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Friday, February 1, 2008

A Lil Bit of this A lil Bit of that

Its still a lil bit cold here and it has not been raining since Tue (I think) though you can bet thats not the end of it. According to the weather forecast, we'd be seeing some rain on Sun. Well, we'll see. ;)

Now is there American Idol fan out there? I am! especially during the audition period. Hehe. Anyways, on Wednesday the trio (Simon, Paula and Randy ler) were in Miami. The usual stuff, some good singers some horrible until the duo Brittany and Corliss's turn. They really caught my attention (and Michael's!). I know its still early in the season and there're still a lot of auditioning to be done but these 2, i tell you, great voice, great personalities and are just simply fantabulous! They are my personal favs so far.


Today is Feb 1 (or yesterday if you count the time diff) which is a Federal Territory day in Malaysia. A public holiday for KL, Labuan and Putrajaya. So Selamat Hari Wilayah peeps! Not that it means anything more to me (then) other than its another cuti (holiday). Yup. I dont discriminate cuti. I take them all. Theres more holidays in Msia then it is here. And recently Thaipusam was also declared a public holiday. Its about time id say. ;)

Now that we'r on the topic of holiday, lets talk about Chinese New Year thats coming next thurs. I know some of my friends who are not going back this year are already feeling sad. I feel for them. Living overseas, being far away from home, family and friends is especially hard during festive seasons. Be it CNY, Raya, Deepavali or Xmas, whcever one you'r celebrating. I miss seeing the street decorations, mall decorations, the shopping buzz and the open houses. Usually this time around, my friends and I would already be busy talking about whos gonna have open house. When. Where. Planning of how to get there which we would usually convoy in several cars. Being single then, we also get to tumpang sekaki with the angpow. ;) And then there would be the yee-sang dinner w clients and bosses. Well, the list of activities would go on and on. Here in the US, the only 'decorations' ud see now would be the valentine's day deco. Guess I just have to pretend and imagine (real hard!) that those are CNY's decorations. sigh..


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Puan Farina!

like you, am a fan of AI, but only during auditionning and final. but i hate those william hung-wannabes.

hey, you've been tagged btw. check out LGL. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to taps at Brea?

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

One thing I am sure to miss here in Malaysia is 1) Family, 2) Food, 3) Holidays, 4)...

Ooooops...More than one, huh?


J.T. said...

Hi Farina

I cannot get to watch American Idol this year because the area where I moved to is in a place where satellite TV (be it Dish or DirecTV) does not offer locals channels. When I applied for distance local programming i.e. NY and Los Angeles stations, we were granted just CBS, ABC, PBS and CW. Fox denied. sigh... I don't understand what is going on with that. Not going to fret about it because I am glad I have my favourite series on CBS and ABC.

As for missing home, I know exactly how that feels ... especially during festive seasons. I like the feeling the decorations around town bring. My friends and I would be planning whose house to visit (or if we are going out of town, which resort or town we will be running to). Good times. These days, my highlight events are "when are we going to SuperWalMart?" hahaha

Cat Cat said...

I'm one of those unlucky one that didn't get to go home for CNY this year... HUHUHU!!! Been homesick everyday and the closer it gets to CNY, the more depressed I am... HELP!!! I need a BIG hug big time...

Rita Ho said...

OK, Farina, we sama scorpion, hobbies, interests, etc. but it ends with AI. The show is banned in our house. Serious blackout. Haha!

Are you going to Shirley's for CNY? Please say hi to her for me if you do. :)

PrincessJournals said...

Kerp, samalah kita ye. ;) will do the tag once i figure out abt photobucket ok

Dee, welcome. whts taps? is it a restaurant?

Daphne, '1' thing dont necessarily mean just 1 thing. lol!

JT, thts weird! this is the 1st time i hear tht cable dont offer local channels. kalau i boleh jadi gila if i dont get esp cbs, abc and nbc. ahh so ur 1 of those w SuperWalmart ya? heard so much abt them. we only have walmart tho not as many as in the east coast.

Cath, takpelah. this yr aje. next yr boleh balik. so dah buat cheongsam for the girls? cant wait to see them in their cny do! BIG HUGS for u!

Rita my dear. how can u not watch AI? lol! i love the auditioning time. hilang sekejap any stress.

dont think we'l be goin to their place. havent any plan yet. just waiting for them to call.