I feel like floating in the air each time I wear them. I think the people kat sini tak pandai lah and it is not cheap. Even with insurance I sill need to paid over $60.00 and that for some cipalak brand. So when I went back home the last time I sekali buat 2 pairs and also bought all my lenses. I find is cheaper back home and we get designers brand for the price we paid here.

Farina said...

Elene, camtulah i buat but i think the lenses are too big for my small eyes! susah nak bagi lekat kat mata tu. lol. yg u pulak pakai lain2 kaler tu kenapa? :P

Cath & Yatie, so u girls pun sama ye w coloured lenses? heheh. teringat zaman2 sgt muda dulu ye?

Yatie, i rasa tak terbalik but maybe memang i belum comfortable lagi kot. 1800contacts tu boleh order sikit2 ke? i taknak order byk2 sbb takut i give up guna contact.

Gert, i remember u told me tht. memang bila pakai glasses rasa pening and ini guna contact pun rasa light headed jugak. memanglah i wish dpt balik msia (boleh dpt dior ke prada ke kan?) and buat but nak buat camne tak balik2 lagi. lol.

Anonymous said...

Its not you lah.:)) I very geli to put anything even near my eyes, never mind in them..I remember in Malaysia when mata biru or aquamarine were the rage :))..I pun nak try tapi too chicken.
Thank goodness I dont need glasses yet but when I do, contacts tu are not an option for me:((

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

I have never tried contact lenses. Too chicken to put anything in my eyes except eye drops. :)
I contemplated trying it but I thought it was just easier dealing with glasses.

I usually get my eyes check when I am back in Malaysia and buy a pair of glasses (or two) to bring back with me.

Yatie_T said...

at 1800contacts you can order sikit-sikit.

Akmal said...

Sis Farina,
Some of my friends over here also use lenses, and every morning I can see them standing in front of the mirror :)
Beware of contact lenses. I don't use one, but some research were done before and they found out that it will trap dusts...or some other particles. If you are to use it, make sure you have it regularly wash it with the solution :) Heh, anyway that was something I read some times ago, technology moves forward and never stop.

Farina said...

Kl_gal, lucky u tak payah pakai neither. nasib baiklah i tak geli masukkan contact lens tu dlm mata. lol.

J.T, so u too? i think even if i decide to stick w contact lenses, id still get a pair or 2 glasses when i go back.

Yatie, thanks for the info. next time il just order fr them. :)

Akmal, yes thanks to technology. tho stil not comfortable, at least my eyes dont bleed anymore!